Sjc Custom Drums Thrash Can Side Snare Drum 6 X 10 Grip Tape Wrap

There are not very many reviews online about SJC drums and accessories. It always seemed strange to me that this is one of the best brands, and yet very few people write reviews about their drums.

And that is why I decided to come up with this review of SJC snare drums. I have been drumming for so long to know a good drum kit.

If it were up to me, everyone would have an SJC snare drum. I am just saying because if have played on a few severally during practice and for serious gigs.

Overall, SJC drums are just like any other good drums out there. But a few come with unique features and accessories, like butcher hoops and several original finishes. They charge more for the shells due to labor.

And that is why you should expect a nice deal from their snare drums too. I mean, they are just what every drummer would expect on the market.

On this list, I have five snare drums from SJC that come highly recommended. Let’s see what they have to offer. It’s one of my latest reviews.

SJC Custom Drums Thrash Can Side Snare Drum – 6″ x 10″ – Grip Tape Wrap

SJC Custom snares are constructed from mahogany, assuring durability and great performance. Coming from such a reputable brand, these drums promise a fat and crisp sound for a professional performance.

This mountable 6 x 10-inch mahogany snare with a grip finish delivers a bottle rocket snap and timbale crack like no other would. The Thrash Can side snare is your ultimate side snare drum if you are looking for those extra fills.

It features an all-mahogany construction, making it ideal for adding some extra flavor to your drum sounds.

One thing that stands out is the snare’s drop-style throw-off mechanism and the classic triple-flanged hoops. These are the same features you will find on the brand’s import snare line.

It’s therefore a house of a big tone and reliable performance if you need something that shines. That is not all; the snare is fitted with an integrated 10.5 mm mounting bracket, allowing one to mount the shell on a cymbal stand. That means you don’t have to buy an extra stand for the snare.

In addition, you get flat black hardware, a special badge, and a textured grip wrap finish. They form an impressive build quality, producing a versatile snare.

In terms of performance, this snare drum promises a perfect sound to complement your main snare. It will not disappoint.


• A 45-degree bearing edge for optimized response

• Dependable throw off mechanism

• Durable


• Not many reviews about it

SJC Custom Drums Pathfinder Series Snare Drum – 6.5 Inch X 14 Inch – Black Satin

When it comes to choosing the right snare drum, one must always be careful with the brand they pick. SJC may not be very popular with many drummers, but I think it deserves a spot up there.

The Pathfinder series snare drums are exceptionally good-sounding pieces. Although they are slightly more expensive, you may never get anything as good as these bad boys on the modern market.

The first thing you will notice is their pro-grade shell recipe and the real-deal SJC Black Satin finish. The pathfinder snare drum promises SJC style and substance at an affordable price.

It features a 7-ply blend of maple and mahogany that produces a warm sound and bite, complimenting any music genre.

The Black Satin stain on the shells and the hardware gives it a look that every drummer will want to have.

The combination of maple and mahogany on the shell creates a hybrid tone-wood that is quick to speak and quick to leave the way for other sounds.

SJC has close to two decades of custom drum construction expertise for concert solutions. And the Pathfinder snare series is a good example of what the company has to offer.

Even the factory heads are not as you would expect from most drum sets. It comes perfectly tuned for gigging right from the box.

They are hand-crafted in Taiwan, which is another reason for their high quality. The snare drum carries SJC’s distinct style and tone.


• High-quality construction

• Excellent tone

• Durable


• A bit expensive compared to the competition

SJC Custom Drums Pathfinder Series Snare Drum – 6.5 Inches X 14 Inches – Teal Satin

Get this matching maple/mahogany snare drum for your pathfinder kit and you will love SJC snares. This piece features a pro-grade shell recipe and real-deal SJC finish choices.

With the Pathfinder snare drum, you are assured of SJC’s style and substance at a very competitive price range. The 7-plies of blended maple/mahogany shell deliver nothing but a balanced warmth and bite, complimenting any form of modern music.

The vogue sating stain finish and the flat black hardware presents a snare drum that every modern drummer would be proud to own. It also comes with the coveted hardware from SJC, including quiet shield lugs and transparent triple-flanged hoops.


The SJC Pathfinder snare drum is crafted from select plies of mahogany and maple, bringing together some of the world’s best tones. The blend is quick to speak and quick to get out of the way. I loved the focused bite and lingering warmth that you can manipulate to meet your needs.

If you are into looks and sound, then this SJC pathfinder snare drum should make a perfect choice. It tends to lean more towards modern rock, promising a good performance for drummers of all levels.

They are hand-crafted in Taiwan, which explains why they are quite expensive.


• Tuned to SJC-brand Evans’s drumheads

• Excellent construction

• Incredible sound


• A bit expensive

• They are not very versatile

SJC Custom Drums SJC Alpha 6.5×14 1.0mm Rolled Steel Snare with Chrome Hardware (AL-S6514CH-CHS)

SJC drum snares seem to have changed something in me. I always wait for a while before writing drum reviews, but this time I decided to write much earlier for the SJC Alpha 6.5 x 14-inch snare drum.

In a nutshell, this bad boy is gorgeous. It is built like a tank and produces sweet music right from the box. I had some reservations before buying the drum, but I was glad to have made the right decision.

It comes with a drum kit, a certificate of authenticity, and a sticker. It is placed under the budget options by the brand though, and hence, you may want to get another drum head.

If you are looking for a new snare drum, this piece should be a perfect one. It defines the mix greatly, both for your kit and your band.

The snare blends perfectly with other sounds. But you may have to take your time looking for the right drum heads and cymbals.

The snare throw-off is staying up, making it both attractive and strong. Whatever your setup, you can be sure this snare drum will stand up to the taste.

I don’t just choose snare drums because of how they may look. I consider how they sound. SJC snare drums are good in both.


• Excellent construction

• Durable

• High-quality sound


• A bit expensive

SJC Custom Drums Goliath Bell Brass Snare Drum – 7 Inches X 13 Inches

It is the 7-inch depth and the fat sound that give SJC’s Goliath Bell brass snare drums their title. These bad boys are designed to offer performance like no other.

I decided to write this SJC Drums Goliath snare review after careful consideration of the construction material and the features. Most importantly, I listened to how they reacted to the stick and blended with other pieces.

Here is what I discovered:

• Brash shell – Dynamic and responsive. The SJC Goliath delivers a whisper-soft snare response and a cannon-like rim shop, thanks to its 3.0mm pure bell brass shell. This can allow many drummers known for promising raw projection and a pleasant tone. It’s then complemented with 3.0mm triple-flanged hoops.

• Handcrafted in Massachusetts. The details that have gone into this snare drum are quite impressive. A team of passionate builders works to bring you a perfect blend of tone and looks.

• Quick-Drop throw-off. This feature offers speed and simplicity. It makes it easy to change from a snappy snare to a tenor tom tone while staying in beat.

• Quit lugs. SJC has included in this piece its propriety die-cast shield lugs for great looks. This also assures solid reliability.

Above all, the Goliath snare drums are tuned up with Evans USA heads. You won’t need to change anything!


• Excellent construction

• Dependable

• Great sound


• Expensive

SJC drums – Conclusion

If you are looking for a good snare drum to compliment your acoustic drum set, consider the SJC snares. I was not sure about them at first, but now I can say with confidence that these drums will not disappoint you. This guide should make your search for these products easier. Please leave your email or other contact details if you have any questions.