Roland Electronic Bass Drum With Trigger 22 Inches

Roland Company has made the most outstanding drums in the entire world. They are well known for the manufacture of electronic drums, and they remain the kings in that sector. They have combined all the features requested by their customers.

When it comes to bass drums, they understand that the bass drums are the key pillars of any drum set. You will not get quality sound if you do not have a stable bass drum. Roland bass drums have undergone several advancements to make them better.

The most recent Roland bass drums include a v-kick pad model. Therefore, you have assurance of the best sound quality and great user experience. Roland is one name you will hear for top drum accessories companies. We are about to look at some of the fantastic kick drums but first, we shall look at the bass drum triggers, pedal, and pad.

Roland Bass drum trigger

With the current electronic bass drums, bass drum triggers play a crucial role. The triggers enhance sound quality and reduce the workload of the drummer. Roland triggers are designed to fit well into the e-kits, and once installed, they require minimal adjustments.

The bass trigger has a newly developed self-guided mount that automatically sets the sensor in the right position against the drumhead. There are no fussy adjustments that can be done after the mounting. The acoustic triggers provide more variety and versatility to your acoustic drum kit.

Attaching an acoustic drum trigger to a bass drum allows you to play sounds from an external electronic device by striking the head naturally. The hybrid approach gives you a chance to creatively enhance live performances by adding electronic sounds for playing modern music styles or layering custom samples with acoustic drums.

Roland Bass drum pedal

Roland has designed several excellent bass drum pedals. The pedals are heavy-duty, and when combined with the Roland v-drums, they work perfectly. The pedals deliver pro-level performance with a dual-chain drive and smooth bearing hinge assembly.

The modern bass pedals have a versatile extended linkage design that makes them more useful. It also possesses an adjustable spring and moveable weights, which gives you a chance to customize the playing response. All Roland bass pedals have a solid construction and attractive appearance.

The good thing is that these pedals offer a quiet performance; thus, excellent for not disturbing others. They have a low-profile body ideal for use in a hybrid electronic drum or percussion kit. You will be impressed with the fantastic performance of these bass pedals.

Roland bass drum pad

The central part that most people are concerned with is the pads. The appearance of a drum kit cannot be useful if the drum pads are in bad shape. Roland pays a lot of attention when designing all the drum pads because it is the drum’s central part.

Roland pads are designed with the current technology techniques. They are made with high-quality, durable materials that make them produce first-class sounds.

The artisans who design and construct these pads are experienced, and they understand the needs of the drummers. Most bass drum pads are 10 inches and above in diameter, and you can mute your single or double bass drum pedal.

These bass drum pads’ supporting metal base is made of heavy, high-quality, and durable steel. It is then furnished with a pretty coating and made to the highest standard.

Roland Electronic Bass Drum with Trigger – 22 Inches

Roland electronic Bass Drum is an exceptional drum with outstanding playability and feel. It is made with the amazing Roland’s industry exceptional triggering technology. It attracts the eyes of many drummers because of its rugged on-stage look.

Its finish is a black chrome finish that is resistant to scratches. This means that the drum can stay for an extended period maintaining its original look. It can produce a variety of tones, depending on the acoustic triggers and trigger module installed.

The sound produced by this bass drum can shake the roof. Its shell is made full-sized, and it is made of high-quality maple. The trigger material is well selected to provide the give and rebound of an acoustic drum while reducing the sound and noise produced from the beater striking the head.

Below the batter board is an acoustic head outfitted with Roland’s music; thus, providing playability for both single and double kick pedals. The full-sized all-maple shell gives this kick drum an exceptional look and powerful stage presence.

The size and all-maple shell move air just like an acoustic drum; thus, creating a great feel and playability. It is found on Amazon at an affordable price. Amazon gives the best offers on these drums and related instruments. All products have a discount, and the more items you buy, you will save time and money. This is a top product at an amazing price, and you may be among the few lucky people who have it.


  • It is affordable, durable, and reliable.
  • Its accessories are readily available.


  • It doesn’t come with a kick pedal and hi-hat.

Roland KD-120BK V-Kick Trigger Bass Drum Pedal with Mesh Head, 12-Inch

This is yet another fantastic product designed and constructed by  Roland Company. It features a sturdy 12 inches kick pad and triggers with super-accurate triggering. It offers enough rebound for the natural feel of an acoustic drum. You can get noiseless performance courtesy of a highly acclaimed mesh drumhead responsible for absorbing unwanted tremble and providing superior quality sound.

The good thing is that this v-drums kit can be used with any standard kick pedal, including the double bass pedals. It has a four-leg stand responsible for the prevention of slipping, even at aggressive playing moments.

It can be used with all TD-series sound modules and a complete range of electronic percussion modules. The head tension can be adjusted to attain the correct feel. The legs feature rubber tips with hidden spikes that can be directed downwards for maximum stability.

The materials used to make this drum are well selected from the best. This makes the drum produce high-quality sound. You can use this great kick drum with any other setup because its design allows it. It is available at Amazon with the best customer reviews. The full and new set will make your audience applause even before your music.


  • It provides the best sound quality.
  • It is readily available.
  • It is durable and versatile.


  • Its price is a bit higher.

Roland KD-180 Acoustic Electronic Bass Drum – 18 Inches

Roland KD-180 acoustic, electronic drum features a 12 x 18 inches electronic bass drumhead. It is made with birch shell advanced trigger electronics technology that makes it durable and high quality. With this drum, you can add acoustic realism to any visual flair to any V-drum kit.

It has air damper mechanics that makes the drum feel like you are playing an acoustic kick drum. The advanced triggering in the shell helps transmit every stroke and double with minimal risk of false triggering.

The adjustable rugged spurs minimize movement on the carpet, wood, or concrete. Therefore, the drum cannot slip at any given time, even under extreme pressure. You can get it at Amazon, and I am sure you will enjoy your play.

The quality sounds produced by this kit can never be found anywhere. This drum gives you humble time to learn the best techniques. Its price will amaze you because it is like Roland is giving it out free.


  • Adds acoustic flair and realism to any V-Drums kit
  • Real 12″ x 18″ birch shell
  • Air-damper mechanics enhance acoustic response.
  • Advanced triggering reduces false triggering and machine-gunning.
  • Retractable spurs minimize movement.


  • It provides the best quality sounds.
  • You can use this drum with a variety of triggers and modules.
  • It is affordable, durable, and versatile.


  • It is on-demand; hence it can run out of stock.