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Pearl Vision Drums Best Review and Guide 2020


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At the beginning of 2008, Pearl introduced the Vision series. The series was founded on the quality of its predecessor, the Export Series, which was then the best-selling. 

The addition of 100% maple and birch shells on these new products was perhaps the reason they were seen as the best. 

Today, we have the Pearl Vision, as one of the top drum sets on the market. Even though the Export name has been reintroduced, the Vision Birch Lacquer/VBL series. They are tagged as the most budget-friendly 100% birch shell pack.

I wanted to find just how good this shell pack is. And perhaps if there is any difference between the new Export under it. Or maybe what makes them less the top-notch Session and Masters series. 

Features of the Vision Drums

Pearl Vision Drums Red
Pearl Vision Drums Red

I was recently checked some views on Drummer World Official Discussion Forum, which got me even more interested.

GetAgripsays “I believe all the Export kits are made of Poplar. Visions are birch/basswood, all birth, or maple. This added thickness of the floor toms is like the reference series, which give it more boom baby….” 

Even before looking at this, I had already believed the Vision Series is made for quality. If you are looking to rock out with extreme power and projection, I believe this should be a choice that will get you there. 

Configuration and construction

As the name suggests, the Vision Birch Lacquer (VBL) comes with 100% birch on the shells. 

You will be happy to know each shell comes with Pearl’s propriety SST system. This is a great tech that uses overlapping scarf join seams that Pearl calls a “perfect air-tight fit.”

You can choose from three pre-configured kits available. The first is the ‘fusion’ setup that comes with 10-inch and 12-inch rack toms, with 14-inch floor toms and 20-inch bass drum. Secondly, you get the ‘fusion-plus’ with a 16-inch floor tom and 22-inch kick instead of the 14 and 20-inch. The last setup comes with a more traditional 12-inch, 13-inch, 16-inch, and 22-inch setup. 

Apart from this build, there is a 14-inch by 5-inch Sensitone snare. And, unlike most drum sets in this category, you also get a Pearl 930 hardware pack that carries 930-series straight and boom stands. The h-hats stand is also including landside a 930 pedal (for those who have to use the flagship Demon Drive pedals by Pearl, you know what this means.)

The finishes 

I have never thought finishes mattered a lot, as long as the drum sounded the way I wanted. Anyway, the finishes on the drums have compelled me to say something. 

You will be impressed with the way VBL’s finish pops under the stage light. It only amplifies its quality. Besides, it makes the drummer more visible, even from the background. 

There are five incredible lacquer finishes. I liked the natural finish more. But the Graphite, Fade, Prussian Blue, Black Burst, and Ruby Fade are equally great. Also, Pearl has included a few add-on toms which set more complete.

My test kit is a mid-configuration. It comes with the 16-inch floor toms and 22-inch bass with a natural finish.

The first thing you notice is extraordinary quality in this finish. It comes with a deep, glossy, and flawless touch that would not be in such a product a decade ago.

There are lugs on each drum, which reflects what you get with the Reference series. As if that is not enough, the die-cast bass drum hoops on the rubber gaskets keep the shell separate.

Pearl has included their ISS mounts for the rack toms. Also, each tom comes with Pinstripe batters, with the most Powerful on the bass drum. 

Other notable features 

The Pearl Visions are standard drums that will make you feel the adrenaline. They are easy to assemble, and their sound is incredible. 

The sound

In the 1980s, birch wood was the choice of drummers. It wants on into the 1990s.

Birch is well known for reaching strong highs, reduced mids, and sturdy low end. These features make it well functional in a recording studio.

Today, we still find birch in making drums. And similar to maple, Bubinga, and other great flavors in the drumming industry, drum makers are using birch for hi-quality drum sets. You will get this quality in the VBL. 

The five-piece kits feature a tow mounted rack tom, a floor tome, and a kick drum. They all come with standard tuning features that produce top-notch sounds. The combination of birch shells and beautiful edges on these drums offer a wide projection.

And this is why they are highly recommended for a studio situation. Also, it performs exceptionally in a live recording.

The snare

I cannot finish this review without talking about the sensitone snare. It is not only the birch shell that makes it sounds incredible. It also comes with a 5.5-inch by 14-inch Steel Sensitone features.

This feature will give you a beautiful crack combined with nicely playable tones. Since it is to a user, tune, it makes you feel very good under the hands. And that is all that mater ins a snare.

When you can tune and get great sounds from the drum, you can say something has made sense.

The innovative SR-900 Duo-motion snare from Pearl is included to easy conversation. This means you will ably shift from a side lever action to a Gladstone-version throw-off with easy. Such a feature is only found with this peace.

For drummers, the snare sound makes everything else sound better. Hence, a bad sound will not sit well. 

The hardware

The inclusion of such innovative hardware is another point worth noting here. You will notice the I.S.S Tom Mounting System on the rack tom offers nice and easy to use functionality. You

You only need two tension rod-style screws to connect the two tom mounts. I think this is really cool because it makes everything seem so easy, yet with great resonance.

Another incredible feature is the 900 series Uni-Lock Tom Holders. They will easily get your drums in the right position.

They are echoed by the Reference-style Bridge Lugs. These lugs look really amazing with shiny chrome. Besides, the Recesses kick drum claws finishes everything up with a sleek appearance. 

With these features, the Pearl visions are the most incredible sounding drums you will get at this price range. Even though the set may be a bit costly, you are sure to get back your investment. 


  • High-quality drums
  • Unbeatable price
  • Ready to gig


  • Perhaps more hardware would be an advantage. 

Frequently asked questions

When did the Pearl Vision Drums come out?

Pearl Vision Drums Blue
Pearl Vision Drums Blue

Pearl is one of the oldest drum manufacturers in the world. They have been creating all solutions covering entry-level to professional products.

The Pearl Visions Drums series is among the top-line drum sets from the brand. 

They were introduced in 2008 with a process that included a large fanfare. Perhaps what is more important how they took over their predecessors.

They were applauded as the most appropriate replacement for the best-selling Export series. Pearl made sure them Vision retained the sturdy construction and quality of the Exports but added 100% maple and birch shells. And this is where they made more sense on the market. 

And for more than a decade, Pearl has made several adjustments on the Export while the VBL takes the Visions a step higher.

You may be glad to note that this is one of the most affordable 100% shell packs on the market. It draws the bridge between the lower-end Export and the higher-end Sessions and Masters. 

Where do I find the serial number on my Pearl Vision Export Drums?

Pearl Vision Drums Birch
Pearl Vision Drums Birch

I have been using the Peal drum for quite a while now. And one of the things I always seek to know is the year the drum I am using was established.

For this, I have to look at the serial numbers.

Earlier versions from Pearl did not use serial numbers, though. I had tried calling the manufacturer for this, but none of this helped because there was just nothing of help.

The Pearl Vision Export seems to offer something different. You may be able to find the serial number stickers on the inside of the shell. 

There are also several places you can find such information. But the most important thing is to interpret what the numbers mean. 

When the badge comes with Export, on its, then it may be made from Poplar. But if it has something like EX, EXL, and more, you should expect a lot more. 

Where will I find the serial number on my 2016 Pearl Vision Export Drums?

Pearl Vision Drums Black
Pearl Vision Drums Black

Pearl Vision Drums have been on the market for more than ten years now. The 2016 Pearl Export drum is among the latest products on the market.

For this reason, you can be sure you have the best drums. They are probably all birch, which makes them sound incredibly fine.

Finding the serial number can help you determine important information such as the year of manufacture and the materials in the drums. This is critical when you want to upgrade or compare it with other sets.

Chances are, the serial number is on a sticker somewhere inside the shells. In that case, locating them should not be a problem.

Another great way to find this number is through the Pearl website. I have always used this site to get all types of information, and it has always been helpful. 

Another way should be to call the company directly and ask for assistance. I find the contact information on their online channels quite useful. Also, the customer care service is quite incredible. No matter where you are, they will help.

Sometimes the dealers are the best people to give such information too. Everything they have in store is recorded using serial numbers. And when they write you a receipt, they will include this number just for accountability. 

Where will I find the serial number on my Pearl Vision Export Drums?

When looking at the serial numbers for your Pearl vision drums, it is important to understand that some may not have them. 

One of the best places to find the number is on the Pearl Website under support. You will find catalogs and important information on Pearl drums.

Otherwise, there must be a sticker inside the shells that come with the numbers. In most cases, I don’t even bother looking under the shells, when I have the receipts. 

Before a dealer releases any product, they will write for a receipt that comes with serial numbers and other important ownership information. You need to keep this information safe.

Also, it is critical to have the serial number recorded somewhere. When there is our problem, and you wish to use your warranty agreement, the serial number becomes the first thing the dealer or manufacturer will ask for. 

Besides, in case your gear gets mixed up with other drummer’s staff, you can easily track them using the serial numbers. 

What weight hoops came on the Pearl Vision Drums?

There are three common rims and hoops for modern drums; wood, die-cast, and flanged. Wood and die-cast metal hoops are much stronger than flanged ones. 

Also, these hoops provide a firmer grip. They are heavier too, which ensures a more focused sound and less sustain. They are also applicable for those who need better projection with the rimshots and advanced tuning stability. 

The Pearl Vision Drums comes with die-cast hoops on a rubber casket. This makes them effectively isolate the shells for a more focused sound. 

These hoops are sturdy and long-lasting but lightweight to ensure the drum set does not weight too much. This makes more sense in terms of portability.


There is no denying the Pearl makes some of the best drum sets in the world. They have included this reputation and their focus on innovation in the Pearl Vision Drums.

If you are looking for the most affordable 100% birch and maple drums, you can’t go any further. Also, the drums come ready for gigging, so you won’t have trouble setting your gear. 

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