We are always looking for durability in everything that we purchase. Thus, the snare drums made by Pearl are of high quality and have the required standard. Also, no one can work with drums without having quality snare drums accessories.

There are several categories and brands of snare drums around the globe. However, not all brands meet the required standards. Pearl has a stock of Pearl guitars, keyboards, and snares. Shipping is done all over the world at affordable costs.

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Pearl’s good thing is that they understand the needs of the drummers, and the reviews of their products are on different websites are taken into account. Therefore, this article will major in Pearl snare drums and review them in detail.

Pearl steel shell snare drum

Steel is used worldwide in the manufacture of different items. It is known for its durability, effectiveness, affordability, and reliability across all sets of instruments. When you look at the items you are using at home, about 80% are made of steel.

Therefore, the steel snare drums are quite affordable, reliable, and effective for use with any other set of drums. They produce high-quality sound and can withstand any weather conditions. The good thing with steel shells is that they will shine for an extended period.

Most of these snares are produced in Taiwan by this well-reputed company. The company has been manufacturing and shipping drums for many decades; thus, they have made many advancements in their production methods.

Pearl Steel Shell 6.5″ x 14″ Snare Drum Chrome

The size 6.5 inches by 14 inches is the recommended size of a snare drum. It works perfectly for all sets of drums in any given setup. The shell and the hoops are round-shaped, and they are resistant to cracks, dents, or other structural damage.

This snare drum has excellent lugs and tension rods that make the drum to produce high-quality sounds. It is chrome-plated and has an attractive lacquer finish. The drum will catch your eye at a distance, and you will be eager to get it.

This snare is readily available on various platforms, and you will definitely get one for yourself. I have several steel shell snares in my apartment because I have been in love with them for over a decade.


  • 14-inch diameter
  • 6.5 inches depth
  • 8-lugs
  • Steel shell Chrome finish
  • Made in Taiwan


  • It produces excellent sounds.
  • It is affordable, durable, and effective.
  • It can fit into any drum setup.


  • It is a bit heavyweight, but it cannot trouble you at all.

Pearl Snare Drum, 14-inch (STA1465S)

Several professional drummers have used this product. However, this doesn’t mean that beginners cannot use it. It produces a quality sound that is needed by drummers. It balances the sounds produced by other kits in your setup.

Every drummer requires a sensitive sound; thus, the vital and immediate snare tone that this snare has recalls the chart-topping legends of yesterday. This snare will attract all your audience because it has a classic beaded chrome steel shell.

This snare delivers the goods and the right gig-ready touches that make it a utility standard for the power player. The good thing is that this snare can withstand the hard hitters as well as adverse weather conditions. It is resistant to rust, scratches, and other minor damages.

It also features a patent-pending click-lock Strainer system that prevents snare lever clip during practice or live performance. It provides smooth and accurate action with a reliable, quick switch response. Moreover, the snare has a belting crack with a midrange overtone with a one-millimeter steel shell. It also has Super Hoop II (SH140B/the 1410S) Hoops.


  • It is suitable for all sets of players.
  • It works perfectly with any drum setup.
  • It can last for an extended period.


  • It has a hefty price tag.

Pearl Mirror Chrome steel shell snare

This snare drum is shiny, and it maintains its appearance for a long. This snare is among the snares that I have at my disposal, and it is shiny as new. It features amplifiers and measures 14 inches by 5.5 inches.

However, other sizes will impress you. The snare features 8 lugs with Remo CS batter with light use. Some light spots in a few areas and light chrome wear on the top hoop. The mirror chrome drums produce high-quality sound and last for an extended period.

If you haven’t tried this snare, then it is the right time to do that. The shell is stable and has no extra holes, the amps are perfect, and the bearing edges are in good condition. The amplifiers will help you get the sound that you need at any time.


  • It features perfect amps.
  • It works perfectly for an extended period.
  • It is suitable for all drummers.


  • It has a high demand; thus, it can be hard to get it.


This brand will never let you down because they have different categories of drums. You can get the snare in any location that sells musical instruments. There is no other brand that can defeat this snare because of the amplifiers added. You can also get other categories of different instruments such as guitars and keyboards.