Pearl Mjs1208:Cxn33 12X8 Junior Marching Snare Drum And Carrier

Among the main aspects of marching bands is the presence of the snare drum. Depending on how you hit them, it’s very easy to get a wide range of sounds from the drums.

Whether you are a university lecturer teaching music or an enthusiast seeking to start your own marching band, this review of Pearl marching snare drums has got what you need.

Marching snare drum Pearl

Pearl Drums was founded in 1952 and had been getting stronger ever since. The company has grown both in terms of the products or accessories they make and their reputation.

Therefore, Pearl could be your perfect solution if you are looking for a good marching snare drum.

There are lots of Pearl snare drum solutions out there.

Here is a review of some of the best ones.

Pearl MJS1208/CXN33 12″x8″ Junior Marching Snare Drum and Carrier

Ever since Pearl started marking drums years ago, every product they make is uniquely designed to deliver the needs of modern drummers.

This Junior Marching series is a good example of what the company stands for. The MJS1208/CXN33 is a marching build to withstand hard-hitting while assuring the best sounds.

Its small size, 12-inch by 8-inch offers great portability, letting junior drummers play with ease. It is not overly heavy, and yet it produces a sound like others.

The poplar shells on the drum stand of durability. And with the age-appropriate size, even the smallest of drummers will find this snare drum a good fit. It will help them experience the joy and excitement of playing a marching snare drum.

Field-ready right from the box means you can start playing as soon as you unpack.

Besides, the drums come finished ins a classic #33 Pure White wrap. They come with a pre-assembled white carrier for easy transportation. This makes it easy for you to travel anywhere with the drum.

Weighing around 11 pounds, this snare drum is perfect for your child to join a marching band. Also, the sound these snare drums produce is full and bright.


• Come with a carrier, packaged and pre-assembled

• Lightweight

• Features poplar shells


• As a small snare drum, it might not be perfect for serious playing

Pearl Championship Maple FFX Marching Snare Drum 13 x 11 in. Midnight Black

Yamaha has never been disappointed when it comes to building high-end drums. Here is one of their marching snare drums that offer a wide range of benefits.

It is configured with a 13 by an 11-inch shell. Also, the package features one extra case or bag. The shell material is maple, which is considered a good material for making drums.

Previous versions came with mahogany, but Pearl seems to be shifting towards Pearl. Also, the shells feature a 6-ply construction,

45-degree bearing age with a reinforcement ring makes this package a good deal for any drummer.

It comes with aluminum hardware hoop type, die-cast lugs, tube throw-off, tap style internal mufflers, and other hardware. Other synthetic heads are available in the form of branded Fi.

Another cool feature is that the snare is finished with Midnight Black, which is today’s top DCI corps product.

The snare comes from the Pearl FFX championship series, which has won many awards for High Percussion.

The combination of 6-plies of 100% maple delivers a full and lively sound in terms of sound. The material is free-floating in a superlight aircraft, making it ideal for marching bands. You can be sure to get a wide range of tones with the aluminum frame creating a force to reckon with.

Championship snare is known for creating the perfect balance of mid-to-high frequencies, which bring out the voice the FFX uses to beat other brands in the industry.

Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology features in the 6-ply, free-floating shell from the maple. This gives it the premium in dynamic range, sensitivity, and great projection you can’t find anywhere else.


• Pearl Superior Shell technology

• All-maple shells

• Incredible sounds


• Some users have complained that it does not produce a full sound

Pearl Championship Maple FFX Marching Snare Drum 14 x 12 in. Pure White

Pearl FXX is a true definition of high quality in the drumming industry. And this 14 by 12-inch full-size white snare drum is part of this line.

The FFX line comes in many sizes. This one is 14-inch, which makes it a full-size snare.

In the package, you get one extra carrying case or bag. It does not have a stand or other hardware that may be needed to play a marching snare drum.

The shells feature a thin 6-ply construction with a 45-degree reinforcement ring.

We liked the hardware on this snare more than any other product we have reviewed. It is made from long-lasting aluminum, which also keeps them shiny for long, letting you play on a clean snare drum. It also features die-cast lugs, tube throw-off, a tap-style internal muffler, and no snares.

The Pure White finish is a common yet attractive finish with modern drums. Coming from Pearl’s FFX Championship line, there is nothing this drum will not deliver.

Pearl’s Superior Shell construction is used on the 6-ply of 100% maple woods to produce the best tonal features you can expect from a good marching snare drum.


• High-end construction

• Pure White finish

• 100% maple shells


• It’s a bit heavy for a marching band

• It would be better if it came it snares

Pearl Championship Maple FFX Marching Snare Drum 13 x 11 in. Pure White

Every snare drum from Pearl offers the best sounds on the market, and this Pearl Championship Maple FXX marching snare drum is no different. It comes in Pure White applied in today’s top DCI corps. Any drummer would know the FFX series because they have won many High Percussion awards.

In the package, you will find a 13-inch by an 11-inch snare drum. This comes in multiple sizes, depending on your preferences.

Also, you will get one extra carrying case or a bag, with no stand.

The shells are made from 6-ply of 100% maple using the Pearl Superior Shell Technology. The 45-degree reinforcement ring assures a smooth performance all through.

Apart from this, the drum comes with aluminum hardware, which is a sturdy material with aluminum hoop type. Tube throw-off, tap-style internal muffler, and no snares are among other features that define this snare drum.

You can also find other synthetic heads and branded Fi.

This snare will give you industry-standard dynamic range from the free-floating shells made from 6-plies of maple. That is all that many drummers need from a marching snare drum.


• Light and yet powerful

• All-maple shells

• dynamic range, sensitivity, and great projection from the shells


• A bit expensive, compared to other brands with similar features

• Needs muscles to use

Pearl Competitor Marching Snare Drum

Pearl’s competitor, marching snare drums is a good definition of Pearl’s quality in making drums. It comes with an 8-ply mahogany shell that delivers rich higher sounds. This ensures absolute presence in the band.

Besides, the 2mm steel hoops are lightweight and strong, which keeps them serving you for a long. The snare features a high-tension FFX aluminum alloy edge ring. With this, you get a complete high-pitched Kevlar head working compatibly with the drums.

It has a lever-action strainer, which is easy to use, and operates fast. This is magnified by micro-fine adjustment of the snare and head, delivering a sensitive response.

It has a 12-stand synthetic gut snare that is highly sensitive and powerful. One can find the drum in Pure White or Midnight Black finishes.


• 8-ply mahogany for strength and durability

• Good sounds

• Lightweight


• No complaints so far about the drum

Pearl Championship Marching Snare Drum

If you are looking for a classic marching sound from any Pearl drum, then Championship Maple is your answer. It features 6-ply maple shell construction delivered by Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology. With this, the drummer is sure of a warm and resonant sound.

This is one of the most popular lines of drums from the company. And among the factors that put them on top is their quality and their low-price tag.

Besides, Pearl is one of those companies that know what to do when it comes to customer satisfaction.

These drums are made for marching band drummers. They are lightweight and high-pitched, which makes them ring through the other instruments with ease. Being light means you can carry them with ease.

Their shell construction assures a full sound, with great durability.


• High sounding and durable shell construction

• Among the top quality from Pearl

• Affordable


• Some users have complained that these drums don’t come with complete hardware

• Not the best quality on the market.

Pearl Competitor High Tension Marching Snare Drum

You can never talk about Pearl Marching snare drums without mentioning the Competitor. This 8-ply mahogany snare drum delivers rich upper harmonics that you may not find anywhere else.

It comes with 2.3mm steel hoops. They are strong and durable yet light enough for a marching band drummer.

The drums come with a lever-action strainer, which operates with great ease. Other features like the hardware and the Pure White or Midnight Black finishes are all worth the dollar.


• Excellent sounding from the marching snare

• Strong and durable yet light

• Easy to set


• Only two finishes are available

• A bit expensive compared to other brands with similar features

And there you have it, some of the best marching snares for Pearl.