Sennheiser E602 Ii Evolution Series

A full-performing drum kit consists of many components that you might forget others if you are not keen. However, this does not mean that all drummers use all the available components in their drums. Others have them so that they can use it in case they need it.

Nevertheless, my advice to my fellow drummers is usually straightforward. Produce the best sound with every instrument that you have. I usually try my best, at least, to touch every instrument available during my training sessions.

Sennheiser is a German Company located in Hannover. It is an audio company that deals with various products such as headphones, microphones, telephone accessories, and aviation headsets.

The company was founded about 75 years ago; thus, they have immensely improved their products’ quality. They have high-quality microphones that can be used in drumming. This cardioid instrument microphone especially suitable for every player starting from amateurs to professionals.

The ultra-modern microphones manufactured by Sennheiser include the Sennheiser e602. This dynamic microphone is especially suitable for use in kick drums and low-frequency instruments.

Thus, let us look at some of the features of these fantastic products from Sennheiser;

Sennheiser e602

The Sennheiser e 602 is an excellent microphone that we use with bass drums such as a kick drum, floor tom, bass cab, and tubas and other low-frequency instruments. It is suitable for bass instruments because it has a large diaphragm. This is an improvement of the previous version known as Sennheiser 602.

Sennheiser e602 and Sennheiser e602 ii are cardioid dynamics with a ‘mid-scoop’ EQ curve making them suitable for bass instrument reproduction. E602 ii is lighter than e602 because it is made of an aluminum body.

The use of aluminum in e602 ii aims to make the mic easier to mount at the boom arm’s end and ensures it reaches into a kick drum. E602 II has a more in-depth mid-frequency scoop than the original e602. It also has a narrower and higher amplitude HF boost.

The low-frequency boost of between 20 Hz to 16 kHz in Sennheiser e 602 II is broader with deeper LF extension. E602 and e 602 II are both nominally cardioid; thus, both mics’ polar pattern becomes omnidirectional at low frequencies.

This mic also has an integrated stand mount and a humbucking coil that reduces EMI/RFI noise. This cardioid instrument microphone is the right version for your bass drum instruments.

The sound of this mic is deep and vibrant with a warm feel. It is suitable for kick drums and larger toms because the added depth allows their real character to shine. The mic can handle tear and wear because it is made of high-quality aluminum.


  • Pick Up Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 16,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 0 25 mV/Pa 50 Hz 0 9 mV Pa
  • Nominal Impedance: 350 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 60mm by 153 mm
  • Weight: 320 g

Sennheiser e602 vs e902

Both e902 and e 602 are cardioid dynamic microphones designed for resonant bass frequencies such as kick drums, bass, drums bass guitar cabs tubas. Both have a polar pattern, which is cardioid making it a fantastic product for our drums.

E902 can capture sounds at high sound pressure levels. The frequency level of e902 is made for kick drums with a 20 dB lift above 1 kHz and 10 kHz. The low-frequency boost is modest (+ 10 dB at 60 Hz). If you take a 1-meter measuring distance, these figures do not give the proximity effect.

On the other hand, e 602 is used in low-frequency instruments. It has a little cardioid polar pattern that is widened toward Omni at low frequencies and narrowing higher frequencies. This mic’s high-frequency boost is +8 dB from 2 kHz-15 kHz; the low-frequency boost is narrower with a +8 dB centered at 70 Hz.

The e602 incorporated a stand mount much like the MD421 while it is well made with an integral stand mount and shock-mounted capsule with a hum-compensating coil. E902 is made of high-quality material with all-metal body construction. This makes e902 resistant to wear and tear, thus making it last for an extended period.

Sennheiser e602 review

This is another fantastic mic that has been in existence for quite some time. E602 II is a cardioid dynamic microphone new version that is an improvement of e602. However, that does not mean that e602 is no longer available in the market. It is suits the needs of some drummers because they say old is gold.

Sennheiser e602 has a nominal Cardioid dynamic polar pattern, which is widened towards Omni at low frequencies and narrowing at higher frequencies. The high-frequency boost is +8db from 2 kHz to 15 kHz. On the other hand, the low-frequency boost is narrower with a +8 dB boost made at 70 Hz.

As said earlier, this mic has been replaced by Sennheiser e602 II, which is lighter with a more sculpted EQ curve. This mic also has a humbucking coil that is good in reducing EMI/RFI noise. The e602 has a stand mount, which is much like the MD421.

This product is shipped inside a storage pouch. Therefore, you need not be bothered about carrying this mic around. The mic measures 153 mm by 60 mm and weighs 550 grams. You can make your choice now on which one to buy between e602 and e602 II.


I want to recommend that you get e602 ii mic or e902 for your collection. They will improve your performance because they have outstanding low frequency; thus, they can capture your bass drums’ required sound.

These mics from Sennheiser are not expensive, like other types of mics available in the market. They offer high quality, and they are durable. I have been using my e602 mic for about seven years now, but it still sounds new.

Most sound engineers prefer these products because they feel comfortable with them. You can record your bass drums with more ease than we used to do a long time ago. I can promise you; there are no other unique products for your band like the Sennheiser mics.

This investment will give you decades of reliable service. Get yours today, and enjoy the great taste of this mic. It will leave you yawning for more hours of practice sessions. The company offers free shipping.