Pearl Drum Stick Funky Sue Yoshi Model 104H

Without the right drum sticks, there is no way you can get the best drum sounds from your drum sets. Therefore, it is always wise to know the sticks that will work well on your drum kits. It isn’t an easy task, especially if you are new to the industry.

It is good to have a platform to get information on different music instruments available in the market. When I was still an amateur in drumming, I bought drumsticks that did not last for even a week. I was still innocent and didn’t know the features of the great sticks.

Pearl Louie Bellson drum sticks

Therefore, I wouldn’t like any other person to go through the same problem. This review will help you get the features of the drumsticks that you like. This will take your career to the next level, and you will produce the best sounds ever.

Louie Bellson was a jazz drummer from America, and he married a jazz singer Pearl Bailey. He invented several drum kits and hardware that are used all over the world now. He knew what the drumming industry needed, and that is what he had to make.

The drum sticks made by Louie Bellson weigh 4 Ounces each stick, meaning all drummers, including beginners, can use them. The sticks feature a solid aluminum material that makes the stick durable and reliable.

The good thing with this stick is that it can withstand hard hitters and adverse weather conditions. You can easily carry it around because it has a stick bag, and it is lightweight. The stick has a length of 15.5 inches and a diameter of about half an inch.

Louie Bellson used ‘metal drumsticks’ as a practice aid when warming up before a performance. He knew the sounds that he needed to get out of his drums, and thus, he brought the best out of it. Amazon offers the best customer service; thus add to the cart the different categories of drum sticks. There are other brands that are available in the 1 2 menus and they are mostly made of wood.


  • They work perfectly in all drum sets.
  • A wide range of drummers can use it.
  • The drumsticks are durable and attractive.


  • It has a hefty price tag.

Pearl 150 pesos drum sticks

This is an excellent and durable drumstick from Pearl. It is made of the best material that is hand-selected among the best materials. The 150 Pesos drumsticks have a fair weight of about 110 ounces. This makes the stick easy to carry around.

The good thing with this drumstick is that it produces the best sound ever and cannot easily break even when subjected to a lot of pressure. It has a reasonable length and diameter, and it has undergone several improvements to make it better.


  • It is cheap and durable.
  • It can be used in all sets of drums.


  • It can be hard to get it due to its high demand.

Pearl drum sticks review

Pearl drum sticks mallets come in several sizes and materials. Drum sticks are assigned a number and a letter based on their size and application. The stick’s circumference is signified by its number, and the higher the number, the smaller the diameter.

The letter shows the stick’s application; for instance, B sticks are used in concert band applications. Maple or oak is used to make the majority of the drumsticks that we have in the market. Wood tips produce a warm sound while nylon tips last for an extended period and deliver a different tone.

On the other hand, mallets are used in concert bands. Unwrapped mallets have durable heads made of brass and rubber, while wrapped mallets are for softer-keyed instruments such as marimba, while felt mallets are for un-tuned sound percussion instruments.

Pearl Drum Stick Funky Sue Yoshi Model 104H

Pearl Funky Sue Yoshi Model 104H is an amazing drumstick that features durable Hickory material. Several professional drummers have used it for some years, and it has proven to be more effective and reliable.

The stick has a thickness of 15 millimeters by 414 millimeters; thus, it cannot break easily. It can withstand pressure from vigorous players and hard hitters. This kit is available in Amazon stores; thus, you can create an account and make your order. The user menu is friendly, and you can get other accessories on the page with all rights reserved.

The customer can get reviews from other customers as well. There are different categories of these sticks, and with the customer service agents, you will be assisted. You can add to your cart these amazing Sue Yoshi Model sticks, percussion sets, and more products on page 1 of the website.

The kit comes at a low price, and shipping is done to significant parts of the world. This drumstick will amaze you with the quality sound that you will get out of it. Having the best drums is not everything you need; you should also have reliable sticks.

This stick model has received many positive customer reviews on the Amazon platform because of its unique features. I have been looking for an exceptional drumstick for several years, but all my problems vaporized when I found the Sue Yoshi model.

The stick is longer than the rest; thus, it makes it a more robust and delicate stick compatible with all drums. If you have not tried this stick, then you are missing a beautiful thing.


  • It is compatible with all drum sets.
  • All drummers starting from amateurs to professionals can use it.
  • The stick is worth the money you pay for it.
  • It is durable, reliable, and useful.


It has a hefty price tag.