Sonor Bop Kit

Sonor is one of those brands that will not disappoint when it comes to quality products. They have been on the market for a long time now, offering different drumming community solutions.

Sonor‘s Bop kit is one of the best drum kits from the manufacturer. As the name suggests, it is a kit that comes with smaller sized drums than other drum sets.

If you are looking for a drum set for jazz music, this kit could be all you need. It comes as a four-piece shell pack designed with high-quality features.

As a jazz drummer, you may be required to fit in a small corner of a bar, which requires a smaller setup. In this case, the Bop kit is a perfect solution.

I was not always a jazz drummer. But recently, I have become quite fun, and the Bop kit was my first set.

About Sonor Bop Kit

I received this Sonor Kit recently after waiting for quite a while. I had used a Safari kit for practice and learning some cool moves, which a friend had lent me. There are chances that both the Safari and the Bop kits may be discontinued, although there is no official word on this yet.

However, this little kit has really impressed me. And this is why I am compelled to talk about it.  The Safari kit was a wonderful choice. Perhaps it was a mistake for Sonor to let it go.

Nevertheless, getting the Bop kit made me realize that nothing has been lost. If anything, it has only gotten better.

It comes with two-extra inches on the bass head, which sounds much fuller when you play it alone. The Safari kit featured a 16-inch bass drum, which was not bad either. It was more portable and compact. But you had to mic it to keep it up with the bassist.

For this reason, I find the 18-inch kick on the Bop kit more convenient. It allows you to tune the head up a bit while keeping some of the resonant ends as needed.

In summary, the Bop kit is configured with an 18-by16-inch bass drum, 12by 8-inch tom, 14 by 14-inch floor tom, and a 14 by 5-inch snare. They come with the same “Select Hardwood” label as the Safari kit. Some users have said this could be basswood or a combination of different woods. Not matter; it sounds great.

Besides, the fit and finish of the kit I received had no flaws. From the silver, sparkle finish to everything else, this kit was simply amazing.

So, this is a drum kit you are going to love. Its compact and portable design is made perfect for the drummer.

Sonor 17104217 SSE Bop 4-Piece Drum Shell Pack, Silver Galaxy Sparkle

I have not always been a fan of four-piece kits. But the Sonor Bop 4-piece shell pack changed my mind.  It is built to offer that superb and quality feel that comes from all Sonor drums. It has everything you will need in a jazz drum size.

It features cross-laminated shells and a 45-degree bearing on the edges. These are the features that deliver that full signature Sonor sound.

Full-depth toms, and a full-size snare, and incredible hardware round out the useful pack. Are you a gigging drummer? What could be better than a small portable kit you can carry anywhere? This is what the kit offers.

You will buy the hardware and cymbals separately. But having a complete and high-quality shell pack makes things a lot easier. It features a 45-degree bearing edge, TuneSafe lugs from

Sonor Cross-laminated shells, offering a high-end stiffness. Besides, the pleasant tones from select hardwood shells will leave you satisfied.

As if that is not enough, all drums are finished in Silver Galaxy Sparkle. It is a wonderful combination of every feature that makes a drum kit for this genre.


If you are part of the next generation of jazz drummers, the Bop kit from Sonor is one of the setups you can never afford to miss. It delivers a wonderful combination of response, power, and feel. And yet, it’s small enough to travel with.

 The shells are made from select basswood, which is a perfect material for deep cool sounds.  9-ply laminated poplar bass drums and 7-plies cross-laminated toms and snare crown these features.


In a nutshell, the Sonor Bop kit is a good choice for any jazz drummer. But this does not mean you cannot use it for any other drumming style. It has an impressive sound, which is what every drummer cares about.

However, it is not very versatile. The small bass drum will not give you a full bass sound in more aggressive styles.

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