Tama Artwood Maple Snare

A snare drum is one of the most important parts of a drum set. If any drummer is looking to get the best sounds from their accessories kit, it would be wise to invest in a good snare drum.

Tama has been making industry-leading drum sets for many years. They have inspired a wide range of drummers both in style and performance.

Over the many decades, this company has existed, it has sorted the most innovative ways to make their drums.

And you can see this from their Artwood series. Every aspect of these drums is aimed at achieving the best performance for drummers of all ages. They don’t only look great, but they sound incredible too.

In this guide, I will be looking at one of the best snare drums I have ever used, the Tama Artwood snare drum.

Tama Artwood Snare Drum

Many drum manufacturers have failed to find a good balance between looks and performance. But one must appreciate how Tama has done this with their kits.

Everything considered it would be fair to say Tama is easily the best drum manufacturer around.

Now the Tama Artwood Snare drum looks like an ordinary snare from far. But there is more to this piece than meets the eye.

Tama’s passion for great music that plays the part has been perfectly represented in this snare drum. The Artwood series offers customized drums in a variety of sizes to meet different user needs.

If you are looking to create unique sounds from your kit, this is the snare drum you can count on. They are designed from the world’s best materials, which gives them a top spot on the market.

The two main snare options in terms of built material include:

  • Tama Artwood Birch snare (Red mahogany in chrome finishes) and
  • Tama Artwood Maple snare drum

Birch and Maple are two popular kinds of wood used in drum manufacturing for many years. Their crisp sound and durability are among the features manufacturers look for.

Tama has found a way to make the most out of these wood types with the Artwood snare. The drums come in different sizes for variety and to meet different needs.

Tama Artwood Birch Snare

Many users have been saying good things about the Tama Artwood snares, which got me interested in them. Among the most popular options is the Tama Artwood birch snare drum.

It is said that Dave Grohl used a Tama 14 x 8-inch once in nirvana, leaving a great impression about them.

Tama does not produce them anymore, but there are a few you can find on online listings. Well, you can still find these drums online quite easily.


Think of the quality features that Tama invests in their products, and you will understand what this snare drum offers. It is an all-birch snare shell in a stunning high-gloss lacquer finish.

The Tama Artwood Birch snare drum puts the ‘art’ back into snare drums. You can tell right from the physical appearance of this piece that Tama has left nothing to chance.

It features 2.3mm reverse-flange hoops, a 10-lug configuration, and an Evans G1 coated head.

Generally, the snare comes with:

• 100% birch shell

• 2.3mm reverse flange hoops

• Ten lugs

• Evans Hazy 300s snares

• Evans G1 coated head


• Excellent construction

• Incredible design

• Great sound


• Nothing to complain

Tama Artwood Birch Snare Drum Red Mahogany 6.5×14

When choosing a good snare drum, it’s always advisable to consider the material used. Tama’s Artwood snare drums come in different sizes and configurations.

The Red Mahogany 6.5 x 14-inch Artwood birch snare offers great sound and excellent looks. It features all-birch shells in high-gloss stunning finishes. If you are looking for a snare drum that perfectly puts the “art” in snare making, then this is the product you can rely on.

Tama has been making drum sets for many years, and every product they bring to the market is designed to offer the best performance. This snare is not different.

The all-birch shells deliver durability and a wide tonal reach. It includes 2.3mm reverse-flange hoops, which makes it easy to set the drum.

The key to these drums is the material that makes them. We know that a snare drum is only as good as its wood. And birch is a wonderful wood.

They are multi-ply snare drums designed with thicker shells than most other snares. And that is a good thing because it improves the drums’ sound.

Another important factor with this piece is that you can tune them to get the exact sound you need. For instance, if you want to play R & B, you can tune them loose and low. In this case, you get a soulful and warm sound.

Last but not least, this line comes in a wide range of sizes. That means drummers can get the custom sound they desire. The snare is currently offered in four main sizes: 6.5 x 13-inch, 6.5 x 14-inch, 5.5 x 14-inch and 4 x 14-inch.


• Excellent sound

• A wide range of sizes

• Offer great flexibility


• The hardware is good but not the best

Tama Artwood Maple Snare

The most important aspect of any snare drum is the wood used. Snare drums are made from different wood types, and that is what makes the difference. Find good wood, and you have found a great snare drum.

The Tama Artwood Maple Snare Drum is made from 5mm to 7mm thick maple wood. This assures a more resonant sound with greater resonance.

This snare drum boasts seven plies to produce a 6mm piece. This drum is defined as a clear and bright sound. It will smoothly cut through the mix and project to the back of the room.

Maple is rock-hard, which assures a sound that will penetrate smooth. Understand that these are custom snare drums, and hence, sound according to your needs.

Another crucial aspect of this drum is that one can tune them to find the exact sound they need. Those who want to play R & B, tune them loose and low for a soulful and warm sound. And if you are looking for classic rock, tune them in the middle to achieve flexibility. Or tune the tight for a fast and bright sound.

Also, this drum comes in a wide range of sizes. A drummer will easily find what they need.

The biggest downside of this snare drum is its hardware. It is good, but not the best from Tama. Some users have complained that it does not have the best durability factor.


• A great tonal range

• Excellent construction

• Wonderful performance and reliability


  • The hardware is not durable


There are many good features of this series. Tama’s Artwood snare drums deliver great performance and reliability. You will love them.