Roland Td 4Kp Set

With Roland, there is always something new to expect in terms of producing the best electronic drum sets. 

They offer the highest levels of satisfaction, which is the reason many customers give positive reviews to many of their drum kits.

The Roland TD-4KP portable electronic drum set has received a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. It is separated from other sets in many ways. And its portability is something you will appreciate if you need to practice performing in different locations.

About the V-Drums Roland TD-4KP

This kit comes equipped with everything you need to start drumming. The set includes a percussion sound module, a hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal, snare, and tom pads, as well as a nice coaching mode, among many other features.

Above all, a drummer can even record themselves, then play it back to look at the mistakes they may have made. It is all about identifying where they may have done wrong.

Above all, this kit features in the medium-price range. Despite this, its feature can even serve those who want high-end functionality.


It is important that the TD-4KP drum kit bear features of an average drum set.

  • Portable and designed for quick and easy folding when you want to move.
  • Several onboard sounds.
  • Three toms.
  • Rubber playing surfaces.

The looks

At first glance, the kit looks like a regular standard electronic drum kit. This means it is built with everything you need to get the feeling of real drumming.

The racks are however, different. They may be something you are not used to.

You will notice this rack does not make an average frame. It is designed to take up very little space. Also, its bars and posts are arranged differently from what we know as normal. Hence, it is pretty easy to put up and pull down.

Here is something that will offer the best solution if you don’t have much space for storing a full electronic or acoustic kit.

Besides, you can easily fold it into your carrying case and travel with it anywhere you want. You can even carry it on your bike or motorcycle as long as it gets you where you want to be.

And because this kit is made for portability, Roland ensures it is very durable. Most users will want to carry it while traveling.

Hence, the kits come with cushiony rubbers surfaces that make it last longer, while keeping the quality of sound.

The surface also comes bearing a natural feel and accurate response. This feature makes you feel like you are working with traditional drum sets.

Apart from this, the kit is integrated with a sturdy stand that will take in any playing pressure. The stand allows you to fold everything once done using, and unfold it to play, without assembling or disassembling it.

The sound

One of the things I loved about the TD-4KP is its sound. I was comparing to other kits at the same price, and I did not have any doubts that Roland realty knew what they were doing.

V-Drums are the line of Roland’s e-drum kits designed to look and feel like traditional drums. And because of this, you will hear these V-drums and the cymbals in every step you take playing them.

And I love the portability of this set even more. You can be sure you get a crisper tone with the toms, bass drum, and cymbals played together. And to maximize the elements of compatibility, you can create your own nice tracks.

Portability and versatility

Since the whole kit weighs app 27lbs, you can be sure to set it up anywhere you want. You will be able to carry it with ease and set up real quick.

The coaching feature and the module of the drum make it all a worthy investment. This feature is incredible for those who want to weigh their performance and see how far they may have come in terms of developing their skills.

You will also love the creative functions of the module, which is nice for a versatile player.

Other notable features

The TD-4KP comes with the TD-4 module, which is quite interesting and easy to use. It features 25 presets drum kits alongside 125 sounds. You can also change the features of these sounds with functions lie tuning, dampening, ambiance, and many others.

There are no onboard songs, though, which is disappointing for those who need some play-along piece. But if you want such, there are options to use external storage, including your smartphone.

In terms of connectivity, you get a 1/8- inch and ¼-inch headphone connectors for your external sources. This lets you enjoy playing along with your favorite pieces or drumming silently from everyone else.


Before choosing this kit, it might be a good idea to look around for a while. After all, this is your investment, and you need it to go to the right place. Just like anything else you buy in life; it is always great to look around first.

Roland TD4

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

And for this reason, you may want to add the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit e-drum kit on your list. The set stands lower, though, based on the reviews from other users. This kit is ideal for beginners.

KAT Percussion Drum

The KAT Percussion Drum set is also very comparable. It even stands higher with most consumers based on reviews and settings. It comes with some great MIDI sounds, which offers easy-set-up with auto-shutoff after a minute. It also comes with pre-loaded drum kits, with an option to customize what you want.

How Quiet is the Rubber Pads Roland V-Drums Portable TD-4KP?

One of the reasons people love electronic drum pads is how silent they are. It is the ideal solution for entry-level drummers who want to practice without disturbing other people around them.

There are two major materials that make e-drum pads, rubber, and mesh. The TD-4KP has made with rubber pads.

Unfortunately, rubber pads are not the best. And this is why they don’t feature in the high-end kits. In this case, rubber pads don’t sound are great.

Besides, people can still hear the thud when you are playing. Hence, it is not the best for silent practicing. 

User guide

How to Connect Roland TD-4KP as MIDI

Electronic drums have made recording extremely easy. Compared to acoustic drums, their e-drums are very easy to use.

The V-drums are very easy to record with. It fits easily into any recording space and with unlimited sound performance. This exposes you to a wide range of performance possibilities and excellent creativity.

The most important thing about V-drums is that you can put aside tuning, muffling, microphone positioning, and expensive microphone and pre-amps. Don’t worry about expensively defined studios, noise problems, and any high fees.

The module comes with MIDI output, with which you can connect the output to create real performance notes. Also, the MIDI-to-USB interface lets you connect your computer. My favorite is the UM ONE MKII.

And once your computer captures the MIDI interface, you can then assign it to the input and output option. Your program’s MIDI settings will let you create your own sounds.

In simple terms:

  1. Connect to MIDI out and MIDI in the interface.
  2. Create a new MIDI track and choose the drum sounds you want.
  3. Arm your tracks and record; they continue playing.
  4. Rewind and play the recorded part.

Here you can find the Roland TD 4 User Guide.

What is Electronic Drum Pad

Many people get confused between electronic drum pads and sampling pads. This is why they prefer to call electronic drum pads sample pads.

The main difference is that electronic drum pads come fully equipped with pads and speakers. Hence, they can be used as an electronic drum pad. Sample pads, on the other hand, are used as an addition to a drum set.

Electronic pads come with:

  • Pads and pedals, which include enough drum pads, cymbal pads, and pedal pads.
  • Inputs and outputs; you can use headphones to listen to your favorite play-along sounds, or connect via a computer to record MIDI sounds.
  • Built-in sounds for practice.
  • Excellent sound quality. 

How to use an Electronic Drum Pad 

Learning to use an electronic drum pad is an important part of being a drummer. Modern drumming comes with various needs.

For contemporary drumming that comes with various needs, you can add an electronic drum pad to get more versatile features and functions.

Here is how to use the pad:

  1. You can use an e-drum pad as a standalone, for practicing or studio recording. For the latter, you will need to connect to a computer and use any DAW software.
  2. When using a drum set, start by selecting the right sounds. The kit should have a few onboard sounds that will make things easy for you. Hence, features like backbeat replacement, layering, and using AUX input should be a good start.
  3. Learn the placement of sounds. It is always good to assign pads with sounds that are closest to you. Assign your sounds to pads that are closest.


Electronic drum pads are a nice addition to your drum set. And the Roland TD-4KP may be a great way to improve your drumming experience. It is recommended or all levels of drumming.