Sonor 600 Hi Hat Stand

Sonor is one of those brands you can always rely on when you are looking for the best drum sets and accessories. The company has been around for a long time, offering good quality products and accessories.

It does not surprise me that most professional drummers would pick Sonor drums over any other brands. They have a reputation for attention to detail and innovative hardware designs, especially in their drum fittings and tom mounts.

Therefore, any line of their hi-hat stands is worth considering.

There are so many manufactures for these products that sometimes it could be overwhelming to choose. But you can always know the best if you who you are buying from.

Anything in the Sonor lines of hi-hat stands will give you a good service, and you never have to worry about dealing with low quality.

This review will be introducing you to some of the most popular stands from Sonor.

Sonor 600 hi-hat stand

There is no need to talk much more about the quality of products that come from Sonor, especially if you have used German-made products before. They usually come with an almost exaggerated amount of build quality.

And if you want to know how it feels to have the best hi-hat stand from the best manufacturer, then this Sonor 600 hi-hat stand is everything you need.

The 600 line comes as the pinnacle of all Sonor products. Hence, if you need a high-performance, heavy-duty hi-hat stand that will leave you some space for the bass drum pedal, this is the one.

The Sonor 600 series brings you a HH 684 MC, loaded with practical features that will greatly enhance your gigging life. We know how hard it can be for a gigging drummer to carry their gear everywhere they go.

Sonor has made life much easier and more fun for you. This 600 hi-hat stand comes with features like double-braced legs, which ensure stability and a wonderful versatility for placement options.

In addition, it features a handy bottom cymbal tilter that will help you set your hats in just the perfect position.


• Professional quality hardware

• Sturdy and durable

• Portable and compact


• This product is a bit high on the price

Sonor 200 series hi-hat stand

Sonor offers an upgraded line of hardware in their entry-level 200 series. Therefore, if you don’t have enough money to invest in their premium 600 series above, you will still find a good deal from the lower lines, including the 100 and 400 series.

Together with the 200-series, this hardware is developed to work with Sonor’s budget to intermediate Force lines.

They are all made in China, which would explain their lowered price, unlike the German-made 600 range. Sonor’s 200 stands are meant to give you quality gear at an affordable price.

It is heavier and bulkier, too, compared to higher-end products. However, it comes with double-braced legs, which makes it better than the 100 series below it.

Also, the stands feature and three-section housing clamp, giving it the advantage of easy setup.

It comes with the same tripod base reach as the 100, only that it’s knurled for better grip.

If you are a starter looking to upgrade your gear without having to spend a fortune, I would recommend you go for this stand.

This stand may not be as heavy as you would expect from a professional hi-hat stand, but it will make your day worth it.


• Affordable

• Sturdy and durable

• Easy to set up


• Made in China

• It is lighter, hence cannot provide a good grip

• The SP-473 bass drum pedal is too basic

Sonor 600 hi-hat stand used

The Sonor 600 is a line of professional gear from the firm. They are the highest-ranking products, which means they offer the best performance.

It is designed to offer high-end performance, which also means you will not find it at the lowest prices.

But you must get this gear, then buying a used one would be a good idea. The best thing about the 600-series hi-hats is that they are very strong and durable. As such, you can expect to get a premium service at the most reasonable price.

Make sure you are buying from a reliable source, and you have confirmed that the hardware is in good shape. Otherwise, you would regret having to spend too much on a bad item.

Even a Sonor 600 hi-hat stand used would be more expensive than some cheap, low-quality hardware out there. As such, you need to be extremely careful where you buy the products.

Sonor 400 series hi-hat stand

You know that the hardware is of professional quality based on its weight. You need a heavier one for your roadworthy kit. However, some elements exaggerate modern stands. Therefore, you need to determine when you should use a double-braced tripod.

For hi-hats, you just need single-braced tripods, and you are good to go. But if you are using a 22-inc monster crash that is teetering, you will need a double-braced tripod. And this is where the Sonor 400 hi-hat stand could be your perfect solution.

It comes with supplied bass drum pedals that share the same single chain cam, expansion spring, and the Giant Step footboard with the 100 and 200 series. They also feature similar spring tension and drum key-operated beater angles.

Also, the stand is equipped with the HS-473, bolstered by its full base plate. The beater is plastic and felt.

Generally, the 400 snare stand is designed for mid-range buyers who want to upgrade their gear.

Compared to the 100 and 200 series, it comes with thicker tubing, making it more durable and sturdier.

Also, the HS-473 beater features more refinements to improve its performance.


• Everything is well designed

• Sturdy and reliable

• Easy to use


• The SP-473 bass drum pedal is not of the best quality

• Some puzzling in the memory locks due to partial use

• It is a bit basic and uninspiring

Sonor HH-4000 Sonor 4000 Series Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand

Sonor has revamped the killer new range of 4000 line hardware. And it is from this that you find the HH 4000 hi-hat stand.

This piece comes with an overall new footboard design, rotation, double-braced legs, and many other features you would expect from professional hardware. It comes as one of Sonor’s high-quality products able to offer a perfect performance as needed.

Also, it features a new and improved spring tension and a sensitive bottom cymbal tilter. Another great feature many users love is the hex rod. This part is sturdy and will prevent the top hat from loosening.

If therefore, you are looking for a heavy-duty hi-hat stand that will give you everything you need, this should be a good choice.

It is double-braced on the tripod, which means it’s sturdy and durable. You can be sure your gear will remain in the same sport throughout the performance.


• New footboard design

• Rotating, double-braced legs

• Sturdy and durable

• Affordable


• The rotating double-braced legs don’t seem to hold in place too strong unless you find the right angle to adjust.

Sonor HH684MC 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand with Memory Clamp

Sonor has always been an innovative manufacturer of drum gear and hardware. This can be seen through all the products they bring on the market.

The Sonor HH684MC 2 leg hi-hats stand among the stands you can use for professional performance. It comes from the premium quality 600 lines of had hardware, which is the pinnacle of Sonor hardware.

It offers maximum reliability and optimum handling with a wide range of components. They are professionally designed down to the smallest detail.

The stand comes with a three-section clamp, which diffuses the force around three sides of the extension better than you can ever find in any other clamp. It makes it easy to secure.

Adjustable leg, independent can fit every configuration. This caters to every drummer’s needs.

It features a bottom cymbal tilter, which is secure-fastening, massive, and flexible. It is a 7-step easy to operate tilter.

Last but not least is the newly added hex rod. This ensures the top cymbal is well secured and cannot loosen easily.


• Premium quality hi-hat stand

• Sturdy and durable

• New hex rod


• Expensive

Sonor 2000 LT Series Single Braced Hi-Hat Stand

Sonor has everything when it comes to high-quality products. They make their products to be sturdy, durable, and easy to operate for professional performance,

The Sonor 2000 LT series single braced hi-hat stand comes as Sonor’s basic series of hardware. It is characterized by good handling and a professional appearance.

Looking at it from far can make you assume it’s one of that higher-end hardware. It’s a standard product with lots of grips, ensuring added playing confidence,

One of the reasons Sonor has maintained a high reputation is its focus on every little detail. This stand reveals a wonderful hi-hat stand that can be used in a wide range of settings.

However, it is single-braced, and hence, may not be what you need if you are playing a giant 22-inch crash that is not steady. For such, you need a double-braced tripod.

Nevertheless, the standstill offers a lot of grips. You can play strong and for long without your hi-hat falling down or shaking.

As if that is not enough, the stand features a new footboard design. Sonor uses this to ensure every drummer is catered for well.

The 2000 LT series features rotating series. This means you get to set your gear in place with ease, allowing you to rotate the stands to any position without carrying everything around.

Ergonomically designed wing nuts offer a grip like no other would. And this is one of the reasons why you can rely on Sonor’s reputation.

Besides, this hi-hat stand is quite affordable. It’s not easy to find Sonor hardware bearing a professional appearance and yet at a budget price.


• Built with good quality for a sturdy performance

• Professional appearance

• Good handling

• Affordable


• Basic hardware

• Single braced


The hi-hat is a very crucial component in any drum set. Most drummers play it more than they do any other part. And this is why you will need a good hi-hat stand.

Sonor has a reputation for building reliable hardware. Hence, the stands reviewed should have something you need. It is all about your budget and needs. Just make sure to buy one that matches your drum set quality.