Pearl Elx

Pearl Company pays excellent pride to its excellent series of drums that include the ELX series. The company makes drums, and every series is an improvement of the previous drum. This company has the most amazing technology used in production.

The manufacture of drums has been eased by the introduction of different technological methods of manufacture. Currently, Pearl produces a large volume of quality drums and accessories. I have been using their drums for over a decade now, and I love how Pearl listens to the drummer’s views.

Therefore, we need to review the Pearl E.L.X. drum set and exhaust all its features. it will be right for you to buy this kit after getting the full details about it.

Pearl ELX drum set

Pearl ELX drum set is an excellent drum set that puts out plenty of sounds and does it entirely. There are different lacquered finishes for this set; thus, you can choose the one that attracts your eye. The drum set has undergone several upgrades to make it much better.

It now has pro lacquer finishes cured with UV light for thinner layering and better weather resistance. This makes this drum set last for an extended period, even when subjected to adverse weather conditions.

Pearl toms are now equipped with ISS mounts, low-mass lugs, and rubber gaskets for maximum resonance. However, most packs of the ELX drum sets do not include cymbals; thus, you will buy them separately.

This set is affordable, and its look goes with the price. There are other brands similar to this product, but they are sold at a higher price. Thanks to pearl for such a kit with a good image and media.


  • 22 x 16 inches bass drum
  • 12 x 9 inches and 13 x 10 inches rack toms
  • 16 x 16 inches floor tom
  • 5.5 inches x 14 wood snare drum
  • Two TH-88I tom holders
  • P-120P chain drive pedal with infinitely adjustable beater angle and Duo Beat beater
  • H-820W double-braced hi-hat
  • S-800W double-braced snare stand
  • C-800W cymbal double braced stand
  • BC-800W convertible boom/cymbal double braced stand

Pearl ELX export series

Pearl ELX export series are made from 6-ply poplar shells, but their counterparts ECX are made from maple. The series has gloss lacquer applied to the outside ply with an exceptional 30 step finishing process.

The shell of these drum sets is durable because of the quality materials used in making them. The quality shells are responsible for the quality sounds that are produced by drums in this series. The export ELX series also feature split suspension lugs and the ISS mounting system.

Some drummers argue over the quality and the sound of poplar shells, but the difference in sound quality is hard to get, especially for the untrained ear. This series is made of durable hardware and can stand the test of time, including rigorous playing, gigging, and transport.

Pearl export elx

Export Series is still a drum kit that every drummer knows. The kit jumpstarts drumming careers by offering quality and value into one package, and the kit continues to produce legends. The drum set features reference-inspired shell composition, a choice of wrap, or a high gloss lacquer finish.

These drum sets are eye-catching, and you will love them even before listening to the sound that it produces. It comes with Pearl’s unbeatable 830 Series hardware package that makes the drum set ready to fuel the fire for future drumming icons.

Pearl’s Opti-Loc System’s three-way attachment design uses rubber insulators at the two tuning points and the drum’s two air vents. Therefore, the drums have a great sustain and resonance that provides wobble-free performance.

The Export ELX drum sets put sound first by blending premium poplar and rich Asian Mahogany for an awesome lush and full-bodied tone. The series provides sonically advanced content of strategically arranged plies of premium wood to maximize every component’s frequency response.

All the pearl drums are made from the legendary SST construction process that utilizes extreme heat, precision-cut scarf joints, proprietary Acoustiglue, and about 1000lbs of pressure to create the ideal acoustic air chamber.


  • Finish: Sea Blue Fade
  • 6-Ply (7.5mm) Poplar/Asian Mahogany Blended Shells
  • Opti-Loc Suspension System
  • Matching 14×5.5 Wood Snare Drum
  • Remo Heads, Ported Powerstroke Remo Bass Drum Head
  • TH70I Tom Holders
  • Drum Muffler (Mini)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 830 Series

Hardware Pack Included:

  • 930 Series Kick Pedal
  • 830 Series Boom Cymbal Stand
  • 830 Series Straight Cymbal Stand
  • 830 Series Hi-Hat Stand
  • 830 Series Snare Stand


  • The drum set is made of durable shells.
  • It is affordable and reliable.
  • All drummers can use it.


  • The pack does not include cymbals and throne.


The export ELX drum sets provide a great image to your drumming sets. You can find these drums in any location or shop that sells drums, including Amazon and Sweetwater. Visit their Facebook page and find the music and other media on their adverts. You will enjoy great deals while stock lasts, and there are other categories and brands available in their location, 5295 Westview Dr. Suite 300 or There are other drums like the ex that has a great look and image that you will like. The toms and bass drum available in the current stock are exceptional.