Sonor Force 2001 5 Piece Drum Kit

Ask any drummer about the best drum brands, and Sonor will not miss the list. This one of the most reputable drum manufacturers, and it’s the quality of their drums that makes them stand out.

I have been using their drums for a long time, and they have never disappointed me. If anything, they only get better with every upgrade.

The Sonor Force 2001 features good products from the manufacturer. If you are looking for a great drum set at a reasonable price, then this could be all you will ever need.

When it comes to choosing the perfect drum set, the manufacturer and your drumming experience are the two most important considerations. You want to choose from a manufacturer that has a good reputation for quality, but at the same time, you should know how to make good sounds from drums.

Force 2001 is a drum set for those who know their drums. At this price, Sonor is a good solution for beginners seeking to venture into drums.

Sonor Force 2001 Review

Is trying to find the S Force 2001 online but was not very lucky as many stores do not have it. This is a drum set that is no longer in production, yet one that seems still to hold a lot of water in the drumming community. I finally found one selling it second on used listings. 

This kit is offering a good combination of quality sounds and affordability. For me, “sometimes ‘quality’ is not always better for live kits anyhow, your gig will get beat, bruised, kicked spilled on, and throne. You sure don’t want to do that to a “good” kit,” as one user states on

Besides, if you are using a microphone, you will be surprised that your kit sounds just as good or better than those higher-end drums. 

I find the Force 2001 to be in this category. It’s sound and features come out based on the drummer’s experience.

Sonor Force 2001 Specs

I think the Sonor Force 2001 is no longer in production. I used the term “I think” because I am not sure only that it’s not easy to find a new one.

One thing I loved about the kit I found is its incredible features. I have to admit that I bought it on impulse, configured with 12-inch, 14-inch, and 22-inch drums. 

The drums are made in China, which made me think they are not very good. And yet, they perform really well. 

Sonor makes a drum with high-quality features, and this one is no different. It comes with a lacquer finish, which defines good quality.

The shells feature Evans Clear Drumhead and sound professional. The toms and the snare feature 6-ply mahogany, which deliver highly detailed sound features. 

The bass drum is made from a 9-ply maple/basswood/basswood combination. With this, you are sure of deep and detailed sounds that may only come from high-end products.

Besides that, Sonor’s Force 2001 comes with wax finishes.

The bass drum has 16-lugs, while the snare has eight lugs. Therefore, it is easy to set in place, and it will not slip out of tune one set.

In terms of sounds, they are not bad, either. If you understand your drums, anything can sound amazing.

Sonor Force 2001 Drum Set

I am happy with Sonor’s Force 2001 I have. The hardware that comes with Force series and the stands are not the best. This is why it would be best if you bought it separately.

Even though the Force 3001 kit is much better, I would still take 2001 for the price.  The shell pack is features 12-inch, 16-inch, and 22-inch drums, which are standard sizes for many drums.

I have noticed that those who have used the Force 2001 seem to have gotten different experiences, although many did not find a lot to complain about.

Some though the drum were birch, and they could be wrong. Besides, they come in satin finishes and have a great tom mounting hardware solution and suspension.

Anyone can agree on this a pretty solid deal at less than $500 for a full shell pack. They can be used with your band’s practice as well in performance.

I would not recommend this kit as a professional solution. But if you are looking for a good beginner kit that will not cost you a fortune, go for it.

Again, it is the sound that matters the most in a drum kit. If you can play it right, you will be happy with any drum set.

Sonor Force 2001 Wood

“I used thing the 2001 drums we birch, but I could be wrong…” I was this comment on, and it caught my attention. 

Mine have 6-ply mahogany on the tom and 9-ply maple/basswood/basswood on the kick drum. So, it all depends on the deal you get.


Sonor’s Force 2001 is a good kit. At this price, you may never get a better deal. If you get one, it will help you in practicing and learning new drumming ideas.

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