Pearl Fcs1050 Firecracker Snare, 10 Inchx5 Inch, Steel

Pearl is not a new name in the world of drum sets. They have been making high-quality drum sets for a very long time.

The brand is especially known for building some of the best snare drums on the market. As you advance in your drumming career, you will realize the snare makes all the difference.

If you want to get different sounds, the first thing to do is usually changing the snare drum. This means it’s the cornerstone of your kit accessories, and great focus should be put on it.

You can get this quality from Pearl.

The Firecracker is a new addition to the Pearl lines of quality snares. I will be reviewing the drum in this guide.

Pearl Firecracker Snare Drum

Pearl’s Firecracker Snare drum is not like any other modern snares at the lowest price. Well, it may have its limitations, but they are all part of a normal drumming world.

With the quality of Pearl products, you can at least be sure of a good performance. Let’s look at some of its features.

Pearl Firecracker Snare Drum Review

Coming from Pearl, this snare drum promises the quality of a professional drum. I am not saying the snare can be used for professional playing, but it’s a good deal for budget-buying.

If you are looking to practice at home, then this is a good recommendation. Pearl has a reputation for excellence and can easily be the leader of the world of drums, locking horns with giants like Tama.

At a glance, the FireCracker is designed with:

• 10-inch by 5-inch size

• 1.6mm steel hoops

• CL-50 lugs

• 6 rods

• T-062 Tension rods

• SR-018 strainer

In terms of sound, it does not offer the best tone. The Remo heads on the drum are pretty decent, but they do not give just the right attack as you would expect from a good snare drum.

As a narrower snare, it will not boom as much as a wider one would. Also, it does not have a good clean attack.

Pearl 10″ Firecracker Snare Drum construction

The snare drum is made with 8-plies of poplar wood shells. This is what gives it a brighter tone and a wide range of applications.

It is not the best choice of wood as it does not allow more frequencies in the attack. It comes off when you try too hard.

Generally, this snare cannot get you that crisp aggressive attack you would expect from a quality drum set.


Despite the lack of an excellent tonal projection, this snare would still be a good addition to your kit, especially for practice purposes. It is compact, portable, and more affordable than any other snare drum from Pearl.

Also, if you require a backup snare but you don’t want to spend too much to replace your pro kit, this snare will serve you just fine.

Its black lacquer finish brings it out excellently.

Pearl Firecracker Poplar Snare Drum

Poplar shells are used in basic drums. This means Pearl’s Firecracker is a simple snare for drummers with simple needs.

It would be best if the shell construction were mixed with another wood like maple.

Nevertheless, poplar is a bright-toned wood. Hence, this snare will ring well through the mix as an effects snare.

Pearl FCS1050 FireCracker Snare, 10-inchx5-inch, Steel

Pearl offers the FCS1050 Firecracker snare drum in two finishes. The Ebony Mist offers a brighter appearance than the rest of your kit.

But the Classic Steel is another finish that you will find very interesting. Although it may not look as good as other modern finishes, it is equally bright, especially if you are looking for something shinier.


Pearl makes their drums with exact precision. And even a basic snare drum like this one will still seem greater most other brands.

This product is available in two configurations, 10-inch by 5-inch and 12-inch by 5-inch. The bigger configuration is more realistic in terms of offering real snare sounds.

The smaller one is more portable, though. It may not deliver the blast of a full snare, but it’s still a good side snare.

This Pearl Firecracker snare drum is built with 8-plies of poplar, featuring a classing steel shell. It comes with 1.6mm steel hoops, CL-50 steel lugs, and 6 T061 tension rods.

Also, the snare is constructed with an SR-018 strainer, with S-032 snares completing it. These aspects of the drums assure a great projection through the mix, allowing you to add more life to your main snare.


The Firecracker, as the name suggests, assures a powerful punch and an explosive sound. It may be a small sound, but its energy makes it a great performer.


• Excellent sound production

• Incredible construction

• Compact and yet powerful enough


• It’s not recommended as a main snare

Pearl’s Firecracker snare drum offers a wonderful option for those who need a compact yet functional effects snare. You don’t have to replace your more expensive kit if you can use this cheaper option. But I would not recommend it for professional work as the main snare.