Roland Td 4Kp Set
Roland Td 4kp Set

Roland TD4 Best Updated User Guide of [currentyear]

When an electronic drum company promises to produce a new product on the market, you can be sure to like it. I have seen many other products promise the best the market can offer, but in the end, thy turn out to be nothing but crap.

It’s never the case with Roland, and it’s Roland TD-4 is a perfect example of this amazing quality.

How to turn open hi-hat to closed module

Roland Td4 Folding

Roland Folding

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For this, you will need a generic e-drum preset that works with most modules. You can also use several available presets to tune your hi-hat setup. 

It would be better to play the hi-hat on its own because it comes with less latency. But this is not an option for many people, especially in live situations. 

Check if the note mapping on your TD-4 has been changed. In this case, you will need to reset to default, making it compatible with the S2’s -e-drum presets or any phone type with jack stereo. You will receive aftertouch MIDI data for chocking S2 cymbals on the phone type. 

Implementing S2 hi-hat is not very easy due to the transmuting functions of the VSTI with any phone type. In most modules, you get an open or half-open hi-hat mute with you to play a closed hit or foot pedal. For the case of the S2, you first play the open, then shift the pad down to a half-open position. 

This guide could be useful even for the Roland TD-4KP.

What size is a Roland TD-4cymbal stand thread?

One of the things most notable about the TD-4 is a rack on which everything is secured. Even though the kit does not come with great overall stability, this feature makes it worth the trouble.

There are a few more legs, compared to the TD-3K rack, which is simpler. This is the feature that makes the TD-4 more expensive, just like the higher- TD-9K rig. 

You get two extra rack bars to the left and the right, where the hi-hat and the floor toms fit. Everything is well-locked and greatly rigid. 

In a nutshell, the cymbal stand thread is large enough to accommodate everything, yet flexible enough for portability. This feature makes the TD-4 very functional.

How to connect Roland TD-4 to Friend Jam

For V-drum users, Friend Jam is one of the best applications for practice and fun. It is compatible with Mac and PC, and now you can also use it with your iPhone. This makes wildly applicable among many users. 

Using it with the TD-4 module is extremely easy. First, you will need to download the software on your computer or iPhone. 

From here, you will be immediately hooked to a world-wide network or drummers. You get to connect with all genres of drumming via the network.

Connect your TD-4 module to your computer, and you are good to go. Using the USB/MIDI player, you will manage to play along downloaded audio tracks from all areas.

Friend Jam works with any V-Drums kit. And for kits that have Wireless Connect, you can still use the USD function for the same. 

How to change MIDI notes on Roland TD-4 and other Roland TD models

The TD-4 comes with a specific MIDI note number pre-assigned to the pads. But this is not enough for many drummers. Hence, you may want to change. Here

This is how to go about it:

  1. Start by choosing a drum kit you want to edit, then press the MENU button.
  2. Press the SELECT (SEL) down to MIDI and press OK
  3. Now beat the pad you want to change.
  4. To choose the MIDI note number, turn the +/- dial.
  5. Now repeat steps five and size above for all the remaining pads. 
  6. Once you finish, press MENU, and the new settings will be saved on the module. It is then easy. 

How to connect Roland TD to computer

The TD-4 module allows you to use your computer for various functions. You can upload or remove some sounds from the brain, or connect to the Friend Jam for maximum enjoyment.

Like more high-end e-drum kits, the TD-4 comes with USD/MIDI connectivity. You will only need a USB cable to connect and start enjoying the versatility of this kit.

Such a connection is very crucial for recording new songs in the studio. 

How to connect Roland V-Drums to computer

Roland td V-drums comes with the best user feature. And one of the ways to enjoy this is by connecting to a computer to record MIDI tones.

There is a sensor on the e-drums called a piezo, which picks up everything you play and turns it into analog electrical current. 

You can use MIDI signal output from the TD-4 into your PC if you wish to use it in recording MIDI recording drums. Then, connect to the right MIDI interface, and you are good to go. 

This process is pretty easy, and it should not take you a lot of time. 

How do I get my Roland to work with Superior Drummer in Studio One?

Connecting you TD-4 to the Superior Drummer I is a sure way to enjoy unlimited functions. You will need to first download the software on your computer. Now, add V-Drums as “New Keyboard.” This should include ALL MIDI channels you select. 

Now you can start enjoying your music. 

How to assemble Roland

Roland Td4 Small Space

Roland Small Space

TD-4 is one of the easiest kits to work around. It is designed for easy use and does not feature any complications in the setup, even for beginners. This is one of the reasons it has become a very popular tool.

However, you will still need to learn the right way to assemble the kit. Getting anything wrong may make you feel like you bought the wrong piece.

Before you assemble the unit, there are a few conditions you need to set right. These include extreme temperatures, damp areas, exposure to rain, and a high level of vibration and shakiness. Roland offers the best recommendations for using the product under certain circumstances. 

Here are assemble steps

  • Know the parts

The TD-4 comes with parts categorized into three sections:

  • The front panel has the power button, Volume knob, muffling button, drum-kit buttons, the display, and the SEL button.
  • The side panel has a MIDI out connector.
  • The rear panel features DC IN, Trigger In, and output jack.
  • Mount the TD-stand

The unit comes with an included mount plate. Use the nuts and parts included to firmly connect everything together. 

Attach the TD-4 and then connect the included cable. 

  • Connect the pads

On the module, you will see the connection port for each pad. You only plug it in, and you are ready to start playing. Make sure each pad goes into the right port. 

  • Connect your audio

The TD-4 comes ready with necessary audio ins-and-outs. Before connecting, ensure everything is powered off.

Connect the OUTPUT jacks to your audio setup. Now you are ready to continue enjoying the music.

  • Turning On/Off

Once you have connected everything and ensured it is working, you need to safely turn it off. This process starts by turning the volume all the down.

Now minimize the volume of the connected audio devices like the amplifiers. This is to reduce the risk of affecting the sound quality. 

Now press the power button, and it will go off. Now, turn on the connected amp or audio setup. Slowly adjust the volume as you continue any pad.

  • Mesh tensioning 

The mesh on the pads may require proper tuning to get the right sounds. If you are using PDX-8 or PDX-6 pads, adjusting the tension is mandatory. 

The set comes with a drum key you can use to adjust the bolts. When the bolts are in place, continue tensioning the head evenly around, as you test the feel. 

It is important that you test it constantly and tighten slowly to get the right feeling. When the heads are too tight, they may not sound well. Besides, it leaves them vulnerable to breakage. 

  • Now you are ready to play.

As you can see, setting up this kit does not take much time. It is pretty simple, and it comes with everything ready. You can connect to a computer if you want to create more customized sounds or something like that.

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