Roland Pm 100 Compact

Electronic drums have become very popular, and it’s easy to see why. These instruments have greatly improved the drumming world.

The drums are more portable, easy to use, and silent for practicing. Many drummers are finding them highly efficient, which is why they are used with acoustic drums.

However, an electronic drum kit will not produce sound unless it’s connected to an audio output device. You can either use a pair of headphones, PA systems, or amplifiers.

In this guide, I will be talking about Roland drum monitor amplifiers, a great alternative to the Simmons drum amp.

Roland is one of the biggest manufacturers of e-kits and accessories. It is a reputable company known for making high-end products with the best quality.

I have been using Roland products for as long as I can remember. Hence, it is easy for me to justify their prices.

If therefore, you are seeking to buy the perfect amp for your V drums, you have come to the right place.

Here I will be introducing you to:

• Amps for V-drums

• Different types of amps you can use for V drums or any other electronic drum set

• The right amplifiers for V drums

• And many other things concerning amps from Roland

Come along.

Electronic Drum Kit Specific Amps

If you are looking for a way to play without dealing with the bulkiness and weight of an acoustic drum kit, you should consider an e-kit.

These sets have finally gotten the respect they deserve from the world of music.

They were not very popular in the beginning, and most drummers had a lot of negative reviews about them due to the low quality of sound.

But that has changed drastically over the past few years.

Many manufacturers, especially Roland, have found a way of bringing out a natural feel in the instruments. They have included bigger and more responsive drums and mesh heads, making them sound close to real drums.

All this comes down to the electronic drum amplifier you use. It is the amp that determines how the final sound comes out.

And since e-kits already have an issue with sound quality, you need to make sure the amp you get is made for the right drums.

With so many products on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to know the right one. But don’t worry, here are a few things to look out for.

What Are the Different Types of Amplifiers Available for Roland V-Drums?

Roland’s V-drums are the most popular e-drums on the market today. They are designed to offer the best sound ranges.

And for them to work, the company has produced a wide range of specific amps to suit any environment. Hence, you can always get the right amp to handle any sonic range.

These specific amps for v-drums include:

Electronic drum kit specific amplifiers

These are amps that deliver the wide dynamic and frequency range of e-drum sets. They are usually made for home use to monitor sound production from your amp. This is why they are relatively quieter.

As stated above, e-drum companies are becoming cleverer every day. They have invested more in innovation, bringing the worlds of e-drums and real drums closer than ever.

Roland and Yamaha are on the lead, followed by Alesis and other brands.

Hence, if you want to get the best out of each brand, it would be best to buy accessories that march their products.

Roland’s V-drums are made to use specific amps, which you will find very useful. They are designed to work with certain features to produce top-level sounds.

In my experience, it is always good to have such amps. And since Roland is known for its high-quality products, you will never go wrong with their amps.

Compatibility is very important when it comes to getting the best sounds from e-drums. And your amplifier has to give you that.

Portable PA Systems

A PA system is made with an amp and speakers and is used for many instruments played together. You have seen a band use them before.

This means they are not designed for e-drum kits only. You can use them even for acoustic sets and other instruments.

You will need a portable PA system for electronic sets. Such systems come with much higher outputs than electronic-drum-specific amps. Hence, you can get much higher volumes.

Keyboard amps

These are amps that work more like portable PAs. Their frequency response is broader and offers an ideal range of sounds similar to a keyboard.

They are ideal for your Roland V-drum kit.

What makes them different?


A good electronic drum amplifier has to have all the connections needed for your e-drum kit. This is another good reason to get a specified amp for the kit.

Roland makes amps for their V-drums, which are designed to boost the naturality of their sounds.

If you don’t know V-drums yet, they are the closest thing you will get to a natural sound from electronic drums. Having the right amp is key to getting there/


Understand that Roland’s products are not the cheapest on the market, but it’s easy to justify their price. They offer everything good you can expect from the market.

As such, you should be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets.

There are cheaper alternatives, which you won’t have to break a bank for. But I would not recommend going for such.

Roland Drum amps

Now that you understand why you need specific amps for your v-drums, let us look at some of the best options for you out there.

You will also find top buying tips in this guide.

Roland PM-100 Compact Electronic V-Drum Set Monitor, 80-Watt

We have already established that Roland’s products are not the cheapest. However, you can still find something that fits your budget.

And in this case, the Roland PM-100 is for those who are looking for a high-quality electronic drum amplifier at the most competitive price.

It is a great-sounding amp specifically designed for V-drums with 80-watts of power.

It comes with a custom-made 10-inch speaker and 80 watts of power, perfect for delivering great sound. This is a perfect choice if you need to hear the current sound from your V-drum.

You get a crisp sound from the cymbals with the harshness that comes from most e-kits. And you will not believe the tone that comes from your kick drums. The low frequency of the amp delivers the perfect frequency for the punch.

The amp features a headphone jack, which has a 1/8-inch jack for iPhone and mp3 connection. This means you can easily practice silently or play along with your favorite tunes.

Top features

There is no better way to amplify your V drums than with an amp made specifically for it. This is the amplifier you will need.

I own several best electronic drums from Roland. This is why I will not be biased in this review. Anyone who has used V-drums will agree there is no better way to describe the perfect sound from e-drum kits.

Some of their monitor amps from 15 years ago still work well. But this one is placed on a whole new level.

It comes with a handy 1/8-inch jack, letting you plug in your favorite audio devices. Hence, it becomes easy to play along with your favorite music.

It is a reliable solution for home practice and home band playing. I have put this amp number one on this list because of its quality and price.


• Made for V-drums by Roland delivering 80-watts of power

• A built-in EQ for high-quality performance

• Sturdy with great connectivity


• It does not produce a very loud sound

Roland KC-200 4 Channel Mixing Keyboard Amplifier, 100-Watt

One of the main aspects I like about Roland is their investment in technology and advancement. If the 100-PM above does not suit your needs, you should try out this improved amp.

The KC-200 mixing keyboard monitor amplifier is a product on its own level. It is a compact and affordable option that will not disappoint.

This amp has been on the market for quite a while now, gaining fame with a wide range of users. It is, therefore, something you can trust to deliver the right power.


This electronic drum amplifier delivers 100 watts of power, which makes it louder than the 100 above. The power section has been redesigned to offer more stability and a better bass punch.

It features a custom 2-way speaker system featuring the new 12-inch woofer and tweeter. Hence, you can be sure of getting a more natural and clearer sound.

It also comes with onboard mixing with four ¼-inch line input channels. There are very few amps in this price range that offer such features, which is why Roland has stayed at the top.

There is also a 1/8-inch AUX input with RCA jacks. The master EQ completes this configuration, making this V-drums amp your ultimate solution.

You get dedicated monitor functionality from channel four, which you can use for click and guide tracks.

The XLR mic input, 1.4-ich line out, headphones out, and sub out are all part of the features that make this amp very useful. It only means you have all the connections you need to make good sounds.

Another feature I liked a lot is the metal jacks. They are designed so to increase durability. And hence, you can use the amp for a long time without those loosening issues that come with such products.


• Designed for V-drums

• Compact and affordable 100-watt keyboard amp

• Custom two-way speaker


• It is not as loud as some users would love

Roland KC-80 3 Channel Mixing Keyboard Amplifier, 50-Watt

Finding the right amplifier for your electronic drums can be a hard task. But if you know where to look and have a good budget, everything becomes clear.

And in this case, if the other amps reviewed above are too much for you, try out the KC-80 amp.

This 3-channel mixing keyboard amplifier is one of the most popular amps for V drums. It could be because of its compatibility and affordability.

I got this amp for my friend on his birthday, and I have seen him use it ever since. Sometimes it makes me wonder if he changed some aspects inside because it sounds so good you would never believe it.


The first and most notable thing about the KC-80 keyboard V-drums amplifier is its compact design. It is a small and cute amplifier that will give you the perfect performance for home practice.

It is also a very affordable keyboard amplifier that you can buy without spending too much.

It delivers 50-watt of power, which is just enough to facilitate your practice and home band.

This redesigned power amp comes with new power supply sections that deliver better stability and better bass reproduction.

It also comes with a custom two-way speaker system that features the redesigned 10-inch woofer and tweeter.

Another great aspect of this amp is the onboard mixing. This part has three ¼-inch input channels, dedicated AUX out channels with 1/8-inch, and RCA jacks.

Besides, it has a master EQ, which ensures everything you do is done right and according to your needs. This is where Roland has proved their power in making useful products.

XLR mic in, ¼-inch line out, headphones out, and a sub out complete the connections part. There is nothing you will want to connect with that you cannot.

All the jacks are metal for durability.


• Compact and affordable amp for v-drums

• Onboard mixing

• Metal jacks


• It is not powerful

Roland V Drum Amp

There is a wide range of drum amps made specifically by Roland for their V drums. Each of them is made to suit specific needs.

Whether you are looking for quiet home practice or you are performing in a large room, there is always something for you.

Note that Roland V-drums have a massive range of frequencies. You will get everything from sizzling high-frequencies from the cymbals to the thunderous lows from the bass drums.

Also, the floor toms offer everything good you would expect from a good electronic kit.

But you will need a good amplifier to get these sounds. Such huge sonic ranges do not come cheaply, which is why there are specific amps for this.

An amplifier is a powered speaker that makes the sound of your drums louder.

In this case, a Roland V drums amp amplifies the sound from the V-drums module. This is because e-drums do not produce sound, they only trigger, and the module produces it through the amplifier or PA system.


• Designed for V drums

• High quality

• Good sounds


• Expensive

Roland TDA 700 drum amplifiers

The Roland TDA-700 drum monitor amplifier has been discontinued. However, you can still find a few outlets that have it in the store.

Incredible sounds with wonderful expandability define this amp. It is the popularity of V-drums that make them very useful.

With the TDA-700, one is able to achieve the right amplification for their system.

It delivers 300 watts of power from its bi-amp design, ensuring only the best sounds come out. Its versatile ins and outs capability and top-range sound quality have no comparison.

It features a 240-watt powered 15-inch woofer and a 60-watt horn driver. These features are very useful, thanks to the onboard FFP technology that increases efficiency using digital control.

Besides, it comes with dedicated V-drums in, versatile 3-channel design for flexible routing and different output selections. Its Stereo Link capability and XLR line out define a professional amplifier.


• 300-watt power for v-drums

• Professional application

• Top-end sound


• Expensive

Roland PM 10 Drum Amplifier

Are you looking for the most portable companion V-drums amp? TD-10 should be a perfect choice for your drum kit.

It has been redesigned as one of the most portable and affordable amps for V-drums. And now, the new PM-10 offers a more solid and portable sound reinforcement.

With its 30-watt power capability, this small and yet powerful amp is perfect for your small-sized drum kit. It is a perfect solution for those with kits like the TD-3 and the TD-6KV.

You can connect it to an external CD or MP3 player to jam alongside your favorite songs.

Also, it features dedicated volume controls that let you balance the V-drums and external audio. One can also adjust the tone thanks to the built-in 2-band EQ.

Big sound in a small package featuring a 10-inch 2-way speaker. The amp is designed with a dedicated EQ section for V-drums input.

The large handle, multiple inputs, and a mix makes it a worthy investment.


• Compact and portable

• Specially designed for V drums

• Multiple inputs


• Not powerful

Roland PM 30 Drum Amp

The Roland PM 30 drum monitor amplifier is a step up from the PM-10 above. This monitor amplifier is powerful and versatile.

It features three different Class-D amplifiers, a 12-inch woofer with a subwoofer, and two satellite speakers.

Also, it comes with many ins and outs for connecting to the PA. It has a three-band EQ and Punches that boosts the sound through the mix.

The side handles, top crossbar, and casters make transporting this amp very easy.

With dedicated stereo in, this amp is tuned only for V-drums. However, it will give your percussion setup a great boost, letting you enjoy great sounds.

The amp produces 200-watt power from the three amps. Besides, the 12-inch woofer, three tweeters, and two 4-inch satellite units ensure the highest-end production.

It comes with a mounting bar, and a versatile ins/outs set up for all your connections.


• Versatile and portable

• 200-watt power for V-drums

• Durable construction


• A bit expensive