Roland Td 27 Kv

I am really impressed with what Roland td pads have brought out on the market. The Roland td-27KV  pads are one of the latest additions to the electronic drum kit industry from this reputable brand.

Roland td electronic drum pads have been making things easy by providing cutting edge tech for a musician. This is why I never expect anything the Roland td bring out on the market to disappoint. And indeed, they don’t.

The Roland TD-27KV is a drum set with the best-quality sound pads and excellent build quality. You will be surprised these pads features come at a very low price, compared to the flagship pads models.

Let’s see what makes it so special.

The build

The first thing you will notice is the sturdy construction of this e-drum set. These pads come from the V-drums family by Roland td electronic drum pads with pureacoustic ambience technology, which means these pads are made to look like real acoustic drum sets. In other words, you get meshes heads cymbals and the right size on the pads with trigger inputs.

Visually, these e-drums look more natural to the eye than many other e-drum sets. This is a feature that stands out from the rest.


This new td 50 pads model features everything a drummer needs to start playing. Whether you are a beginner learning to drum, or an expert just looking for something you can practice with, these drums have got you covered.

They come with:

  • A 14-inch snare
  • Three 10-inch snare toms,
  • One to three 12-inch hi-hat
  • 12-inch, 13-inch, and 18-inch ride cymbal
  • A bass drum pedal tower

Some of these components come from older models. The snare and the 18-inch digital ride cymbal come from the latest flagship models with the 12-inch hi-hat, the ride cymbal adds to the overall quality of this gear. It is not easy to find other digital snare drum sets in this price range with the same features. A hi-hat is also a plus.

The main reason this dream set offers the best sound is that it comes with the best technology on the market with the hi-hat. Hence, they are made to really elevate your how you feel while playing drums.

The pads

The overall feel and the sounds provide an excellent diversity of music. And the fact that you can use an acoustic snare or cymbal just makes it even cooler.

When you look at the toms, you will notice they feature the highest-quality mesh. The snare, on the other hand, is triple-layered, while the snare toms are double layered. And these are the snare aspects that provide that warm feeling of playing real acoustic sets.

You may also want to note that the snare toms are 10-inch in size with snare digital ride cymbal. This makes them a lot more compact and portable. You get to carry them around with ease everywhere you want to go, and yet keep the looks of a standard set.

The cymbals may not be of the best quality, but they are made to satisfy your needs. This is why they are made from high-end plastic. I noticed they tend to bend a little, more like the standard cymbals. With such looks, you can play for hours without feeling like your hands are straight, a feeling you get from cheaper models.

The Roland TD-27KV comes with pretty impressive hardware too. You will get the MDS series rack, which helps you keep the set tight in its right setting.

About the module

This is the most important aspect of the drum set, and perhaps of ant e-drums. The TD-27KV drum module comes equipped with some of the latest functions.

At a glance, you will realize it comes with the best construction features with a mesh head. It does not look like other standard modules because it does more than just connect and produce sound, but it also has a mesh head.

And though it is not the best from Roland td 50, it features high-end functions just like the flagship model. Besides, it is packed with every feature you will need to take your drumming experience to the next level.


Where connectivity is concerned, Roland td pureacoustic ambience technology seems to have taken care of every input and output drummers need. It comes with a seven ¼ inch jacks, which you can use in different ways as the AUX ins and outs. This feature allows you to expand your imagination and the set at large so that you never miss out on anything.

You also get an SD card slot and USB jack. For those who want to use customized prismatic sound, you can easily insert these storage devices, and you are good to go.

If you want to connect your computer to record new MIDI with your DAW, there is the MIDI in/ out for this.

The Bluetooth connectivity comes as a real game-changer. This feature allows you to expand your setup wirelessly. It offers two or three different ways of use.

First, you can use the feature as a recording device and enjoy a prismatic sound. In which case, you can connect other devices in your drum set and use the module as a MIDI controller.

Or you can just use it to stream audio. In which case, it allows you to play backing songs as a background during practice without using so many wires.

The module comes with a large LED screen. From here, you can access loads of quality features. There are also excellent buttons and knobs that let you do everything with an easy setup.

There are four central knobs that you will be using more of the time. They make it easy to set the right sounds as a whole or on specific drum pads.

How does it sound in [currentyear]?

Well, let’s just say as a beginner looking for the best practice e-drum set, you will never lack.

The tD-27 module comes with a total of 728 sounds with cy 18dr. They are divided into 100 drum kits and 55 presets so that you can easily use them with cy 18dr.

The best thing is that you can use the SD card to upload as many customized sounds as you want. Also, you can connect through USB, a feature that lets you change the sounds appropriately.

Another important thing to note is the versatility you get with sound management. Once you know your module, this is one of the three features that will make you a proud owner of the Roland TD-27KV.

You can access each pad separately by hitting it once during the initial setup. With this function, you can change the instrument, tune it right, adjust the volume, and do many other things that bring out the best sounds.

Get more lively

The cymbals come in different sizes so that you get better effects when you play. You have the option, for instance, of choosing an acoustic drum set. This feature allows you to expand everything, making this drum set an excellent choice for real gigging.

The revolutionary Mic Simulator feature on this set is another feature you may want to think about. It allows you to set your drum with the sound quality of different mic position recording. This is a pretty cool feature in terms of diversity.

We understand how sound alteration with simple twerking on the mic can make a difference for those who record with drums. And because it allows you to set this option, you can transform your e-drum set into the best sound machine.

User friendly

Another important thing I noted about this kit is how easy it is to use, especially on the sound module. I have been reviewing e-drum sets under this price range, and I found this one to be a lot easier.

The sounds module is not complicated, either. As mentioned earlier, there are four knobs that make everything simple and to the point.

Setting it up is so easy you don’t even need to look at the manual. And you can change something on it with your eyes closed.

What about the price?

The Roland td-27KV does, without a doubt, come with some of the best features. And yet, it comes at a very fair price.

It is a high-quality mid-range drum set that connects you to the higher-end options on one to three end and the lower-range on the other.

The set carries some of the best features, for you can get in a versatile, sturdy model with long-lasting functionality. All these features are crowned with top-notch sound quality.

This is a great tool to buy if you are looking for versatility. And whether you are a beginner or a pro with a limited budget option, this is definitely something you will love. The only loophole is the KD-10 kick tower.

Who is this e-drum set for?

The Roland TD-27KV is an excellent drum set for beginners and mid-level drummers. However, the kit is also recommended for professional and experienced drummers if you don’t have enough budget for a higher-end option.


Roland td has never disappointed when it comes to unleashing the best electronic drum sets. And this part of the reason the Roland TD-27KV has grown fast in popularity.

It is a sturdy mid-range V-drums set that offers a wide range of cool features you would otherwise find on the flagship models. You can be sure to use it for many years.  

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