Pearl Pth 22Ceqpl Pro Tone Head With Log And Perimeter Eq For Bass Drum, White, 22 Inch

The sound produced by any drum depends on the quality of the material used to make the drumheads. When checking on any drum, the first thing you look at is the drumhead. You first strike it, then you hear the sound produced before buying it.

Every company that manufactures drums are working day and night to ensure that all drummers in the music industry get the right sounds. They use high-quality materials to make the drum shells and drumheads.

Drums are subjected to a lot of force and hitting; thus, they have to be well-designed to withstand everything. Pearl is among the most renowned manufacturers who make the best drums and accessories.

Therefore, we must look at the type of drumheads made by Pearl. Their quality will amaze you because they have been upgraded several times. Stay tuned and follow through keenly.

Pearl pro tone drum heads

Pearl Protone drumheads are among the best-made drumheads in the music industry. Several professional drummers around the globe use them. The drumhead is made of high-quality material that makes it last for an extended period.

The Protone drumheads produce a high-quality sound that is needed by all drummers. The drumhead feature a batter head with a self-muffling perimeter EQ system that enables it to produce great sound right out of the box.

Great artisans with experience in designing drumheads make it. They ensure that the heads have the right diameter and the right thickness for more great sounds and attacks. When you hit this drumhead, you are attracted by the sound you get back and the attack.

This drumhead is an attractive lacquer finish, and it is made of several plies that make it produce more attacks than the coated heads. It is known for more sustain and an overall louder tone thus, making it an outstanding drumhead.

Pearl mesh drum heads

Pearl mesh drumheads are the best drumhead for offering quieter sounds without the drastic loss of the authentic drumming experience. Most people prefer electronic drumheads for silent kits, but they will never be close to an acoustic drum set’s sound and feel.

The Pearl mesh drumheads reduce the drum volume by about 70 percent; thus, you can use it for practice in your apartment. The head has slightly less stick rebound meaning that you will not use a lot of energy when you are drumming.

The available sizes of this drumhead are 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″ and 22″. Therefore, you have a wide range of options to choose from and ensure you get the best. The drumhead retains the tonality of the individual drums, just like the ambassador drums.

It has silenced resonance and overtones responsible for this fantastic drumhead’s silent and quality sound. You cannot get bored when using a drum with such a drumhead.

These drumheads are made of super-strong mesh fabric that responds like a regular drum head while producing virtually no sound. The mesh fabric used in making this drumhead is responsible for its durability and reliability.

Pearl electronic drum heads

The electronic drumheads are well known for their silent sounds, unlike the Remo ambassador and Pearl mesh drumheads. This category of electronic drumheads is a new revolution in the music industry. You can do your training at home without disturbing anyone.

There is nothing that u will miss with an electronic snare drum because it retains the familiar drum sounds. The electronic drumheads are the same size and offer the same response as real heads; thus, allowing the drummer to transition from acoustic drums without alterations to their play style.

You can replace the drumheads that you have with an electronic drumhead and make your training better. You can do this, especially to the snare drum head, to reduce the high-pitched sound they produce.

The electronic drumheads come in different sizes, and they are made to be compatible with any drum. They have replaced the ambassador and mesh drumheads that were used as silent drums. The good thing is that it is easy to replace the drumheads, and they require little time.

Pearl PTH-22CEQPL Pro Tone Head with Log and Perimeter EQ for Bass Drum, White, 22-Inch

Pearl PTH-22CEQPL Pro Tone Head is an amazing bass front head that has a diameter of 22 inches. The drumhead features a built-in Perimeter EQ damping ring that makes this item more useful and reliable.

The drumhead has a Pearl logo that helps you identify it at any time. It also has an attractive white finish that makes it look unique. This drumhead is designed for use on the front of a bass drum, and it is made from a single layer ply of napped synthetic film.

The single-ply materials used are much durable, and they are known for producing the best sound in the world. The drumhead has been in existence for an extended period, and it has undergone several upgrades to make it smarter and better.

You can get this fantastic drumhead then fix it to your existing drums, especially the snare drum head. You need to know your current drumhead size so that you do not buy the wrong size. These items are available on the Amazon website with all rights reserved.

You can make your request on the website and receive great financing deals to help you achieve your goal. Amazon has the best sales deals; thus, check their menu for any category of accessories and drumheads. Any customer can buy products from this website.


  • It is affordable, durable, and versatile.
  • It offers excellent tones and sounds.


  • It can be challenging for amateurs to fix it correctly.