Sonor Teardrop

I love vintage drums. Well, I don’t really know how you define vintage, but to me, it’s those drums that have the original sound of drums that you can only dream of today.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Technology has really improved the world of drums. There are so many cool things that modern drums can do.

However, there is something about Sonor vintage drums that do not just seem to go away. Once you get hung of that sound, you become addicted.

And that is how the Sonor Teardrop drums make me feel. I have been playing these drums for a while, but I never knew there could be someone else who see have an interest in them until recently.

In this review, I will be talking about everything that makes Sonor Teardrop drums stand out, and perhaps you will be more interested in them.

About Sonor Teardrop Drums

I was going through some online comments on great vintage drums when I bumped into one about the Sonor Teardrop drums on

The person posting says, “I own and play a huge variety of wonderful vintage jazz drum kits. I rank the 6- Gretsch RB… All respectfully sounding vintage drums are quite frankly keepers in every way, but the full tuning response I get from my 6-ply Sonor TD shell (for jazz) is like no other sound.”

I could never agree more with this post, especially for the bass drum. You see, there are so many vintage drums you will get out there. But very few will have the power to deliver that deep feeling and connection with classic drums.

This guy continues to say, “The reason I say 6-ply Sonor Teardrop is my best pick is that I get excellent tuning from all drums within on drum setup, which includes the ever so hard-to-tune 18-inch bass.”

There is great wisdom in this about the drum, and I could never agree more with this judgment. I know what I am talking about here.

It was always hard to get the old drums into tune. Forget the modern drum, which comes with tune-safe and other similar features, then make things easy. Vintage drums will put your patience to the taste.

And if you can get them in tune, there is no drum that will defeat you,

The Sonor Teardrop makes things very easy. I can get the floor tom and snare to sound incredibly nice. But somehow, I can never easily get that bass drum to fall in line.

However, it is not much hustle for the 18-inch bass drum on the Sonor Teardrop, as they are right on the spot already. All you need to do is set a few things on the lugs, and you are good to go.

It is hard to write down everything I like about these drums. Perhaps I can summarize everything into the fact they are constructed in German.

If you have ever used any German-made product, you know they are the best. I sometimes think their products come with an exaggerated build quality, which is good for me because I get to enjoy only the best sounds.

 Try asking Sonor how they got the shell together, the grade of wood they used and how much glue they used, how they joined the ply, and why they did this in this manner, and perhaps you will find the right answer. Even so, it would still be overwhelming for many people because the quality is simply out of this world.

Perhaps the best way to know how good the Sonor Teardrop drums are is to consider the manufacturer. Sonor is a German company that has been on the market for a very long time.

Everything they construct is done with uttermost care and the highest level of quality consideration. There is, therefore, nothing you will want in a drum kit that Sonar will not deliver.

And it is because of their overall outstanding drums and the beautiful sound they make that most drums will be more than happy to use their products.

It took me years to fully understand my Sonor Teardrop, but it was worth the wait because now I can get the sound right.

Besides, that is one thing about Sonor. They make durable drums that you can use for many years without feeling like they are even getting old.

Build Quality

My drops have seen me through thin and thick, and they continue to do so. It is more than just the versatile tuning features that make you want to own them forever.

Again, let me just repeat that these drums are made in Germany, just in case you are wondering why I insist so much on their quality.

The tones that come from the wood on the shells are out of this world. As if that is not enough, they come at different volumes so that you can choose according to your needs. This is a wonderful feature for a dynamic player.

Generally, the bass offers a sensible input, more than what you will get with most vintage drums. And when you get to the rack, the quiet but great depth of sound it produces will leave you impressed.

The beautiful beach tympanic sound the emerge from the floor toms is soul-lifting.

The shells are a bit undersized, and that is where most of the sound comes from. And maybe this could be one of the reasons Sonor has been ranked among the most innovative companies.

It is a bit hard to imagine that such a lovely tonal curve that encourages exploration can exist in a vintage drum. Most of us only rely on modern solutions for dynamic extensions. But there is nothing as sweet as having your drums set in the most amazing tone with great simplicity.

In a nutshell, the Sonor Teardrop drums are built to be sensitive, open, articulate, dynamic, full-body, and musical. You will not need anything else to create beautiful acoustic drums.

The drums

Every drum is made from carefully selected 100% German Beechwood. They don’t have any extra holes as the lugs they come with are more than enough to help you organize and tune your drums in the right place.

You need to understand that these kits are highly sorted after because of their rich and vintage tone. They also feature quality German Engineering and fabrication, making them amazing kits with everything set to deliver high-quality sounds.

The bass drums

Some of the vintage drums I have come in different sizes. I have two Drops, the 18-inch, and the 20-inch, because I get to perform in varying settings.

The 14-inch by 20-inch, 3-ply in construction of this bass drum, with e-rings, gives it a beautiful appearance, just as it assures a beautiful sound output.

It promises a 1/16-inch of perfect sound and with perfect bearing edges that creates carefully sorted clean sounds. If you have had an issue with too many overtones in the drum, these sets will let you free, and you will once again enjoy the sound of clear drums.  

The wrap is still intact, even after a long time of use. There are a few minor scuffs here and there, but they are not even noticeable.

Also, the chrome lugs and the t-rods have not been damaged in any manner.

But it is the deep, clean, and sweet sound that these drums deliver that makes them a real catch. You will love the original Sonor spurs’ performance, reso head, tom arm, and perhaps a few more modifications.

The rack tom

The rack tom comes as an 8-inch by 13-inch six-ply of purely sweet sound. The bearing edges are super clean and well-adjusted to meet the needs of every drummer.

Whether you a vintage drummer yourself, you are from the modern era of the electronic drum set, this drum will bring you right home.

The chrome comes in a spending shape and strong construction that will withstand the taste of time. Even after many years of constant bashing, these drums continue to stand strong.

The Floor tom

Another important piece here is the 16-inch by 16-inch 6-ply construction floor tom. It is set within a 1/32-inch of perfect round sound.

Everything is designed to deliver that warm sound that echoes through the rest of your setup, from the perfect bearing edge at the bottom to the shell on top.

After several years of use, I noticed that the innermost ply shell reveals some craquelure along the wood’s grain. But several experts have told me that this is something familiar.

The chrome has remained strong all through. I cannot even think of changing anything ye because there is nothing wrong anywhere.

When it comes to getting the best sound from your drums, sometimes you just need to look at the manufacturer. And Sonor in this care should make a good choice for you.

The snare

And now to the most important part of any drum kit – the snare. The 5-inch by 14-inch 6-ply snare delivers the perfect tonal functionality.  

The top bearing edge is designed to withstand hard punishment. This is why it can still sound great even after a long time of use.

The chrome and the finish are still intact, glowing through the shiny stage lights as it sends waves of excitement through the air.

Easy to tune and a perfect example of quality sound, this snare is nothing but the best I have ever had. And I am not just saying this because someone else has said it, but because I have the experience.

Sonor Teardrop Lugs

Sonor is known for making high-quality drums and hardware. Hence, you can be sure to get the best service from the chrome lugs and t-rods built with the Sonor Teardrops.


Finding the perfect vintage drum kit is not easy. And this is why you would be lucky if you got your hands on a Sonor Teardrop drum setup. I cannot tell you exactly how the sound is because the sound is subjective. But I bet you will love them. A little bit of here and there will get you where you need to be.

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