Sonor Safari Kit

There is much information about different drum sets and how they perform. But I have never found a good review of the Sonor Safari. This is why I decided to write this article.

I ordered this kit online recently for the main purpose of reviewing it. My love for small drums has never been greater. I like this small drum set so much!


Before looking for this kit, I went online on and found some comments about the kit that caught my attention.

One of them says, “I wanted to buy a Sonor Safari kit. I noticed one online distributor say it was crafted from select maple basswood. On all other descriptions, it says 9mm of poplar. The one described with basswood retails at $389, while the others are $479. Any Sonor fans who know the answer?”

This is a major concern for many Sonor users. I did have the same issue, especially with an online review.

However, I did not care much about this. Some users say their products are said to have select hardwood, while others go with poplar.

About the Safari drum set

The most important thing for me is how they sound and their durability. The Sonor Safari is a great kit. Generally, it comes with “select hardwood.” And for the price, there is nothing more anyone would ask for.

Besides, I agree with one fan responding to the concern above, saying, “The Safari is made from Poplarfrom China and is 9-ply. Sonor users this in SE, Smart Force, and Smart Force Extend series. Sonor only uses woods from select, certified, and environmentally friendly sources.”

And this is one of the reasons I love using Sonor products. The company has been making much progress over the past years, creating high-quality drum sets.

The Safari Edition is a kit with uncompromised sound and a compact size. It is one of the smallest drum sets you will be found out there.

Such a size is perfect for gigging and touring drummers. It’s small enough to fit at the back of your van perfectly or on any stage.

It features cross-laminated shells that offer superior stiffness, sonically attractive resonance, and an incredible overtone.


I received my four-piece Sonor Safari Mini drum with a good-quality shell pack. It consisted of a 16 by a 16-inch bass drum, 10 by 8-inch toms, 14 by 12-inch floor toms, and 14-inch by 5-inch snare.

 The drum hardware included is made from steel. Traditional mounts and triple-flange hoops make these drums a great option.

Standard lugs branded heard and wrap finish echoes its quality.

From the box

After opening the box, I was immediately impressed with how the contents looked. There it was, an incredibly small drum set that could make anyone fall in love.

I took out each piece, and they did not have any issues that come with packaging. I was expecting some scratches, a missing piece, or anything that would seem out of order, but none came up.

So, I did not have anything to complain about this.


One thing I love about Sonor is their focus on quality. Every product they make has been crafted with the highest quality considerations.

The shells are made from select hard with cross-lamination, ensuring a superior stiffness. This also ensures that you get pleasing resonance and a top-notch tone.

A 45-degree bearing edge on the shells is a crucial component of the signature Sonar sound.

Everything came packed perfectly as I had expected. I believe Sonor wants to impress the customers and make sure you get what they promised.

Tune-safe lug crowning is another important feature you get with these drums. They ensure no de-tuning during transport and performance, which would ruin your drums.

I find this to be one of the scoring points of the manufacturer. You can relax knowing that you have a high-quality product and that you can trust the manufacturer.

Besides, the shells are finished using an attractive, high-quality, and durable wrap that will leave you with a positive first impression. It is all about making sure what you see is what you. And Sonor has tried to deliver this.

The drum hardware is made from steel, which ensures durability. The traditional mounts are something I was not expecting, but I was glad it appeared that way. It makes them appear vintage, yet they deliver a modern sonic feature.

Triple-flange hoops and standard lugs add to the list of things that make this shell pack worth the price.

Small drums are becoming very popular, and Sonor continues to take the lead. The Safari is one of the most popular products of this kind, and there is a good reason for this. Modern drummers are changing their drumming techniques and approaches to meet modern needs. This is why such adjustments are needed.

In other words, this is a small, compact, and highly functional drum set you can use for all your needs.

With shell quality a priority, Sonor has made sure each user gets what they paid for.


Setting the drum up was very easy. Being a small and compact set, it only took me a few minutes, and I was ready to go.

Tuning them up pretty loose was a personal choice because I want to understand their depths. And the sound was beautiful, more than what I expected.

The drums generally have a good ambient tone. Each of them is made to deliver good music, and you can count on them.

The bass drum gives out a real kick. It sounds sweet right from the box.

Unfortunately, the toms did not deliver the same quality. However, I put some Remo Ambassador X Coated heads on the batter side and gave the desired sound, warm and full tom.

 The snare did not disappoint too. It delivers a high tone that resonates well with other instruments. Its sweet sound is more than you could expect at the price range.


The quality of the Sonor Safari – a sturdy build with a beautiful finish. But is the wonderful price point of this kit that makes the value. It is a great kit for beginner and intermediate drummers. Or anyone looking for a full drum tone for jazz, fusion, or rock without spending a lot.

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