Pearl Pbc507 Box Cajon, Gypsy Brown

Pearl’s Cajon can be described as the ultimate instrument for modern percussion music. Cajons are generally necessary tool accessories in this industry.

They are affordable, easy to carry, and just a whole of fun. And Pearl makes a great deal of them.

Pearl’s Cajon Selections

Pearl offers a diverse range of this instrument, helping you customize your sound with a full collection of sounds. The main categories include:

Pearl big boom Cajon

The big boom Cajon is an eco-friendly product from Pearl. It is made from a blended Asiatic hardwood with a black lacquer finish and delivers a great low-end projection from the engineered chipboard body. Its strength and integrity justify the price.

It’s truly a ‘big boom’ since it’s slightly larger than an average Cajon and gives a double dose of volume with half the effects.

Pearl Canyon Cajon

Asiatic blended hardwood is used to make the Canyon Cajon. It is an Afro-Peruvian instrument, mostly associated with Cuban music, but you can also use it in your American Cycles, and it will not disappoint.

Pearl Canyon Cajon with fixed snare

Canyon Cajon is made from blended Asiatic hardware and two sets of fixed snares. This ensures a rich textured tone from this Afro-Peruvian instrument. It’s a beautiful piece to use for your percussion music.

Pearl Jingle Cajon

Pearl’s Jingle Cajon can easily be the main item in your percussion sounds selection. It features two sets of adjustable jingles on the face. It is then blended with a set of Brazilian platinela and stainless-steel tambourine jingles. You can turn off the jingles to create a variety of sounds anywhere in between the performance.

Besides, it’s made of fiberglass on the body, but the faceplate is wood. It has three sets of fixed snares.

Best Pearl Cajons Reviewed

Pearl PBC507 Box Cajon, Gypsy Brown

When it comes to building the best Cajon boxes, Pearl Corporation is one of those brands that is always ready to go the extra mile. And this cajon box says it all.

The instrument delivers stability and completeness from a financially stable company. It also offers one of the most competitive prices around with a wide range of uses.

This piece is constructed from a carefully selected Asian Pine. And the Gipsy Brown Matte Lacquer finish is a brilliant idea for the modern user.

It also comes with a high-quality carrying case that makes it easy to transport.

One thing that stands out for this instrument is the rich tonal feature. You will never be disappointed.

However, these features c0me at a higher price. Hence, be ready to dig deeper into your pocket.


• Asian Wood construction

• High-quality sounds

• Durable


• Slightly expensive

Pearl PBC121B Primero Box Cajon, Figured Cherry

Pearl’s Primero Cajon comes with a built-in bass port and a set of fixed snares. This ensures a wide range of percussion sounds than many other similar products.

Pearl Corporation is known for making high-end gear, and this is one of the products that says it all. It is not overly expensive, although a bit higher than other cajons. But it’s worth the price.

Once you get to experience the sound, you will not want to look back.

The snares add brightness articulation that delivers the right sparkle on the instrument, allowing it to hold perfectly in the mix.

Drummers and percussionists have always turned to Pearl for their quality and sound features. And Pearl Primero Cajon is an excellent choice for live gigs and recording sessions. It is a good thing to use for tour music needs.


• High-quality cajon from Pearl

• A set of bright and articulate snares

• Good sounds


• A bit expensive

Pearl PBC120B Primero Box Cajon, Abstract Red

Pearl’s Primero Cajon box is not a new instrument for many drummers and percussionists around. They come with an internal bass port and a fixed set of snare wires, delivering different percussion sounds.

This cajon offers more than what you would expect from any other cajon box. But it does not come as a surprise considering the quality of products that Pearl offers. There is nothing you will need from the manufacturer that they will not deliver with the highest quality.

This particular cajon features an MDF body with a faceplate made of Meranti wood. The abstract red finish gives it the perfect sparkle to fit in your percussion collection.

An internal snare and the enhanced bass port complete this construction. It assures a wide-ranging tonal reach. It is one cajon you will want to have.


• MDF body

• Meranti wood on the faceplate

• Enhanced bass port


• None

Pearl PBC1914FT Cajon

Pearl’s cajon box is known for its higher-end features. And this product from the new Sonic Boom Flame Thrower line says it all.

It features a flame thrower maple faceplate the enhances the voice of this instrument. It is well-angled, allowing for a more comfortable playing position – a feature the Sonic Boom series is well known for.

Fixed snare wires on the cajon deliver a crisp snare tone, boosted by two well-set bass ports on the back.

It is made in the USA with an all-natural finish featuring a fiery red faceplate. Note that this is the only cajon in the Sonic Boom family made from maple.

The USA-Flame maple construction and fixed snare wires, and the angled faceplate work together for incredible tonal features.

It is a cajon you want to have in your collection of percussion instruments.


• USA-Made

• Maple construction

• Angled faceplate for comfortable playing


• None

Pearl’s cajons offer the perfect solution for modern drummers and percussionists. The products reviewed above are all good for certain needs.