Yamaha Hw-780 700 Series Hardware Pack

Drum hardware packs are essential for any drummer looking to set up or upgrade their drum kit. These packs typically include a variety of hardware pieces such as cymbal stands, snare stands, bass drum pedals, hi-hat stands, and more.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, having a high-quality drum hardware pack is essential for optimizing your playing experience and ensuring the stability and durability of your drum set. With various options available in the market, drummers can choose a hardware pack that meets their specific needs and preferences.

Drum Hardware Packs Best Review

Here are some lists of drum hardware packs that you can choose from. Choose according to your needs and budget.

DW 6000 Ultralight Series Hardware Pack

DW’s hardware pack is tailored for drummers on the go, offering high-quality, lightweight stands for easy transport. The pack includes 2 straight cymbal stands, a snare stand, and a hi-hat stand, all single-bracing and flat-bottomed for a vintage aesthetic. Despite their lightness, the stands are sturdy enough to withstand any performance. The pack also includes a convenient carrying bag for effortless gig mobility. Note: it does not have boom cymbal stands.


  • Tailored for traveling, lightweight design
  • Convenient carrying bag included
  • Vintage aesthetic with flat-bottomed, single-braced stands.


  • It does not include a boom cymbal stand.

Ludwig Atlas Standard 5-piece Hardware Pack

The Atlas hardware pack, from trusted drum company Ludwig, is a comprehensive and heavy-duty hardware set for any practice space or studio. It includes a boom cymbal stand, straight cymbal stand, snare stand, hi-hat stand, and kick pedal. The stands offer adjustable options for a customized, comfortable setup. Although the hi-hat stand has limited adjustability for height, it still meets the needs of most drummers.


  • Comprehensive, heavy-duty set
  • Versatile, customizable setup with adjustable options


  • Hi-hat stand has limited adjustability.

Tama 900 Iron Cobra Drum Hardware Set

Tama’s Iron Cobra series is the company’s flagship hardware line, offering top-quality and dependable equipment for professional drummers like Gavin Harrison and Kaz Rodriguez. The set includes two cymbal boom stands, a snare drum stand, a hi-hat stand, and the iconic Iron Cobra bass drum pedal. The hi-hat stand features two legs for easy placement, providing a smooth and responsive playing experience.

The Roadpro cymbal stands are heavy and stable and feature adjustable settings with memory and clip-on cymbal wingnut locks. The Roadpro snare stand offers adjustable angles with its Omini-Ball adjustment. Overall, the Tama 900 hardware pack is built with sturdy metal tubing, smooth gear tilters, and oversized rubber feet, delivering top-notch performance and durability.


  • Flagship hardware offering unparalleled stability, reliability, and toughness
  • Customizable setup with adjustable components
  • Economical choice compared to purchasing components individually


  • This hardware set’s only drawback is its weight heavier than budget options.

Gibraltar 5700 Series Drum Hardware Pack

The Gibraltar 5700 Series Drum Hardware Pack is a premium hardware set that delivers solid performance, durability, and reliability. This hardware set offers a reasonable value for money, even though it is more expensive than other options.

This pack includes five essential pieces of hardware built to last, including cymbal stands that offer ample stability and adjustment options. The bass drum pedal boasts a sturdy base plate and a smooth playing action, while the hi-hat stands to provide a responsive and smooth performance. The snare drum stand is strong and user-friendly.

This hardware pack is ideal for any performance or rehearsal, and its robust features ensure dependable performance every time. Although more budget-friendly options may be available, Gibraltar hardware is known for its reliability, making this pack a smart investment.


  • Effortless gigging with lightweight yet durable components
  • Smooth playing experience with responsive bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand
  • Ease of use with solid and smooth working mechanisms for quick adjustments


  • The absence of memory locks limits customization options
  • The Hi-hat stand design could be improved with a base plate addition

Mapex Armory Hardware Pack—Black Plated w/ P800 Single Pedal

The Mapex Armory hardware pack offers top-notch performance with its memory locks, double-braced legs, and heavy-duty tubes

It provides the perfect level of adjustability for advanced drummers. The single pedal comes in chrome and black-plated options for a sleek look.

The cymbal stands are versatile, allowing for easy positioning, and are designed to fold up for transportation and storage convenience. The double-braced legs provide added stability, and the Omni-ball allows for precise cymbal or snare angle adjustments.


  • Attractive design
  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable with ease
  • Highly dependable and sturdy


  • The black finish may not be suitable for every drum set design.

Yamaha HW-780 700 Series Hardware Pack

The Yamaha HW-780 700 Series Hardware Pack boasts a top-notch combination of quality, design, and usability. Constructed with durable materials, it can handle the demands of even the most intense drumming sessions.

This hardware pack includes a single-braced hi-hat stand, two medium-weight boom cymbal stands, a medium-weight snare drum stand, and a single-chain drive bass drum pedal. The SS-740 snare drum stand is sturdy, with a gearless tilter for optimal positioning.

The CS-755 boom cymbal stand boasts single-braced legs, a 17″ hideaway boom arm with a memory lock, tube caps for rattle-free performance, and solid rivets for added strength.

The HS-740 hi-hat stand is durable, with rotating legs, tension adjustability, and a medium-weight design, making it suitable for home practice and touring.


  • High adjustability
  • Durability that approaches indestructibility
  • Effortless ease of use
  • An unbeatable price


  • Cymbal stands with geared tilters may limit the angle precision of your cymbals.

Gretsch G3 Hardware Prepack

Designers of the Gretsch G3 hardware pre-pack aim to provide drummers with a solid foundation and top-notch features. These value-packed pedals and stands feature premium brass bushings, secure memory locks, and double-braced legs, providing excellent stability and performance.

The cymbal stands are versatile, durable, and stable, with the double-braced legs ensuring no movement, even during hard-hitting sessions. The memory locks and graduated tube joints provide a slip-free performance and allow easy adjustments.

One of the key features of the pack is the smooth single-chain bass pedal. Its adjustable beater angle and pedal height offer customizable resistance and stroke length.


  • Customizable to your preferences
  • Built to last with a solid construction
  • Quick and responsive bass drum pedal


  • No gearless tilters

Pearl HWP-930 Hardware Package

The Pearl HWP-930 hardware pack boasts a sleek, eye-catching appearance with a build to match. This pack is constructed from high-quality materials and provides sturdy and stable drum hardware to complement your kit.

Featuring a boom cymbal stand, straight cymbal stand, snare stand, hi-hat stand, and a responsive bass drum pedal, the HWP-930 offers ample adjustability to accommodate a variety of drum setups. Designers equipped the smooth and stable pedal with a metal base to ensure its stability on the ground.

This hardware pack is an affordable choice for those seeking robust drum hardware. However, the heavy construction of the stands may be better for travel.


  • Affordable with impressive sturdiness
  • The bass drum pedal included
  • Attractive appearance


  • Heavy stands may be better for transport to gigs.

Pearl HWP-830

The Pearl 830 Series Hardware Pack offers robust performance in a lightweight design. It includes double-braced stands for cymbals, snare, and hi-hat, along with a P930 bass drum pedal that features a high-speed and smooth action. With gearless tilters and flexible joints, this hardware pack is an excellent choice for both students and advancing drummers.


  • The Pearl HWP-830 is a lightweight hardware pack, making it easy to transport and set up.
  • The double-braced stands offer sturdy support for your cymbals, snare, and hi-hat.
  • The included P930 bass drum pedal provides smooth and fast action.
  • The gearless tilters and multi-joint features allow for a wide range of adjustments and positioning options.
  • This hardware pack is suitable for both students and more advanced drummers.


  • Some drummers may prefer heavier hardware for added stability.
  • The P930 bass drum pedal may not be suitable for those who prefer a more traditional footboard design.
  • The cymbal boom stand included in the pack may not extend as far as some drummers would like.

PDP By DW 5-Piece 800 Series

Get inspired and play like a pro with the PDP 800 Series Hardware Pack, which includes five medium-weight stands in one convenient box. Designed by Drum Workshop in California, these stands feature a variable-position Glide Tilter with QR quick-release wing nut, lightweight composite memory locks on all tube joints, and oversized anti-slip rubber feet for maximum stability.

The pack also includes the PDSP810 single pedal. It features a stylish design and responsive performance with its double-chain, concentric drive system and smooth cast footboard with integrated needle bearing hinge and offset toe clamp.


  • The PDP By DW 5-Piece 800 Series hardware pack includes five medium-weight stands, offering a complete solution for drummers.
  • The stands are designed by Drum Workshop, a reputable and renowned brand in the drumming industry.
  • The variable-position Glide Tilter with QR quick-release wing nut provides a wide range of adjustability for cymbal placement.
  • The lightweight composite memory locks on all tube joints offer ease of use and quick set up.
  • The oversized anti-slip rubber feet ensure maximum stability, even on slippery surfaces.
  • The PDSP810 single pedal features a stylish design and responsive performance, thanks to its double-chain, concentric drive system and smooth cast footboard with integrated needle bearing hinge and offset toe clamp.


  • The medium-weight stands may not be suitable for drummers who prefer heavier hardware.
  • The variable-position Glide Tilter may not be as precise as other tilting mechanisms.
Drum Hardware pack

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a drum hardware pack typically include?

A drum hardware pack typically includes a bass drum pedal, a hi-hat stand, a snare stand, and a cymbal stand.

Is the hardware included in a drum set compatible with other brands?

In most cases, designers design the hardware to be compatible with other brands of drums, depending on the brand and model.

Can I add additional hardware pieces to my drum set?

You can add additional hardware pieces to your drum set, such as extra cymbal stands or a drum throne

How do I properly set up and adjust my drum hardware?

Experts recommend referring to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper setup and adjustment of your drum hardware and suggest finding helpful tutorials and videos online.

Are drum hardware packs suitable for beginner drummers?

Yes, drum hardware packs are suitable for beginner drummers as well as more experienced players. They offer a cost-effective and convenient way to start playing drums without purchasing each hardware piece separately.


Drum hardware packs are a great investment for drummers of all skill levels. These accessories provide a convenient and cost-effective way to start playing drums and can easily be upgraded with additional hardware pieces.

When purchasing a drum hardware pack, it’s important to consider the brand, model, and compatibility with other drums to ensure a seamless setup and enjoyable playing experience. With proper care and maintenance, drum hardware can last for years and enhance any drummer’s performance.