Remo Ambassador Drum Head

Making a comparison of these two great drum heads has been my dream. I always like making these comparisons because it helps every drummer get a good picture of what we are talking about. We need to compare the different aspects of these fantastic drums.

After making these comparisons, it will be easy for any drummer to make the right choice on the type of drum head that suits his/her playstyle. For years, I have been making decisions on the drum heads that I needed to buy without doing a lot of research.

I have so many drum heads in my garage that are not working anymore. This is because I made choices based on the things that I heard from other people. That is why I do not want another drummer to suffer the same fate as me.

This review and comparison are going to help you understand more about Remo Ambassador vs. Emperor Drum heads. They are both exceptional accessories, but of course, there is one with more outstanding features than the other does.

Therefore, travel with me through this article and get the best knowledge you cannot find anywhere else. Be keen to get a clear picture of the drum head that you need.

Remo Ambassador vs. Emperor

We are about to compare these two great products from Remo. There are different aspects that we shall discuss in simple terms to help you get your desired type. Both products are made by Remo, which makes them an excellent pair to study.


Remo Company has been in existence for about six decades now. It is among the world’s most enormous drum head manufacturing companies. They are leading manufacturers of synthetic drum heads. This has made them attract countless professional musicians and drummers.

The two drum heads that we are going to look at have enjoyed playtime on many music hit songs worldwide. That is not all; these drums have both appeared on international stages for decades and are still among the most outstanding drum heads.

It is good to think about replacing your drum heads. It is the best way to keep your drum set in an outstanding state, restoring your drums’ sound and adding warmth, clarity, and punch.

This comparison has come at the right time to define the differences between the two drum heads and determine the functionality and the choice that suits your play style.

Coated Vs. Clear

Remo Ambassador vs. Emperor both come in the option of coated or clear finish. Thus, this does not give us the difference between the two drum heads. However, you need to know that there is no better or worse when it comes to the coated or clear finish.

 It is an aspect of individual taste and preferences. The coated drum heads have a classic texture surface, which is mostly associated with snare drums.

Clear drum heads offer a brighter tone that is a bit open. Coated drums, on the other hand, produce a warmer and more muffled open sound. When these drum heads are tuned to the same pitch, coated drum heads give warmer tones, while clear drum heads produce a more astounding attack.

Materials used and construction

Remo Ambassador vs. Emperor’s heads has different constructions. The most well-known drum head in the world is Remo ambassador, which features a timeless construction: one 10-mil film of Mylar.

The Remo Emperor, on the other hand, is made of twin ply construction, two plies of the 7-mil film of Mylar. Nevertheless, one thing that affects the sensitivity, durability, and playing response of a drum head is thickness. A drum head made of single-ply such as the Remo Ambassador has more open tones and a brighter response. On the other hand, drum heads made of two-plywoods are more durable and provide a more focused tone.

Generally, the modern drummers choose Remo Emperor drum heads as batter heads while making Remo Ambassador clear drum heads as resonant heads.


The sound produced by drums is a central focus point for many drummers. A durable and beautiful drum but does not produce high quality has nothing to offer to modern drummers.

The Remo Ambassador drum head has a bright and open sound with a lot of attacks. Due to its thin design, this drum head has a less focused tone. It has a long sustain, and it is more responsive and sensitive.

Remo ambassador is the most popular snare drum head because it offers a bright sound and a clean attack.

The Remo Emperor, on the other hand, is a thicker drum head made of two plies of Mylar film. This drum head produces an overall beefier sound with a deeper tone and a shorter sustain. Remo Emperor is good at producing warm and full sound with less ring making Remo Emperors excellent for batter heads.


Remo Ambassadors are made of a single-ply, making them less durable than the Remo Emperor drum heads. Remo Emperors have fantastic durability because of the extra thickness. It makes it hold to heavy playing and aggressive styles of music.


The gap in the cost of these two drum heads is really minimal. You can pay the same amounts for a single drum head of the same diameter, while the drum head packs come at the same price point.

Therefore, the drum heads’ price should not be the main factor to consider before purchasing it. The prices can be quite cheating when it comes to choosing the best.

Remo emperor vs. ambassador snare

Snare drums always need coated drum heads with a classic textured surface. The coated Ambassador is the first-choice location for snare drum heads that fit all music styles. The Remo Ambassador offers responsiveness and produces sharp tunes.

Ambassador drum heads are really suitable for use in studios but might not be right for concerts. When you tune it high, you will get a better and brighter sound.

The coated Emperor, on the other hand, can act well as a snare drum. It can produce medium to loud volume music because the coating helps add extra definitions. The overtones of the drum head come right when recorded with studio microphones.

Most drummers prefer coated ambassadors for snares because Emperor drum heads are little guts thus can be used even as toms.

Remo vintage emperor vs. vintage Ambassador

The Vintage Remo Emperor gives a warmer, more controlled, and less resonant sound. It is made of two 7.5 plies, while the vintage Remo Ambassador is two seven mil plies. You can use the vintage emperors on floor toms for a little extra appearance.

The vintage Ambassador is suitable for a light player who does occasion gigs that require many muscles. The vintage Ambassador drum heads offer a friendly, dry, and precise ‘paperyness’ of a Diplomat lightweight head. Its even tone is more controlled than the other Remo Ambassador drum heads.


Making the right choice on the type of drum heads that you need is always vital. But this choice is different from a drummer to the other drummer. However, most modern drummers choose Remo Emperors as the batter heads, while taking Remo Ambassadors as the resonant drum heads.

Pop, R&B, rock, gospel, and metal drummers prefer Remo Emperor drum heads. This is because they offer enhanced tone, reliability, brightness, durability, and attack when used as batter heads. In my verdict, Remo Emperor is the winner.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should go for the Emperor drum head because I said so. Consider the features that suit you, then know which drum head will be suitable. I have been advising my drummers to always follow their hearts.