Shure Se215 Pro Wired Earbuds Professional

Technology keeps evolving, and new techs keep pouring in every day. In the busy streets of modern days, there’s a lot of commotion buzzing around.

So you might consider purchasing a new pair of earphones that will block ambient noise and give you an immersive musical experience on the go. But it’s hard to decide the best in-ear monitors among so many choices.

Well, rest assured! Shure SE215 is exactly what you need on the run and gives you clear sound with deep bass on every music. Shure is an industry-leading audio company that has been around for over 90 years.

As a result, we can guarantee you that SE215 is one of the best headphones you can get right now.

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Shure SE215

The SE215 in-ear earbuds are an excellent investment for any music lover. I was impressed with the sound quality of these earbuds, as they provided clear sound and bass response that was perfect for listening to music. They come in three different flex and black foam sleeves for the best fit. Also, you can customize the fit to ensure that they are comfortable and stay in place. The sound-isolating technology of these earbuds blocks up to 37 dB of noise. As a result, these in-ears eliminate outside noise when you’re trying to focus on your work or traveling.

Additionally, the in-ear design of these earbuds also helps keep the cables out of the way, and the reinforced cable is pretty durable. Plus, the compact carrying case is a great way to store and transport your earbuds. The MMCX connector on these earbuds also allows for 360-degree rotation so that you can find the perfect fit.

And finally, the quality of build of these earbuds lives up to the reputation. These in-ears can withstand daily wear and tear, so they should last for a long time. Lastly, the high-definition driver of these earphones lets you hear the music meant to be.


  • Powerful ANC.
  • Good bass and sound clarity.
  • Good build.
  • Value against money.
  • No sound leakage.


  • No extra cable was provided.
  • Single driver.


Overall, SE215 pro-in-ear monitors are fantastic. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for earbuds that provide excellent audio quality and give superb ANC.

Shure: quality, reliability, and durability overview

Being one of the most significant audio equipment and accessories manufacturers, Shure has made audio products since 1925. Their dedication to quality has led them to become a leader in virtually all industries.


Additionally, Shure excels at merchandising high-quality products. A significant component of their merchandise is electronics. However, their most notable product category is headphones and earphones.


The SE215 pro earphones are both durable and reliable. The first thing that I noticed about these in-ear monitors is their first-class durability.

In addition, the audio quality that I received from these earphones was impressive, to say the least, because I enjoyed listening to music with them.


Another thing that I like about these earphones is that they have a lot of features, especially in terms of reliability and connectivity.

It was surprising because, at first sight, they do not look like they are very reliable or durable. However, these earphones will eliminate your misconceptions in a couple of minutes. Not only do they provide excellent sound quality, but they also have great ANC capabilities.

Sound Quality: Does The Shure SE215 Have Good Sound Quality?

The SE215 Pro offers several advantages over other options on the market. These pair of in-ear earphones are a good option for anyone looking for quality audio. The pro musicians tested this pair and enhanced the bass for professional or personal listening.

The SE215 sounds phenomenal, and it features a single balanced armature driver that produces full-range sound with enhanced vocals. They are perfect for use while traveling or working out, as they block out distractions and provide an immersive listening experience.

Overall, the SE215 has excellent audio capabilities in this price range and is ready to provide an immersive musical experience for everyone.

Shure SE215 Earphones Features: Does the Shure SE215 Have Good Features Quality?

These earbuds are packed with features. You will be able to take advantage of the many features and benefits that a pair of in-ear monitors can offer.

The first thing that I noticed is that they have an MMCX connection system instead of a cable. These earphones also work with the phone, tablet, and MP3 player with a 1/8″ plug.

Another feature I found impressive is this model’s noise isolation capability. This feature is especially useful in noisy situations, such as a sporting event.

These earbuds also have a patented dual-armature balanced armature technology that provides excellent clarity, good bass, and robust audio reproduction.

The Shure SE215 Bluetooth does not disappoint when it comes to features, and it excels with its premium quality audio reproduction for all types of audio.

Build Quality: Does the Shure SE215 Have Good Build Quality?

Finding out about building those in-ears was quite an ironic experience. These earbuds looked very durable and sturdy, but I thought the receiver could be fragile.
However, this pair of in-ear buds are made of premium components that are built to last and provide the user with a premium listening experience.

The speakers inside this pair are also well-designed. They have an extremely high level of audio excellence, which creates first-rate bass and midrange frequencies. Also, Shure se215 frequency response is 17.5Hz – 22Hz without sacrificing treble or vocals.

The overall build of these earbuds is brilliant and sure to last for years since purchase.

Is Shure SE215 Worth It?

The SE215 has a lot of great features and excellent audio. It delivers a pleasant listening experience when using the different applications.

The price is reasonable too, so you should not have any problems buying it. They are perfect for working out or just listening to audio while traveling.

I think everyone will enjoy using them straight out of the box while on the go.

They have great audio with an excellent design, so I recommend that you check these out if you need an in-ear monitor pair.

Is Shure SE215 Noise Cancelling?

The SE215 pro is indeed a noise-canceling model. Our testing showed that these earbuds could cancel out background disturbance and reduce the wearer’s disturbances by up to 37dB.
As a result, it assures optimal communication capabilities within those listening sections and a more favorable listening experience than others in this price range.

Shure SE215 Review

On top of this, the plush material used inside and outside the earbuds provides security from external ambient noises that might disturb a conversation or audio playing via these in-ear monitors.

Overall, I think this model is one of the best noise-canceling products you can get out there in the market. The audio quality is also fantastic.

So if you want high-quality audio, you should definitely check the SE215 model from Shure.


If you want great earbuds that are lightweight and have excellent audio, you should look at the SE215 model.

At the price they are sold, they are certainly worth the purchase. This model comes with everything you need for a comfortable fit and a 100% secure listening experience.

Since it is made to last for years, these earbuds will work well for most users.

However, the only flaw I found was that the durability could be an issue since the plastic would scratch or crack over time. But that is only an issue if you drop your product from high places. And I don’t think that is going to happen to you.

As great-sounding earbuds that are lightweight and have noise-cancelling technology, I highly recommend the SE215 earbuds. If you’re still looking for another great headphone in the same brand, we also recommend Shure SRH1540.