Scarlett Stevens, San Cisco’s Rewarded Drummer

She is a drummer from Los Angeles who has been making waves in the music world. At only 19 years old, Scarlett Stevens has already won an award for her drumming skills, and her band San Cisco is gaining a following for its unique sound

Scarlett’s music career is something interesting to be discussed. The unique dynamics of her and the band San Cisco and what makes them stand out from other artists in the scene are also interesting to talk about. She’s one of the best female drummers in her current generation.

Scarlett Stevens’s Personal Life

Scarlett Stevens Playing Drum
Scarlett Stevens playing drum

Scarlett Stevens is an Australian singer/drummer born in Fremantle, Western Australia, on November 12, 1992. Scarlett is the daughter of Phil Stevens, manager of John Butler Trio and The Waifs, and Jarrah Records‘ co-founder. Both of her parents are someone who is familiar with the music industry.

She’s been a talented musician since she was a child. Even though she can sing and win a singing competition at her local school, she’s actually more into drums. The image of women playing drums was cool to young Scarlett. That is why she started drumming when she was ten and still doing it now. However, she also sings in her current band, although she likes drumming more.

Scarlett with The Flairz

Scarlett Stevens As A Drummer
Scarlett Stevens as a drummer

Scarlett Stevens was already introduced to music at a young age. She joined her first band, The Flairz when she was 11. It’s a garage rock band consisting of her two friends, John and Dion Mariani. It’s no surprise since she grew up surrounded by many musicians and artists, so it’s only natural that she’s been interested in music since she was a child.

Stevens and her band, The Flairz, played their first live show in December 2003. They perform around Western Australia, in between school commitments. Then, the band released two EPs and an album and performed at SXSW. After getting many experiences from those performances, The Flairz disbanded, and Stevens started hanging out with other musicians around her same age in November 2009. She was asked to play on a friend’s recording, which later made her get an opportunity to become San Cisco which before was named King George.

Blooming with San Cisco

Billboard’s interview with Scarlett Stevens and her bandmates

Stevens’s Career with San Cisco is thriving. She’s performing in many places and has all their albums charting on ARIA Charts, which is excellent for an indie band like them. Those albums are San Cisco, Gracetown, The Water, and the fourth or newest album, Between You and Me. With the band, she also got some solo achievements, such as winning Drummer/Percussionist of the Year (2012) by the West Australian Music Industry Awards and being nominated as Live Drummer of the Year (2017) by the National Live Music Awards.

San Cisco Drummer Scarlett is the type of drummer who doesn’t really want a spotlight on her. Thus, solo drumming is something that she’s not going to do. Stevens admitted that she’s the backbone type who likes to groove and support the rhythm of the band’s music. We can say that she’s a drummer who has a relaxing style yet sings at the same time.

Her blooming career isn’t only coming from her efforts and dedication to playing drums but also from her inspiration. Most of her inspirations are female drummers such as Chloe Saavedra (Chaos Chaos), Cindy Blackman Santana, and Anna Prior (Metronomy). To her, girl drummers are fascinating and entertaining to watch. She said, “Their playing is generally charged with a mixture of rebellion and intuition.”

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