Pearl Compact Traveler Kit

Pearl is one of those drum manufacturers that has everything a modern drummer will need. The company has been making high-quality drum sets for a long and continues to impress many.

Pearl Compact Traveler is a popular drum kit. As the name suggests, it’s a set designed for traveling drummers. Gigging drummers will find it highly useful since it’s small and sounds good.

In this guide, we will be talking about this useful kit.

Pearl Compact Traveler 2-piece Drum Kit

If you are a drummer who likes traveling a lot, you understand how hard it can be to carry your gear around.

But what if you had a small kit, with only two drums, and yet very useful? Well, that is what you get in this Pearl Compact Traveler 2-piece rum kit.

Pearl is known for its high-quality standards in making drum sets. This kit is no different.

The kit is configured with an 18-inch bass drum with support bass. The support base can accept any self-muffed, standard bass drum head.

Support legs on the bass frame support the legs, while the telescoping post offers a stable platform. This means you can use any bass drum pedal with easy adjustment.

The 10-inch snare drum is another feature component that does not go unnoticed. The 10-inch snare frame can be tuned fully to accept any standard drum head. Also, it will easily mount on the L-arm of the bass drum frame.

In addition, the snare comes with an adjustable snare wire rake that presses directly under the head, offering great sensitivity to the snare rattle.

The snare is perfect for popping groove and brush.



Portability is always an issue for gigging drummers. Hence, it would be very nice to have a kit like this which comes with a full range of sounds and is very useful.

The kit is small and with only two drums, an 18-inch bass drum with a support base, and a 10-inch snare drum.

These drums are among the smallest you can get on the market, making them incredibly useful.


Just because it’s a two-piece kit, it does not mean you cannot add more drums. This kit is fully expandable, allowing you to add as many other components as possible.

If you want to get the full features of a complete drum set, you can rely on the compact kit for this.

Or, when you have played long and feel there is something more you can do, expand this kit, and you are good to go.


Perhaps the most important aspect of this kit is its affordability. You may not even feel like you have spent any money if you make use of this kit.

Whereas you may not find all the features of a good drum kit at this price range, you will still be glad to have a portable and yet affordable kit.

Besides, you cannot expect a lot from such.


Not the best quality drum set

At this price range, there is not much to expect from this drum kit. It comes with all the features of a good drum set.

Therefore, this kit may not come with all the standard features of a high-end drum set.

However, this does not mean it is any bad. It sounds good and can be expanded to a full drum set.

Pearl Compact Traveler Kit

Pearl’s Compact Traveler kit comes with great features and functionality that are good for any gigging drummer.

As a portable and affordable kit, Pearl has made sure it has great tonal features.

It is not just a simple kit, but it can be used in any performance. You would not expect certain aspects from a drum set at this price range, but Pearl has made sure you have them all and much more.

It comes in different configurations. The ones we have used for many reviews have are two-piece kits with a 14-inch bass drum and a 10-inch snare drum.

The bass and snare drum frames are fully tunable to accept any drum head, depending on your liking.

Pearl Compact Traveler drum set is not new to most drummers today. One of the best manufacturers can expect to get great tonal features with functional parts.

Apart from the drums, you also get some high-quality hardware. The 10 and 14-inch tunable drum hardware can turn a 2-piece Compact Traveler into a 4-pc kit.

Available separately is a durable carrying bag that can easily accommodate your two-piece kit.

Cymbals are also sold separately, letting you put together a perfect drum set as you would desire. Every component is of high quality.

Pearl Compact Traveler Drum Kit (PCTK-1810)

If you are a drummer worried about space, you may want to try out Pearl’s Compact Traveler drum kit.

This kit is designed to be used in schools, street music, and smaller stages.

The kit comes in the size of an electronic drum set, and yet the features and the sound are fully acoustic, making it very useful.

The first thing you will notice about this kit is theine the compact size. You will be surprised to learn that it folds down to 5-inches in thickness, making it easy for storage.

But do not let this make you think it is not of any use in terms of sounds. This kit pumps a surprising tone of volume that is not common for such slim drums.

We tried out the bass drum to see what it can do, and it gave out a deep and round tone, just like you would expect from a professional kit.

The snare drum is another piece that has all the life of a full drum. At 10-inch, you might not expect it to be fully sounding. But the snappy tone it gives will amaze any drummer.

The Pearl Compact Traveler 2-piece drum kit has every feature to resolve your space needs.



The Compact Traveler kit comes with more advantages over other acoustic kits because of its portability. You will be amazed to know that this kit is small, yet it delivers a big bass drum full blast.

The foam attachment on the snare drum allows you to take the whole kit in your hands and carry it around. And once you are done with your gig, fold the drums and use the handle to carry them around. It does not get any easier.

These drums are so small that you can easily slide them under the bed for storage. A standard kit cannot give you such a function.

High quality

Pearl is an experienced drum manufacturer with a wide-ranging reputation for quality. This drum kit is not different as it comes with everything good you can expect from Pearl.

Quality sound

Snappy snare and powerful bass are all you need to make your drums sound good, and this kit has got it all. The snare is slim, snappy, and responsive, while the bass is full blast.


• A small kit

Pearl PCTK1810 compact traveler kit is only fit for schools and small stages.

Pearl Compact Traveler Expansion Pack – 10″ and 14″

The Pearl Compact Traveler series of drums offer the perfect solution for space and portability. These drums are small and yet fully support the sound.

Pearl’s Compact Expansions pack comes with a 14-inch tom drum, a 10-inch tom drum, and a few hardware.

This kit has a tight footprint designed for schools, street drumming, and small stages. It is like a rhythmic blank canvas waiting for you to draw your music on it.

The drums

This 2-piece drum kit comes with a 10″-inch tom frame that is fully tunable to accommodate any drum head. This feature makes it easy for you to change your drum sets for the sounds you need.

The 14-inch tom offers a full sound, and you can change the heads.

It comes with a gig bag for easy traveling. The bag is of high quality, with the ability to serve you for a long time.


The package features black mounting hardware. It is strong and durable, letting you play your drums without worry.



The slip 10 and 14-inch tom drums are easy to carry and store. They will not take up much of your space, and hence, perfect for those who have issues with storage

• High quality

• Good sounds


• Small kits don’t give full sounds


Pearl’s Compact Traveler kit is a good piece for those who have storage issues. The small kits that will give you a good sound are therefore worth your investment.