Pearl Drum is one of the oldest drum manufacturers on the market today. Their reputation is seen in the quality of the products they make.

Pearl Fibreglass and wood/fiberglass-shell kits were very popular in 1970. They were very successful, and perhaps one of the reasons Pearl became more popular.

At this time, amplification was not very fine, and finding a good way to project sound was not easy. Pearl came up with the loud fibregrass drums that were quite handy in this area. They offered the loudest volume even without much amplification.

At the damn of new technologies in sound boosting, such drum kits were no longer necessary. Many companies resorted to less bulky options since there were now better ways of achieving high volumes.

And now Pearl has decided to revamp those kits. Many who played in their era can fondly remember how useful they are, and this seems like taking them back to these times. Perhaps it’s a good time for the new generation to experience these features.

However, the production of these kits is limited. As such, the firm has put a restriction on the shell-pack options and the colors.

By doing so, Pearl has managed to offer yet another wonderful professional set for the upper marker price. The kit comes with a Hybrid Exotic snare that is more expensive and complicated than many other products on the market, as we shall in this review.

Pearl Wood Fiberglass Drums Reviews

I have been looking at some of the reviews people have written about this drum kit, and I must admit how impressed I am. There is no denying Pearl understands what the market needs and will do everything to deliver. And that is what this drum set could easily feature as the best on the market.

Pearl uses the 1972 catalog that describes the Artist Series. Every feature takes you back to the original fiberglass drum set with its far-reaching volumes.

From the first time you look at this piece, it sends you the feeling of a professional drum set with modern features. Classic drum set with contemporary functions a great way to delivers the best of both sides.  

Before writing this review, I had to order one online to experience for myself this wonderfully finished drum set. And it did not disappoint. Everything came as it was promised, and I could see from the first instance that I was going to like it.

Who is this kit for?

Pearl Drums is a brand well known for offering great solutions for beginner and other entry-level needs. Most of the best-sellers are in this range. As such, it could be easy to assume that this kit is also for the low-budget buyer.

However, the kit is designed with professional performance in mind. It features top-of-the-line construction and characteristic that only a professional drummer would know how to utilize.

Apart from this, its price range does not favor beginners. Hence, this is a drum set made for those with a good budget and who are sure about what they want.

Pearl Wood Fiberglass Drums – Construction

The drum set has been inspired by the 1972 catalog that brings out the Artist Series. The 3/16-inch of 100% fiberglass and the 9-ply wood from the Professional in Series with a 1/32-inch layer of fiberglass on the inside create a perfect drum for the modern drum. And if you thought that was enough, consider the 2015 Hybrid-Fiberglass that features 7-ply, 7.5mm thick shells. They come featuring two outer plies of poplar, engulfing six plies of dark hard Kapur wood. It is then lined on the inside with a thin mesh of fiberglass.

Fiberglass drums come in different configurations. Mine was delivered with 22 by 16-inch, 10 by 7-inch, 12 by 8-inch, and 14 by 16-inch drums. You can get in Satin Cocoa burst or in Platinum Mist (as was mine). But these options are quite anemic, considering there are no figure grains on the poplar wood outer surface.

In that case, it is only the White Marine Pearl Wrap that gives an overall balanced feel for every drummer. We should also mention that this comes in only one size option, the classic 24 by 14-inch, 13 by 9-inch, and 16 by 16-inch.

They have thick dark Kapur rising through the smooth 45-degree shelf to the sharper bearing edge. You find this feature near the thin outer plies of poplar, which creates the smallest counter cuts to the outer shells.

It liked that the edges are level and offers and exceptionally high standard. Well, you can never expect anything less from Pearl. The edges on the bass drum are round and not sharp.

Pearl understands the importance of quality in a drum set. They have added a long scarf joint on the inside of the drums, which is a better option for the butt joins that most manufacturers use. Also, the fiberglass is the thinnest mesh lining ever.

Apart from the drum shells, Pearl has gone ahead to add standard hardware to this drum set. It makes use of Pearl stables, which have been thoroughly tried and tested for performance. Gleaming chromed lugs and bolts, thick black isolating gaskets in every place, and 2mm triple-flanged with Pearl’s Superhoop are all features worth noting.

The smaller toms are installed with four-point secured OptiMount brackets. They are the most stable brackets, even though they are not weighty.

It would have been better if Pearl used the wholly retro approach to exhume the classic bass drum mounts from the 70s. Nevertheless, they have used what they thought most drummers would like.

The most important component of this kit is the snare. Well, I have not yet found an equivalent bargain for this drum. However, Pearl has made another partner with similar features. The new one is a 14 by 6.5 Hybrid in Exotic snare with 100% 6-ply 7.5mm Kapur shell. It does not feature any poplar but a similar fiberglass lining. You can also get 14 by 5-inch and 14 by 8-inch alternatives for this snare. Also, they may come with shells of Cast Aluminum and ‘VectorCast.’

The snare does not match in color with the rest of the drums. But it still a rick Ebony Lacquer finished featuring a Pearl inlay. This contract sits well with the rest of the gear. It is more expensive compared to other snares; you get the best value for your money.


The kit features an SR-1000 snare strainer and butt as starters. A more appealing feature is the 20 STL-100 button lugs feature spin-tight tensioning bolts. An internal locking expansion rod on the tension rods prevents the bolt from loosening. This means you can play the drums for a long time without worrying about any loose bolds.

An Allen-Key operated insert with a red topping is set at the square end of the tension rod. You will have to look closely to see this feature. Many drummers face the loss of tension, and this may be the perfect solution for such cases.

This throw-off and snare feature a chubby finish with great lock-over levers. It comes with a complete locking button. One can adjust the Snare wire tension from the butt side.


Now to the most important part of the drum set – hands-on. These features define a good drum set, and it’s all that matters since we all want the best performance from our gear.

The toms come with Clear Pinstripes, which offer a cool performance. It delivered a fat-slappy attachment that takes you back into history. It could be because I tuned them low, but the point is they sound great.

All toms deliver a richness that seems to come from a combination of clarity and a sharp edge on the sturdy fiberglass. An additional warm and timbral complexity of the Kapur makes an excellent finish of complex sounds.

This feature did not seem to be a good idea for the bass drum, though. Well, this comes down to personal preference on the ideal bass sound. If you like a thud with a hard in an edge that sharpens the attack, then this should be a great option.

I felt like it was one of the most blasting kick drums I have ever played. But also felt like it did not have the tone and sustain as I had expected from its quality. Clarity and punch seem a little exaggerated.

Tuning the batter head above the wrinkles before tightening offered some joy too. The result was more character in the drums. The toms gave out the punch and clarity as expected, but with more dark timbre, perhaps because of the extra size.

But these are just personal observations that should not worry you a lot. This is a loud kit with great focus and sensitivity. It has a sharp and refined sound. Choose the right head and tune well for a more fulfilling experience.

The snare is the best of all components. It comes with great features and high-end performance.


  • Fiberglas classic drums
  • Best quality
  • High-end performance


  • Pricey.


The throw-off and butt tensioner on the set is designed for easy manipulating. Together with this are a bunch of high-end features that define the best drum set you can ever have.