The Tama Iron Cobra Bass Pedal was introduced to the market as the “ultimate drum pedal” close to 25 years ago. Since then, it has undergone serious evolutions and improvements to meet modern drummers’ ever-rising demands.

Tama is one of those brands you can always rely on for high-end products. The company has been on the market for many years, developing different solutions for drummers across the globe.

Like any other product in the cobra hardware line, the cobra bass pedal lives up to its mission statement “rock-solid strength and versatility.”

Many are asking whether the latest version will compare well with its much-admired predecessors.

Tama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal
Tama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal

If you understand the quality of products Tama offers, you should know what to expect here. And if you have used the previous versions, this one should offer you better performance.

Many drummers understand that a good bass drum pedal is key to producing sweet music. It would help if you had something sturdy and useful; otherwise, you will become frustrated on the stage.

You can trust the Tama Iron Cobra series for this.

In this guide, we will be looking at how good these pedals really are. Our focus here is not on the abundance of features but on putting the pedals on a real trial.

Tama Iron Cobra Double Pedals

Drummers who play high-intensity music like rock and metal require fast action bass drum pedals accessories. That is the main reason double bass drums were introduced.

Tama Iron Cobra double bass drum pedals are among the most reputable products you will find out there. These come with all the best features of good pedals.

There are two main options:

Iron Cobra 900 Twin Pedal

This bass drum pedal has been the ultimate solution for drummers for more than two decades. The whole Iron Cobra line achieved its legendary status of strength and all the logical requirements for different drumming styles years ago.

Tama has continued to improve the line’s performance and response.

The 900 Twin pedal features a special stabilizer on the outside frame to keep the left pedal in place. This increases its stability on the floor.

Power Glide cam is designed with an offset shape, which assures Tama’sTama’s signature pedal actions. These features increase the beater’s power and speed. It’sIt’s also 40% lighter than the previous sprocket, which makes it faster, smoother, and more powerful.

Tama replaced the heavy, sluggish action of the previous versions where one had to adjust the beater by tightening the pedal spring with the Cobra Coil. It adds on a steel return spring that makes tightening faster and more efficient.

Other features include a smaller but thicker beater head, a Swivel Spring Tight, Hinge Guard Block, and Quick-Hook functions.

Tama Cobra 600

If you are not ready to invest in the more expensive 900 series, the 600 double bass drum pedal Iron Cobra will still do the job perfectly. It comes with duo/rolling glide cams for easy adjustment and smooth action.

A double chain drive assures more power and accuracy, while the newly designed hinge offers greater precision and durability.

Speedo-Ring has been added to reduce friction. This feature replaces the traditional nylon rocker and now with a built-in, high-quality ball bearing.

You can choose the right action based on your approach and music environment. It’s all about personal preference.

Tama Iron Cobra Double bass drum Pedals pros

• Strong and durable

• Best quality hardware

• Improved features


• Expensive

Tama Iron Cobra Bass Pedal review

At first, you might think this new Iron Cobra bass pedal is similar to the previous version. But you will realize there is a host of improved features onboard the brand-new pedal.

In terms of construction, the pedal comes with new modifications aimed at eliminating side movement. The whole frame is not 15mm from the previous 12mm.

A new beater design with a smaller design captures one’s attention. And yet, it’s highly effective.

Dense black foam is added to the Power-Stroke beater. Tama claims this adds a lower punch to the mid-frequency on the kick.

Both pedals have been upgraded by overhauling the mechanism that attaches the pedal to the hoop, ensuring more stability and support to the pedal.

Tama claims the “Para Clamp II Pro” can pivot freely in position, assuring the right action from any angle. Also, a thicker rubber coating has been added to eliminate marring.

Besides, the Iron Cobra has received Lite Sprocket features. It is 40% Lighter than the previous cam, which delivers a smoother and lighter action.

But the best upgrade is the innovative swivel spring. It allows the bottom spring to move back and forth like a pendulum as the cam moves to its top. As a result, the spring is always self-aligned. Tama says this improves the stroke with a smoother pedal action.

The pedal comes with a double chain mechanism and features the patented Cobra Coil. This makes it everything you would expect from a high-end double bass drum pedal.


The product in this review is a single Rolling Glide Iron Cobra. There is no fault on this pedal, which makes it worth considering. It brings an immense punch, especially from its size.


• Nice upgrades

• A sturdy and functional pedal

• High-end performance


• None, unless to consider the high price tag

Tama Iron Cobra 200

Tama’s Iron Cobra pedal has been on the market for more than 20 years now. Its popularity is higher than ever.

And now the company has decided to upgrade its lower range pedals under this banner, bringing on board the new 200 series.

And that means the new Iron Cobra 200 pedals offer high-end performance at the most affordable price. They are designed to withstand high-intensity action, serving any music style.


The 200-line pedals are lightweight single-chain products. They come with solid baseplates, twin surface beaters, and doubles.

The shape you see on the Iron Cobra today is found on the second-gen of IC pedals of 1998. But it has undergone various tweaks and improvements to create better performance.

You can never mistake where these new pedals come from. Features like the bulging footboard and the tapered upright board are still present. Tama has used black powder coating to help demarcate between its lines of products.

Most of the new features are on the 900 pedals. But each series has something special to offer.


Chose cam on the 200 series is Power Glide, just like the one on higher-end products. The pedals also have the anti-twist Spring Tight rod that assures a better beater angle adjustment.

The 200 pedals feel incredibly stable, just like the more expensive 600 and 900 series. It will, therefore, not disappoint you.


• Sturdy

• Good construction

• Excellent value


• It is not widely adjustable

Tama Iron Cobra 600

For those who need a world-class-performing pedal, you can never go wrong with Tama’s Iron Cobra. This series has been serving the drumming community for many years now.

The Iron Cobra pedal celebrated its third decade on the market last year, which is a huge milestone for any product. The 600 comes as one of the highest valued pedals in the cobra line.


From a distance, you may think nothing has changed on the appearance of this pedal. That is understandable.

After all, the same shape we see today can be linked to the one first coiled in 1998 with the introduction of second-gen IC pedals.

However, several upgrades have need added to improve its functionality. Like the inclusion of a hard-shell case on the 600, a few things tell of an improved product.

A double sided-cam, Duo Glide Cam that can be flipped 180-degree offers the functions of both Power Glide and Rolling Glide cams.


The same double chain drive found on the 900 is also on the 600. It also features the Para-Clamp, a hoop clamp that automatically adjusts to the bass drum hoop’s angle and height.

Other additions like the Speedo-Ring and Spring-Tight are all added to improve performance. This specially-shaped rod prevents the spring from twisting.

The strong resemblance to the 900 pedals assures a solidity and defining character of Cobra hardware. Action-wise, the pedal is smooth and seamless.


• Duo Glide Cam

• Excellent construction

• High-quality performance


• Pricy

Tama Iron Cobra Hi Hat stand

Here is a perfect counterpart to your Iron Cobra 900 Line of drum pedals. The Iron Cobra 900 hi-hats stand promises great sensitivity, fast-action, maximum adjusting, and a noiseless operation.

The latest version comes with a “Quick-Set Clutch,” which allows for quick attachment and cymbals release.

It features a Hinge Guard Block on the footboard that balances the bearing. This minimizes stress while maximizing smoothness.


When it comes to the best hi-hat action, you want a sturdy stand that will hold the hat strongly in place and encourage freedom. And this stand has it all.

It features a Quick-Set hi-hat clutch for easy setup of the cymbals. It allows the top cymbal to float more freely.

Non-loosening tension rod keeps the cymbals in place during action. Also, it has a Lever Glide in place of the traditional pull mechanism, which assures a smoother action.

The Bearing Hinge design has been changed from one piece to two-piece, balancing the bearing more evenly. It reduces stress while increasing smoothness while elevating the pedals’ power.

Duo-Spike ensures the stand remains in one place while the swivel foot allows it to be rotated around the dual legs. These features also increase flexibility.

Tilt system, dual legs, footboard angle adjustment, and Glide-Tite Grip joint are also nice features you can expect from his pedal. They are all part of a system that promises a smooth operation.


• A sturdy construction

• Dual legs

• Smooth action from a high-quality pedal


• None at this price range

Tama’s Iron Cobra hardware is the real deal for modern drummers. The bass pedals and hi-hat stand reviewed above will not disappoint you.