Sound Percussion Drum Set

Selecting the best percussion kit or any other musical instrument is the dream of every drummer. The percussion drum sets are the evolution in drumming because they provide everything that we need to make the best music.

When it comes to the sound percussion drum set we have, they feature heavy-duty tom mounts and double-braced hardware. In addition, they are readily available at prices that will leave you shocked considering the quality of the percussion kits.

Therefore, we need to look at the features of these incredible kits currently available in our markets. They are designed to suit the needs of every drummer looking for the best sounds. The drums, cymbals, and hardware complement each other so well; hence, offering perfect sounds.

It is annoying to purchase a drum brand at a high price; it does not produce the sounds we need. Therefore, we will review the full details of this kit.

Sound Percussion Drum Set Review

The sound percussion 5-piece drum set has the best heavy-duty tom mounts and double-braced hardware. In addition, this sound percussion drum set is available at a super low price that every drummer, including beginners, can afford.

The kit features compatible drums, cymbals and hardware. This combination of drums, cymbals and hardware enhances the best sounds that you hear in world-class music. In addition, the set offers attractive looks and incredible sounds at a value that you cannot even imagine.

For the 5-piece drum set, the drum sizes are 22″x16″ bass, 12″x9″ and 13″x10″ toms, 16″x16″ floor tom, 5.5″x14″ snare. The sound percussion drum set hardware included in the pack is a snare, straight cymbal, bass drum pedal and hi-hats stand. However, the percussion throne and the boom cymbal stand are sold separately.

The pulse pro cymbals are 18 inches crash/ride cymbals, 16 inches crash and 14 inches hi-hats. The kit comes with durable and sturdy hardware. In addition, they have the best stability because of the double-braced stands, which are also lightweight for ease of transport.

Also, the tom mounts come with memory locks to help you keep the positions of the toms for quick setup and easy storage. The sound percussion drum kit also features a matching wood shell snare drum that offers a warm and deep sound.

This five-piece drum set has standard-sized drums that make the set sound good at any given volume. In today’s drums, the favored material is used in basswood or tilia because it is the best wood for SP drum shells. Basswood offers a balanced tone accompanied with sound resonant, sustain and strong mid and high frequencies.

The sound percussion 5-piece drum set, sound percussion four-piece drum set and the sound percussion 8-piece drum set are made of several plies of basswood shells with 45 degrees bearing edges. They feature chrome hoops and lugs as well as telescopic bass drum spurs. The toms feature suspension mounting brackets that help keep them in place.

The sound percussion 4-piece black drum set with hardware and cymbals comes at a pocket-friendly price. The drum shells are 6-ply 7.5mm cross-laminated mahogany that produces focused sounds. The shell sizes in this four-piece kit are 20 x 16 inches bass drum, 12 x 9 inches rack tom, 14 x 12 inches floor tom and 13 x 5 inches snare drum.

The four-piece percussion kit stands double-braced with triple chrome plating for more excellent stability and superior finish. All the drums have a 2-ply clear batter head and a 1-ply clear resonant head.

On the other hand, the percussion 8-piece drum kit features two kick drums, three mounted toms, two-floor drums and one snare. It comes in a great attractive black color All the drums have sufficient power and tone to make yourself heard. Great news is that the bass drum pedal is included in the pack. You can advice your friends to get this great brand that includes several hardware.

In addition, it features tuneful and durable 5.6 mm 8-ply poplar shells that offer live, bright sound and superior projection. They also feature 45 degree bearing edges that enhance attack and creates more excellent sustain. The snare drum, drum throne and the stands are easy to setup.


  • It comes at an excellent price for a complete size drum kit.
  • It includes drum shells, hardware and cymbals.
  • It features standard-sized drums with durable and double-braced hardware.


  • You will need to purchase cymbals, a drum throne, and an extra cymbal stand separately.
  • The lower-quality drum heads are not durable and do not have the best sound quality.

Are sound percussion drums any good?

The percussion drums offer the best sounds that the drummers and audiences like. They are made of the best material selected by experts in the drumming field. The woods used to make these drums are well furnished before they are used.

Also, the artisans involved in producing these drums have a great experience because they are former drummers. All the drums undergo several processes before they are deemed suitable for use by drummers.

All hardware packs that are included in the packages are made from the best material. They are durable, reliable and versatile; thus, they can withstand hard hitters and vigorous players. This percussion review tells you how good all the drum sets are.

Is percussion plus a good drum set?

The percussion plus drum kit has the best features that you will like. They feature good drum shell construction and sturdy hardware. In addition, they are made with the best materials that are selected among the best in the world.

The artisans who make the percussion plus drums have great experience in drum making, and they know what the drummers need. As a result, the percussion plus drums produce the best sounds that will make you want to play them all the time.

They are made complete with an attractive finish and come at an affordable price. So you will get everything you need. The price is good; thus, you can tell you friends to get this great kit. The bass drum comes and hardware feature the best design.

What are the best-sounding drum kits?

There are so many drum sets that different companies have recently made. However, reputable companies are known for the manufacture of the best drums in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that the companies that are not well known do not have good drums.

Some of the drums that I think are the best sounding include:

  • Ludwig Accent Drive
  • Ludwig Classic Maple 3pc Drum kit
  • Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum set
  • DW collectors Cherry/Mahogany 4pc drum kit.
  • Tama Walnut 4pc Drum set.
  • Sonor SQ2 heavy Maple 5pc drum kit.