Samson Sr850

Samson is an American-based audio company that has made high-quality, affordable headphones and other audio accessories for the past few years. With so many award-winning products on their table already, choosing the right one can get a bit overwhelming.

The Samson SR850 is one of its most popular products. It is created for the modern user, carrying incredible construction and features.

Whether you desire some sonic compound, need to focus while walking, or working, you need the best headphones that will truly envelop you in your needs. But what if all you need is the purest listening experience? Well, Samson SR850 offers an incredible balance of precision and musicality.

Some precise, pure listening of your favorite songs, anywhere you go-Samson SR850 is truly an incredible choice of making a huge step up if you purchase the right ones.

Wondering what’s next? The product injects a new life into a well-curated playlist.

In this guide, we will be looking at what makes this pair of headphones worth it. We have spent a good amount of time with it to make sure you get the right information.

Come along.

Samson SR850 Review – excellent semi-open studio headphones

Construction and comfort

Samson SR850 comfort is about average, with slightly significant outcomes if you don’t wear glasses. The product feels less costly and stiff to the touch. The gentle clamping force of the headphone makes it more comfortable than you might anticipate. Its semi-open back design announces high quality.

self-adjusting headband

Samson SR850 is durable enough to give you a cool musical experience for a long time. The amazing headset comprises earpads, a self-adjusting headset, and plastic housing, and its lightweight size. In addition, the product often does not fall, and therefore it will look new at any point.

Well, Samson SR850 is made from plastic materials. Unlike other cheap headsets, which become sticky and deteriorate after some time, the SR850 is quite strong. When touched is not sticky.

Sound quality

Listening to cool music on the headset and still being able to hear movements and everything around you is achievable with Samson SR850. The headphones are made of pads on a loose clamp which does not completely seal your ear.

Samson SR850 headsets provide excellent sound, good enough for what you are paying to get. Considering the price of these headsets, Samson SR850 is designed with AKG drives that are normally used inexpensive headphones. Further, the sound quality is absolutely ear-friendly.


Samson SR850 exhibits impressive features. Nevertheless, the amazing product is affordable, and you can get one as low as $50.


• Affordable

• Excellent construction

• Amazing sound


• Does not have noise isolation

Samson SR850 Vs. AKG K240

Samson SR850 and AKG240 are some of being best headsets in the market. But these products differ slightly considering the design, sound quality, durability, and material used. These two headsets are more or less the same but manufactured by different headset businesses.

The AKG K240 is constructed in a much better way than its brother Samson SR850. Also, the material used to make the K240 can be easily be improved compared to Samson sr850. The AKG K240 has a leather substance with a soft pad that enhances relaxation. On the contrary, the ear pads are covered with leather, which reduces the compatibility of the headphones with time.

Putting the two in a noise-beam balance, Samson SR850 and AKG K240 both feature almost the same bass quality. With Samson sr850 boasting of an outstanding midrange sound response, AKG k240 still outplays it. There is a huge difference between the two headsets when it comes to treble response.

Therefore, choose Samson SR850 if neutral headphones are your thing and AKG K240 for studio purposes. It is good that both Samson SR85 and AKG K240 are open headsets that do not allow much sound bleeding. It is therefore comfortable to operate with these headphones without making unnecessary noise.

AKG K240 boasts of being a semiconductor headset, while the amazing Samson SR850 brags of the open ear design, giving room for ultimate sound isolation. The slight difference between the available and semi-open is a major factor in personal sound mixing preferences.

On the other hand, both the Samson SR850 and AKG K240 headphones feature an adjustable headband. With these bands in place, the headphones fit everyone irrespective of the size of the head. Having an outstanding frequency bandwidth of up to 25000 Hz, AKG k240 is not better than Samson sr850, which features a frequency bandwidth of 30000 Hz. Most users, therefore, prefer Samson sr850 over AKG k240 due to the slight advantages it has.

Samson SR850 Vs. Superflux HB668B

Superflux HB668B and Samson SR850 have some similarities and several slight differences, but both of them are great musical headphones. Both of them are suitable for a cool gaming activity due to their positional and detailed sound quality. Both 668 and 850 have a spacious sound stage, even for the lower-end earphones.

Moreover, both headphones feature easily replaceable ear pads. Also, they all have round-shaped ear-cups rather than oval-shaped ones. Unlike the other comparison, Superflux HB668B and Samson SR850 have the same audio frequency response range of 10 Hz to 30000 Hz. Again, both of them use drivers measuring 50mm.

There is a slight difference in the bass system in that the Superflux HB668B provides more bass below 60 Hz frequency. The Samson sr850 features an impedance of 32 Ohm while Superflux exhibits 56 Ohm. Considering the sound produced by these two headphones, the Samson SR850 is louder than its counterpart 668.

In addition to that, the super amazing 850 produces a more analytical and much drier sound system than the cool superflux HB668B. With Samson SR850 being louder, it will not require amplification. Nevertheless, Superflux will benefit from the amplification but does not require it. You will realize the Samson SR850 has a spike at around 10 kHz. This ensures that the headphone produces a bright and easy sound.

A significant difference is noticed in the design of the headband exhibited by both headphones. The Superflux HB668B features a unique winged headband exhibited by Audio Technica ATH AD900x. On the other hand, Samson SR850 has this hammock-style headband but is not winged. Most customers find the hammock-style move comfortable and convenient. Lastly, the Samson SR850 features a detachable cable which is the 668Black.

Both of these headphones are perfect for gaming activities, but for musical experiences like classical and jazz, most of the users prefer the Samson sr850 over the Superflux HB668B headphone.

Does Samson SR850 have a good sound quality?

Samson SR850 headphones may not be the most incredible, but they sure sound amazing. Samson holds that while these headphones are uncomfortable, you can definitely leverage them as studio headphones. The most significant thing about Samson SR850 headphones is their sound quality. The product projects an exciting and detailed sound, giving you an excellent listening experience, whether playing games or listening to music.

Furthermore, the product features a balanced sound signature with a slight brightness. Bass encompasses great control and punches and works pretty well for the majority of genres.

The sound of this amazing headphone far supersedes the price tag it wears. To a significant degree, this product brings forth a neutral sounding. Equipped with neodymium magnets with 50mm high-sensitive drivers, the SR850 headphones offer exceptional sound clarity and quality so you can mix with assertiveness.

Developed as higher-ranking reference headphones, SR850 gives its listeners a studio-quality sound. It presents a true mid-range and high-end brilliance that projects subtle transitions delivered with pronounced depth. Equally, an extreme frequency of 10Hz-30 kHz frequency response maintains a neutral and true sound and improves audio accuracy. The low-end sounds are amazing.

Nevertheless, the exceptional blend of authentic sound and comfort makes the SR850 headphones superb for streamers, musicians, and podcasters in the studio. The semi-open design featured within this product delivers an immense sound stage with extended highs and responses, resulting in a dynamic listening experience.

With their over-ear design, a self-adjusting headband, and a wide sound stage, the SR850 headphones promise a truly dynamic listening experience without ear fatigue. These open-back headphones offer a fantastic sound for studio monitoring.

Does Samson SR850 have Noise Isolation?

The Samson SR850 semi-open headphones bring forth an ambient listening experience while also offering comfort. SR850 sound is excellent with both acoustic drums and electronic. Most interestingly, these headphones are noise-isolating. Indeed, isolation about these headphones is relatively nominal, if at all it is. The semi-open design of the product makes it a necessity for every musician.

This fantastic style brings forth a unique listening experience but is not great for sound isolation. The semi-open design plays an integral role in blocking a considerable sound, but the isolation is still minimal. Of course, the bleeding of sound means that everyone near you will know precisely what you are listening to. Samson SR850 headphones are far from the worst models in the case of noise isolation.

These models might not be the absolute solution if you want to stay out from the outside world. But yes, this model plays a fundamental role in bleeding sound. Can anyone sitting next to you hear the music you are playing?

Well, unless you are playing your music extremely loud, then probably not. As much as SR850 tends to bleed sound, it isn’t extensive as some models. If you are within a louder environment, the existing noise tends to drown any sound leakage.

If you want a product that can attenuate large amounts of noise, consider purchasing Shure SRH1540.

Does Samson SR850 have a mic?

Samson SR850 flaunts a C01 condenser microphone ideal for acoustic instruments, recording vocals, and for use as overhead drum mics. The novel Samson CO1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone is detailed, smooth with warm bass, and accurate. Additionally, the sturdy microphone features a large 19mm diaphragm that offers a high-end flat frequency response.

It whoops a heavy gauge mesh grill screen, a LED indicating 48V phantom power, and a gold-plated XLR connecter. Moreover, the unit features an optional SPO1 shock mount and a swivel stand mount. This bundle of Samson SR850 headphones features a unique condenser microphone perfect for monitoring and recording instruments. The CO1 condenser microphone is also convenient for recording vocals in a home or professional studio.


SR850 semi-open studio headphones are worth double their price. The sound is perfect, especially if you fancy playing drums, as every punch and note will be heard flawlessly clear. Equally, they are designed of top-notch materials and will last for an extended duration.

The semi-open and lightweight design of these products make them ideally the excellent choice for you. All in all, SR850 headphones are probably one of the great deals you can get. Hurry and get yourself one of these headphones.

If you are looking for new headphones that promise incredible studio comfort, and durable build quality for studio use, consider these cans. Their velour earpads may require some subtle changes for larger ears, but that should not be hard.