It is not for nothing that Tama is one of the best drum manufacturers in the world. The company has been around for many years, building generations of reputable drummer players. Anyone who has passed through Tama’s hand will tell you they have never regrated.

No wonder it’s not easy to find a bell brass snare drum that rivals Tama’s power. During the 80s, it was a powerful tone embodied in these drums at different dynamic ranges that ruled.

These snare drums are not new. They are used by those who need deep sounds with a smooth, sensitive response. As the name suggests, they are made from brass.

The unparalleled sound and price of Tama Brass snare drums make them a must-have in every studio or stage. And when it comes to getting the best tonal value, these pieces do perform.

Bell Brass Snare Review

Are you looking to join the brass club? Tama brass snare could be everything you need to get started. I had heard so much about bell brass snares, but I never understood what makes them good and why they are so expensive.

So I ordered a Tama for the same reason. Most reviews I had seen online were not what I was looking for.

There are lots of reasons why people love these drum accessories. First, it’s because the bronze shell is more resonant than any other material. It produces a big sound with a great combination of crack and warmth. The depth of their tone is unmatched.

Another great reason to love the Tama brass snare is that it comes with a broad tuning range. You can play these drums in any setup, and they will not disappoint.

In terms of price, Tama is known for making high-quality products. And this one is no different. The drums are castings designed from an expensive product. The materials are four times more expensive than brass, and they need to be machined after casting.

Apart from that, these drums are quite rare, which makes their price higher. With Tama’s experience, every aspect of the drums is manufactured with great care.


I own about ten snares. But it’s the Tama brass snare that stands from the rest.

Sound is entirely subjective. What I like may not be what someone else may want to consider. But we can all agree on one thing, that these drums just sound amazing.


• Great sound

• Vintage with excellent construction

• Great performance e


• Expensive


Back in the 1980s, every studio had a Tama BB156 brass snare drum, well, most of them. It not because of their appearance or expensive design, but their fat sound.

If you are looking for the best Bell Brass snare drum from Tama, this is one product you can rely on. And after its reintroduction in 2016, the same old sound can be heard from stages too.

According to some users who owned this piece when it was realized, “there was nothing like it in the industry.” Many drummer players, recording engineers, and producers agreed that, indeed, this snare was unique.

The new model

Based on its historical significance, it’s only fair that the company would reintroduce the product. Perhaps it was only a matter of time before we started seeing it again, which has already happened.

The snare is hand-cast and manufactured in Japan. Tama says they have utilized the same process as used in making cymbals.

Theoretically, producing a single-piece comes with one main advantage. That there is no stress anywhere in this seamless shell since there no pending during production.

When wood, metal, and any other material are bent into shape, a part of their natural tendency is lost. It’s hard returning it to its original natural state. Manufacturers are using gluing, welding, and other methods to keep this from happening. However, the internal stress will still exist within the shells.

Seamless metal shells assure a continuous vibration without any interruption from this welded seam. As a result, you have more overall musicality of the snare.

When you play the Tama’s Bell Brass snare, the difference becomes clearer.

Tama bell brass has utilized advanced manufacturing methods to come up with a snare drum that prevails in the market. It beats essential aspects of snare drum design. This includes a wide-range tuning, loudness reach, unique and incredible tone, beautiful visuals.


• Great sound

• Usability

• Incredible finish


• Expensive

• Heavy

TAMA Starphonic 14″ x 6″ Bell Brass Snare Drum

Snare drums are a crucial aspect of any drum set. They deliver a great sound that rings through the mix with power.

However, some products outperform others. The Tama STARPHONIC’s Bell Brass snare drum is one such product.

Think of the unparalleled power and wide sonic reach of a bell brass snare. Tama offers this and much more, including an incomparable sound that has inspired many drummers for generations.

The new Starphonic’s Bell Brass does not only retain the unique tonal features of its kind, but it promises wonderful sensitivity and control.


The first thing you will notice right from the box is the incredible design of this snare drum. They feature a freedom lug and claw hook, which performs better than regular hoops. One can tilt the claw hooks backward by loosening the tensioning rods. This is a quick-release system that allows the user to achieve a speedy and straightforward replacement of the drum heads. You don’t have to take all the tensioning rods to form the lugs.

A non-loosening rubber gasket keeps the tensioning bolt tight in place during playing. The claw hook is pressed towards the hoop once you tighten the in-tensioning bolt.

A super-sensitive snare wire assures a more crisp and sensitive sound, Tama achieved using new materials and customizing the plate’s shape. The winding wire pattern has also been changed, modifications that produce a Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon snappy snare. You have greater sensitivity and a brighter, crisper sound.

Other notable features include:

• Ratched[P1] style snappy tension adjuster

• Detachable butt plate

• Linear-drive strainer

• Grooved hoops


• New and improved design

• Better performance

• A wide tonal range


• Apart from the high price, nothing to complain

Tama PBB146 Starphonic Bell Brass Snare

Tama’s Starphonic series comes with highly recommended products. Therefore, if you understand how good bell brass snare drums are, the Starphonic Bell Brass Snare drum will impress you.

The first thing you will notice is an incredible design that comes from years of research and development. It’s based on the same idea as the original snare.

And when it comes to the tonal value of this drum, nothing could compare to it. A solid sound that carries a full projection with a rich, resonant tone can be heard from the drums’ deepest part. It’s then combined with a fine, crisp snare response that would not be found anywhere else.

Tama has been trying to improve the tonal value of this already incredible product. It has managed to achieve a new sound by incorporation a new hoop, lug, and strainer design. It’s then mixed into a uniquely built drum shell.

The unparalleled power and wide sonic range of bell brass snare complete this combination. Hence, it’s not only the unique sound feature that will impress you but an incredible sensitivity and control too.


This bell brass snare is a 14 x 6-inch single piece from the series. The drum shells are made from 3mm of material.

It features MTL90 freedom lugs, which are known for their performance. A linear drive snare strainer then improves it.

Super Sensitive High Carbon snare wires promise an incomparable resonance.

Most drummers will focus on the grooved hoops, which deliver a new snare drum sound. Tama studied this component’s evolution carefully to create something that combines the vintage design with modern technology.


• Improved design and features

• Incredible tonal reach

• A snappy tension adjuster


• Expensive

Tama BB-156 Mastercraft 6.5×14″ Bell Brass Snare Drum 1981 – 1987

I recently came across one post on that really caught my attention. It says, “Some consider the older Tama and Sonor cast bronze shells to be the most incredible live and studio instruments ever made.” Well, this is the best way to describe the Tama BB-156 Mastercraft 6.5 x 14-inch drum.

The drum in this review came in flawless condition. I was quite surprised, considering it seemed an old product that is not in production anymore. I am no saying it isn’t.

When you lift the box, you will first notice how heavy this piece is. It weighs 18 pounds, which is extremely bulky compared to other drums.

Despite its cost and tonal character, this is not a drum you will be carrying back and forth from every gig. Hence, it’s best left for the studio.

After this, you will notice a unique and beautiful finish. The photos do not do justice to their real appearance. The drum has retained the natural beauty of its 3mm brass shell. The finish features a soft, brushed, and somehow wood-like texture. The look alone tells of a high-end product.

Even with the newer version, Tama has retained the first chrome, and Superstar lugs echo its appearance. But it’s the integrated butt plate that seems most attractive. It makes removing and replacing snare wires much effortless.

The bell brass drum comes extremely well designed. This assures an easy setup, usage, and tunability. Even though it’s pretty heavy, the product will impress in terms of usability.


• Thick, throaty, and massive sound

• Very useful

• A well-thought design


• Extremely heavy

• Expensive

Customer reviews

Before buying any product, l always wants to know what other customers are saying about it. And the Tama Bell Brass snare drum is not different. I am sure you would do the same.

So, I went online and found some useful information. One user asks, “I’ve heard some people say “Bell Brass” is the same as bronze. Is that true?”

Among the answers, one says, “yes, in many past catalogs, Tama specified “Bell Brass” as an 8:2 ration of copper and tin.”

“Tama is a great brand, and they understand what to do when it comes to customer satisfaction. All their drums are impressive, especially the bell brass snare drum. Brass and bronze are alloys used extensively in everyday objects. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, while the other consists mainly of copper, with tin.”

If you are looking for the best-sounding snares for studio and live performance, Tama’s Bell brass could be your ultimate answer. Anyone who has used these products swears by them, and all for the right reasons.

Final thought

What makes snare drum good? It’s definitely their sound and design. And in this case, Tama Bell Brass snare scores maximum points. People love them for their resonance and big sound, which assures a beautiful combination of crack and warmth/depth.