Vic Firth Double-Sided Practice Pad

Drummers need to hone their skills if they want to be great drummers. But, sometimes, practicing with a drum kit could not be practical. That’s why people usually tackle this problem by having their best drum pad.

What is Drum Pad? Well, it’s a flat surface platform that mimics the feel of a real drum head. It gives you the same realistic feedback and sound for practicing drumming techniques.

A silent drum practice pad is an excellent alternative to a bulky acoustic kit, as it makes hardly any sound when you practice with them. That’s why they are best used in small apartments, rooms, and other places where noise needs to be minimal.

In this article, we will give you a list of the best silent drum practice pads on the market.

We will provide you with information on the various models available, their features and benefits, and which one is best suited for your needs.

8 Best Silent Drum Practice Pad

Here is the list of the best silent drum practice pads that may benefit you. Set your priority and find the best one that fits you.

RTOM MoonGel Workout Pad

As you might have imagined, RTOM creates the renowned Moongel damping pads, which are adored by drummers all over the world. So, the quality of the RTOM 7′′ MoonGel Workout Pad they created is also no less good.

This practice pad behaves in the exact opposite way from usual practice pads, which are highly responsive and bouncy.

However, the almost wholly flat playing surface of the RTOM MoonGel Workout Pad supports full wrist mobility. You’ll know what to anticipate if you ever try to learn the basic drumming on a pillow.

The tiny volume of the MoonGel Workout Pad is another good thing from this practice pad. It may be played in the same room as other people and is extremely quiet. The 7-inch pad is portable and usable in almost any place. The bottom of the pad has an 8 mm thread that allows it to be fastened to a cymbal stand.


  • Great in supporting wrist mobility
  • Produce small volume


  • Not bouncy and responsive

Evans RealFeel Practice Pad

The 12′′ playing surface of the Evans RealFeel Practice Pad is comparable to an actual snare drum size. The pad includes two different playing surfaces, which are placed on a solid wooden base. Thus, it gives the pad a solid, substantial appearance and feels.

The pad is really strong and can withstand years of playing. A dark grey cloth is layered on top of a gum rubber material on the front side. The amount of rebound you get from this practice pad is comparable to what you would get with an acoustic drum head.

The gum rubber surface is suitable for the majority of practicing techniques, making it not too noisy, so you won’t significantly bother those nearby.


  • Very bouncy
  • Durable construction
  • Great design


  • A bit heavy for a drum pad
  • Chemical smells can come out due to the wood leveling process.

Remo Silentstroke Practice Pad

Many drummers will notice a pad as a Remo Silent Stroke Practice Pad of its white drum head and substantial plastic rim. They are the “OG” of drum practice pads that every beginner or advanced player may ever use.

You may be aware that some of Remo’s other practice pads can be very noisy, but the Silentstroke dramatically lowers volume while maintaining feel and reaction. It’s all thanks to the Remo’s ultra-quiet Silentstroke drum heads.

You may tune the head to change the tension for the desired stick response. The practice pad’s bottom includes a rubber foundation that will prevent you get any slipping when you’re playing it.

While maintaining a small size for when you’re on the go, the 8-inch flat surface is large enough to improve your skills. On the durable plastic rim, you can practice rim shots and cross-sticking.

This practical silent drum practice pad is ideal for practicing your playing skills at any time of day or night without disturbing others. It provides you with the realistic reaction you require.


  • Tunable drum head
  • Easy to use anytime and anywhere


  • Outdated compared to other pads

Ahead S-Hoop Marching Practice Pad

The Ahead S-Hoop Marching Practice Pad is another great practice pad for drummers looking to hone their skills in a silent environment.

This drum pad is a full-size practice pad with a firm carbon fiber surface and a snare effect to simulate the sound and feel of a finely tuned head on a marching snare drum.

This single-sided pad also features a non-skid base for stability and comes with an integrated stand that allows you to adjust the pad’s height, making it ideal for standing or seated practice.


  • Good stability
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not durable

Vic Firth Double-sided Practice Pad

You get a full-sized playing space with the Vic Firth PAD Double 12′′ Double-Sided Practice Pad, which fits nicely on your snare drum, in a snare basket, or on any flat surface. Both playing surfaces have an exceptional grip to prevent the pad from sliding as you play.

Due to the sound-absorbing substance on one side, you can practice your hits in peace. On the other side, there’s a hard rubber surface that helps you to hear your sticking more clearly and is beneficial for increasing endurance due to the decreased rebound.

The playing surfaces are attached to a sturdy piece of wood, and there is a lovely rim around the exterior so you can practice rim shots. This double-sided pad is sturdy and extremely strong, thanks to its wooden composition.

Overall, it’s the ideal size for portability, and if you need something even smaller, it also comes in a 6″ pad size.


  • Available in big or small pad size
  • Strong and sturdy pad


Prologix Percussion Russ Miller Signature Practice Pad

A practice pad that is designed by the artist Russ Miller with reversible surfaces to improve your stick and brush vocabulary. It is an excellent choice for drummers looking for an ultra-quiet practice pad.

This single-sided practice pad features an adjustable rebound. In addition, the Prologix Percussion Russ Miller Signature Practice Pad also comes with different surfaces so you can practice your chops with various techniques.

This silent drum practice pad includes a CNC-milled design and is made of a sustainable HD MDF panel, which is exceptionally strong because of its 100% recycled/recovered wood content.


  • Provides multiple practice options
  • Strong and Sturdy


  • Expensive in its group

Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh Pad

Simply put, the Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh Practice Pad looks fantastic. Its triple-flanged metal hoop and functional tuning lugs nearly resemble a real snare drum on a drum set.

With the metal hoop, you can practice precise rim shots and cross-sticking just like on a real snare drum. You can tune the head to dial in the response you need for different styles when you’re playing drums.

This silent drum practice pad is also about more than just looks. The Quiet Tone practice pad’s low volume is one of its best qualities. Up to 99%, less volume is produced by its mesh head.

The pad can be set directly on a flat surface or into a snare drum basket for a more comfortable practicing position. Rubber feet on the pad help to keep it from slipping.


  • Steady and not easily moving
  • Quiet surface
  • Large playing surface


  • Not durable

Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pad

This Zildjian practice pad is a great practice pad for any drummer who wants to develop their chops in a quiet setting. The double-sided design allows drummers to practice on both sides, allowing them to get the most out of their practice sessions.

All techniques and velocities, including those involving the arm, wrist, and fingers, perform effectively on the 3/4″ Flexx surface. Meanwhile, the opposite side is a 112″ inch Workk surface, which has less overall bounce but yet has enough firmness to make strokes more audible.


  • Features two different types of playing surfaces
  • Provide low-volume practice


  • Expensive drum pad
Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pad Review

Is a practice pad worth it?

Practice pads are helpful for learning methods, but they might be less beneficial for learning beats. Nevertheless, the guidance is still with it. It is preferable to utilize a snare drum, hats, and the padded drum when learning to beat and fill.

However, using your best practice pad is enough if you only want to learn drumming techniques.


If you’re a drummer or know someone who is, practice pads are an excellent way to improve skills and techniques while making very little noise. Drummers of all skill levels can benefit from using a pad, be it a single-sided or double-sided drum pad.

They’re also quite affordable and easy to store away when not used. So if you’ve been looking for a new hobby or ways to improve your drumming skills, consider getting your best silent drum practice pad today!