Are you having trouble mounting your drums during performance or practice? We understand that most drummers face tough times because they possess several drums and percussion. A drum rack is made explicitly for drums and percussion.

When I was still new in the music industry, I had a hard time setting up my drums. They could even break down during performance hence becoming an embarrassment. But when I discovered drum racks, all the trouble came to an end.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, I am going to save you from all the trouble. We shall look at the various drum racks available in the market. We want to have a strong generation of drummers who will run this industry well.

For professionals, we have the best drum racks for you, especially if you already know what you need. Thus, our review will offer you other essential features of drum racks that you might have missed. Let us go through this review and learn pearl drum rack.

Pearl icon drum rack

Pearl’s Icon Rack System provides several parts and accessories for appropriate, elegant, and secure mounting. This rack has unlimited mounting options; hence if you have many drums, we got you covered.

The icon drum rack has current clamps and accessories. This Pearl icon rack system was developed 37 years ago, but it has undergone several upgrades, and now it has high functioning mounting options. The upgrades included the removal of unwanted tripods from the floor space and increasing the setup efficiency. The new icon rack system offers multi-angle options for unique looks and functions.

The new Icon rack rotating system gives you an option of expanding mounting flexibility and positioning as well. This rack offers a lot of stability and can be reconfigured to streamline and support a complete drum kit.

There are several types of icon rack systems. We have curved ones and those that are straight. The curved ones include:

Pearl DR503C Icon 3-Sided Curved Drum Rack

General Overview

The pearl ICON(Independent Control) DR503C is a popular curved rack system. The rack’s curved bars offer closer drum positioning and give an excellent visual appearance and around feel. You can adjust the height of this rack to the desired position that suits you.

This curved drum rack gives 100 percent slip-proof square tubing; thus, you do not have to worry about your kits’ instability. The bars can be adjusted to any position independently and infinitely along its 34 inches tall legs; thus, it can accommodate bass drums of up to 28 inches in diameter. Once you have set this rack in the right manner, you will not repeat the process. The system has ‘Set and forget’ memory clamps that offer quick and repeatable setups without necessarily having tools.

All the racks measure 36 inches long hence providing portability and compact storage systems. Also, it has Pipe clamps that can be attached to the tops of the vertical legs to accommodate tom holders and drum cymbals.


  • Curved bars provide closer drum component positioning
  • Rounded feel and visual appearance
  • Flexible height adjustments
  • 100% Slip-proof square tubing
  • Each bar adjusts independently and infinitely
  • 34 inches tall legs accommodate bass drums up to 28 inches in diameter
  • “Set and forget” memory clamps provide quick and repeatable setups without tools.
  • Front and two side sections, 4 – PCX-100 clamps and 2 – PCL-100 pipe clamps
  • Accepts tom holders or cymbal holders
  • All rack bars are 36″ long for compact storage and portability.

Pearl Drum Rack Clamps

The rack drum system needs clamps to help in mounting drums and percussions onto the rack. If you purchase your drum rack system without a clamp, it will be hard for you to mount your drums.

These clamps hold the drums in position and ensure that they are stable all the time. During my drumming, the only thing that gave me confidence was my drums’ stability and positioning. Every drummer needs this stability, which can only be achieved by having pearl drum racks and clamps.

PEARL PCX-100 Drum Rack Clamp

PCX-100 is a suitable clamp for Icon Drum racks. It features an adjustable jaw that suits all types of cymbal arms, tom arms, etc. The OXYGEN Company has an unlimited number of Pearl Drum hardware, accessories, racks, and clamps.

Its square design offers enough stability to your cymbals and drums. This clamp features the current design that is needed by professional drummers.

Pearl PC-8 Rack Clamp

This is another excellent clamp system from Pearl. It features quick-release jaws that provide shorter setups. You do not have to make adjustments every day because this clamp has a Stop-Lock Stopper. The clamp can fit tubes of 7/8 inches; thus, I am sure it can accommodate all types of cymbal arms and drum arms.

Pearl PCR-50X Rotating Pipe Clamp

PCR-50X features a rotating pipe accessory clamp that offers good positioning of the drum components. You can rotate it to your desired location and position. You can make adjustments to any angle that you need.

This clamp can connect 1.5 inches (38mm) rack tubes to basin arms or tom holders 3/8 inches to one and a quarter inches.

Pearl Drum Rack Accessories

Several accessories can be fitted into these drum racks systems. These include clamps, plastic cap, rack expansion, and rack joint. We have looked at some of the clamp types above.

On the other hand, the rack joint is used to fix two racks together to the same height. On the other hand, the rack expansion is used to combine with the rack system for extra components. The plastic cap is used to cover holes on the drum racks’ legs or the rack’s top sides.

The plastic cap ensures that the rack is stable and cannot damage the house’s floor. When all the percussion accessories are fitted to the rack, it can be quite heavy and can crack the floor if plastic caps are not used. Other accessories include; headphones, microphones, case bags, and bags covers.

Pearl Icon 3-Sided Drum Rack – Straight

The Independent Control ‘ICON’ system is the most massive and first height-adjustable drum rack in the globe. You can make adjustments of components independently and infinitely to your desired position. The 34 inches tall legs allow adjustment until you can fit in a 28 inches bass drum.

It has ‘Set and forget’ memory clamps well for drummers that hate frequent adjustments. It allows quick and repeatable setups without the need for special tools. It has speed, convenience, and durability that meets the demands of gigging drummers everywhere.

This drum rack comes with four PCX-100 pipe clamps and two PCL-100 pivot mounts to mount the accessories. Pearl’s non-slip square support tubing maintains the positions of tom and mount cymbals even between setups. It is the right type for drummers looking for racks with minimal footprints with direct supports. It packs flat between shows, thus giving more generous storage and convenience.

The adjustable rails offer necessary clearance for even the largest of the kick drums. You can make adjustments to the rails as well as tom arms and cymbal booms. The adjustment can be made independently for each component for each clamp and mount.


  • 3-sided drum rack system with straight support rails
  • Adjustable supports offer tons of kick clearance
  • Locking clamps streamline nightly setup
  • Slip-proof, lightweight aluminum support rails
  • Rock-solid steel legs and clamps
  • Non-skid rubber feet give your kit a firm foundation
  • The system includes (4) PCX-100 pipe clamps and (2) PCL-100 pivot mounts