Sonor Force 1001

Sonor Force 1001 is among the first set of drums in the Force series. They have been in existence for more than three decades now, and they are still outstanding. One thing that makes Sonor Force drums exceptionally is the construction of the shell and the quality of the material used.

The kit features the best design and features that every drummer is looking for. I have used the kit for quite some time now, and trust me; it is an excellent kit. The good thing is that the kit is suitable for all drummers.

Therefore, it is fair if we take a good look at the features that Sonor kit possesses. It won’t be fair to purchase a product that will not suit your needs or affects your budget.

Sonor force 1001 snare

Sonor force 1001 has snares that are made of chrome-plated steel measuring 5.5 inches x 14 inches. It is an ideal size for a snare, and the shape of this snare is exceptional. The kit has a lacquered finish that is quite appealing to the eye.

The snares’ hoops and hardware are well designed hence, making the kit excellent for all drummers. The sound produced by this snare will make you yawn for more playtime. The kit is made of 9-ply,7.5 millimeters thick maple shell selected from the best wood ever.

The shell technology used in making this Sonor Force 1001 snare makes the kit durable. It also makes the kit to produce a unique sound that is needed by all drummers. The snares have different finishes; thus, you can go for the eye appealing to you.

The snares produce a sharp staccato sound that is expected of the snare drum. I have one Sonor Force 1001 snare drum, and I find it more impressive than other snare drums. I have been using this drumset for over ten years now, although I bought it from a friend.

Sonor force 1001 drum set

Sonor Force 1001 series is another fantastic drum set that is well designed by Sonor. It is an affordable kit made of 9-ply basswood shells with Sonor’s cross-laminated Tension Free (CLTF) system. The Force 1001 is available in three lacquered finishes: Emerald Green, Reflex Silver, and Black.

There are two configurations of the Sonor Force 1001 kit: studio and stage configurations. They have drum sets of different sizes, although other drums are the same for both sets.

Sonor Force 1001 Studio Set

The studio set has the following drum sets;

  • 20 inches x 16 inches bass drum
  • 14 inches x 5.5 inches snare drum (steel)
  • 10 inches x 9 inches and 12 inches x 10 inches toms
  • 14 inches x 16 inches floor tom and double tom holder

Sonor Force Stage Set

  • 20 inches x 16 inches bass drum
  • 14 inches x 5.5 inches snare drum (steel)
  • 13 inches x 11 inches and 12 inches x 10 inches toms
  • 16 inches x 16 inches floor tom and double tom holder.

The kits also come with hardware 200 that is similar for both kits. The hardware 200 includes a Hi-Hat stand, snare drum stand, mini boom stand, and bass drum pedal.

The force kit is amazing because it is suitable for pros, semi-pros, and beginners. Everyone has thoughts about the effectiveness and reliability of this kit. You will get the best results after using this quality kit from Sonor. I recently bought this kit for my son, and he was so happy.

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