Getting the Tama Cocktail kit is the dream of every drummer. The kit is in a series of drums that were well designed and made by Tama. It has undergone several developments to make it much better, but the value has not changed that much.

I have been using the cocktail kit for several years now, and I like the sound that it produces and its design. It makes you feel the touch of a drum kit. You can play it for the entire day without getting bored with its sounds and weight.

Therefore, it’s your time to grab some fantastic kit features for players who are unfamiliar with this kit. This review will open your eyes to the fantastic features that make this kit outstanding and suitable for all drummers. Therefore, it is useful if you stay with me throughout this review and learn from the best.

Tama Cocktail Jam Kit

The is a Tama original in both appearance and sound. It is suitable for various music genres, including hip-hop, jazz, intimate acoustic settings, and tight rehearsal rooms. It is entirely compact; thus, it is easy to set up and played using a throne in much smaller spaces than a typical drum.

The cocktail jam kit and its hardware can be packed into two bags included with the kit making it super portable and easy to transport to any gig. It is made of carefully selected 100% 6 ply birch shells, 6mm for the tom, floor tom, and snare drum. The bass drum is made of a 7ply, 8mm birch shell.

The same molding methods used in high-end drums make this kit produce powerful sound, rich tone, and warm resonance. The good thing is that there is space for cymbal attachment and other percussion instruments by mounting more clamps to the connecting pipes.

Tama Silverstar cocktail jam kit

The Tama Silverstar cocktail jam kit is claimed to have been developed in nine months. The Tama main aim is square in the center of the segment compact/portable/cocktail drum kits. Therefore, let us consider some of the features of this kit.



The same shell used in making other Silverstar line-ups is used to make this kit. The shell is a 100% birch shell that is carefully selected to provide high-quality shells. This kit’s hardware and metal components are all robust, well-finished, and of a typical drum set.

The kit comes with a 200 series iron cobra pedal modified with vertical action and bags to carry the kit. The kit’s value is $500, making it hard to beat the value regardless of the comparison you make. Several kits are within this range but not with birch shells, Silverstar hardware, and a decent pedal included.


The bass drum and the single-headed toms can be nested into each other and fit all the drums in the relatively small-looking cylindrical padded bag. The hardware can be packed into a rectangular padded bag. The entire kit is super portable and the kit can easily be set, meaning it can be packed within 10 minutes after completing your performance.


High-quality sound is what everyone always considers in a drum kit. The snare is very lovely and has a crack and growl, making it much suitable for such a kit. The toms lack in volume and character, but they perform a passable job, and they can be tuned lower than expected.

The bass lacks and has a disappointing flatness that can be remedied with careful tuning of the floor tom. This makes the floor tom act as a secondary resonance chamber for the bass drum. The volume will be sufficient for coffee house music.


  • Included with the kit are one padded drum bag and one padded hardware bags making it super portable.
  • It can be used for several music genres.


  • Cymbals not included in the pack

Tama Expands Cocktail-JAM kit with New Cocktail-JAM Mini

The new cocktail jam mini is an expansion of the previous compact cocktail jam kit. This new kit is a smaller version of its predecessor, and it features drums that are 2 inches smaller in diameter.


The kit offers an even smaller footprint, and the entire kit and its hardware fit into two bags included in the pack. Tama compact clamps are sold separately; thus, when added, drummers have a chance to add cymbals, hi-hat, and cowbells to the kit for greater versatility.

The cocktail jam mini kit CJP44 has 8ply, 7.5mm poplar shells, 1.6mm triple flange hoops, a bass drum pedal, a two-single-tom attachment, and a new bass drum mute that offers a punchier sound.

The kit comes with 14″ x 6″ bass drum, 5″ x 8″ mounted tom, 10″ x 5″ snare drum, and 12″ x 5.5″ floor tom.

Due to tight rehearsal rooms completely compact this kit is suitable for musical contexts that call for a tight drum set sound, including jazz and ideal for hip hop.


  • It can be used in tight rooms.
  • It comes with two bags for portability.
  • It can be used for various music genres.


  • It produces deep sounds in massive rooms.

Tama Cocktail Jam/Hybrid Kit

The hybrid drums have been in existence for as long as there have been electronic drums. The cocktail kit concept has also been aged, and the traditional cocktail kit is a large floor/bass combination drum with a snare and a smaller tom.


Tama designed this kit in partnership with Roland. It comes with two triggers for kick and snare, as well as the Roland TM-2 module. Therefore, the kit combines the acoustic kit’s natural sounds with more colorful sounds from the module.

The TD-2 module is small and compact; thus, it can be mounted off a multi clamp in any place. You can create your sounds and store them in the module. The module is basic and easy to use as it provides two stereo trigger inputs.

The entire kit except seats and cymbals fit into the two heavy-duty bags that come with the kit. The kit produces high-quality sounds that are needed because of the excellent combination. The kit is affordable, which means you can get it without any issue.

Drum sizes

  • 6″x16″ bass drum
  • 5.5″x14″ floor tom
  • 5″x10″ tom tom
  • 5″x12″ snare drum


  • It can be used by all drummers, including beginners.
  • It works perfectly for several music genres.


  • The sound of the bass drum is projected upwards to the floor tom rather than out.

Tama Cocktail Jam CJB46 four-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum – Bright Orange Sparkle

Tama cocktail jam drum kit offers a full set of great-sounding shells, heads, and hardware. It can be broken down, packed up, and carried in a single trip making it super portable. The set comes with two toms, a snare, a kick drum, all mounting hardware, a bass drum pedal, and a sound focus pad for the bass drum.


The shells of all four drums are made of birch to deliver a robust low end and enough to cut through any mix. The kit boats of low mass lugs allow the drum shell to resonate freely, eliciting the compact shells’ best performance.

The kick drum, toms, and snare drum are outfitted with Evans drumheads for power to hang with the band.


The components of this kit can be broken down and packed into a hardware bag and drum bag. This makes the kit easy to transport to any gig. The setup and tear down can be quickly done in under five minutes.

Included components

You will get not only four high-quality birch shells and hoops, legs, and mounting hardware all come with the kit and can fit into the carrying bags. Included in the pack also is a custom-designed Tama kick drum pedal.

You can add other accessories to your kit, but you need to buy them separately. The Sweetwater website has all rights reserved. it has finished such as midnight gold sparkle and indigo sparkle.


  • It comes with several hardware components for effectiveness.
  • It is suitable for all drummers.


  • Cymbals are not included in the pack.