Simmons Sd350

If you are a drummer, you know that playing music is the best way to improve your skills. But what do you do if there’s no one to play with? That’s where electronic drums come in handy. The Simmons SD350 electronic drum kit has been getting great reviews from professional drummers, and it’s easy to see why. With its realistic sound and feel, this drum kit can help you take your playing to the next level. Keep reading for a full review of the Simmons SD350.

The SD350 is undoubtedly one of Simmons’s least expensive drum kits and is the lowest-priced line they provide with mesh heads. This package may be picked up for below $400, making it a significantly less expensive choice for humans seeking a primary drum package or a less costly second kit to exercise.

Simple setup

This is the equivalent of a 5-piece drum kit. Because of this, it has five exceptional drum pads. Those encompass an eight” snare pad and three 8″ tom pads. These are unmarried-region pads, meaning they each make only one sound and have no rimshot sounds included.

The ones that are mesh-head pads, which are additionally adjustable. As opposed to tuning them with the tension rods, you may use these to tighten or loosen the heads for more or a whole lot less sway.

The 5th drum piece is the kick drum. However, there’s no drum here for you to see. Instead, you get a kick drum pedal that uses a beater gadget to cause a linked pad.


The other pedal you get here is the hi-hat manipulator pedal. This senses your foot function and can assist simulating open or closed hats when you strike the actual hi-hat pad. You can additionally stomp the pedal to make hi-hat splashes.

The hi-hat is a ten” rubberized pad, as are the ten” crash and trip pads. All those discs sit straight on growth stands that help you discover the precise height perspective and role for your cymbals.

Except for the two pedals, the complete package is set up on the SD300 drum rack. That is a 2-legged tube rack that holds the entirety up with an adjustable clamping device.


  • It’s far lower priced as compared to the opposite high-stop drum units.
  • This drum package has a durable and sturdy steel rack.
  • It affords a first-class acoustic response.
  • Simmons SD350 gives its customers a completely smooth and straightforward to apply a controller.
  • It provides 179 customizable sounds.
  • The build and production of this drum package are very robust and sturdy.
  • It has a mesh pad for experience and sound suppression.
  • For Apple users, it presents App assist.
  • You can, without problems, report through USB/MIDI.
  • Simmons SD350 gives a couple of kits and sounds to pick out from.


  • Android users can’t use the app.
  • Consistent with folks who used this, many pads lose sound after multiple months.

Simmons SD350 Features

  • It’s a 5-piece compact drum set with mesh heads for a snare.
  • It has three long-lasting toms and 10-inch pads for hello-hat, trip, and crash cymbals.
  • The controller at the side of the kick pedal blended with the kick cause produces 179 sounds.
  • This full-size 5-piece electronic drum kit with mesh head is excellent and handy for rehearsal, practice, and recording. The elastic mesh head affords better overall performance than other drum units to an equal degree.


In addition to this Simmons SD350, other electronic drum kits are no less good. More will be explained below.

Simmons SD600

The Simmons SD600 mesh head kit is suitable for players who crave an acoustic sound and experience and first-rate-integrated-class features with easy wireless connection to apps and computer systems.

The SD600 sound module capabilities the Simmons Signature Sound Library for a wide style of drum voices — built with integrated percussion and electronic sounds — throughout 35 drum kits, built-in best for rock, pop, and beyond.

Its built-in Bluetooth MIDI allows the SD600 sound module to connect to computer systems, smartphones, and capsules.

Simmons SD350 review

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on Simmons sd350?

To turn on your Simmons sd350, press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds. The display should then show “Simmons,” and the kit will be powered on.

Is Simmons a good brand for electronic drums?

Simmons is a good brand for electronic drums, offering a wide range of models at different price points. The SD350 is a good option for beginners or those on a budget. At the same time, the SD600 is a good choice for those who crave acoustic sound and experience.


The Simmons SD350 electronic drum set is an excellent choice for people looking for an affordable, quality option. This set has everything you need to start playing drums, including the drum module, rack, pads, and sticks. The sound quality is good, and the pads are responsive, making it easy to create a realistic drumming experience. One downside of this set is that it doesn’t come with a kick pedal or hi-hat controller, so you may need to purchase those separately if you want them. Overall, though, the Simmons SD350 is an excellent value for the price. If you’re looking for an affordable way to start playing electronic drums, the Simmons SD350 would be a good choice.