A snare drum is one of the most important parts of a drum kit. It delivers a crisp and clean tone that rings through the mix with power.

But this depends on the drum you choose. There is a wide range of snare drums today. Not all of them are good. The number of manufacturers has increased greatly over the past few years.

Tama is one of the few brands that many drummers have come to love and trust. It offers a wide range of solutions that have been serving generations.

The Tama Metalworks snare drums are products for those who know their drums. This line has inspired a generation of drum sets.

I will be reviewing the drums in this article.

Tama Metalworks Snare 10

I used to rely on one snare alone for all my performances. That was before I realized the power that lies in effects snare drums. But even with this revelation, it was still hard to find the right effect snares. There are just too many options.

And then I read an online review of Tama Metalworks snare 10. This piece offers the best sound I have ever heard in a product of this nature.

You may think I am biased when I say these effects snare could be everything you would ever need. However, I am trying to give my most honest opinion of it.

The drum measures 10-inch x 5.5-inch. Thus, it’s slightly smaller in diameter than the classic snare drum.

This piece is designed for drummers who want higher-tuned snare drums. It’s perfect for pop, funk, soul, and any environment that requires the snare to sound tight.

Most importantly, this snare drum is not too small. As such, it can also be used as a standalone.

Apart from the tonal character above, this drum also offers excellent cracking without being too punchy or low-end. It’s an ideal choice for your high-pitched snare tones.

It’s slightly thicker, too, with 1mm shells, which allows the drums to perform at maximum potential. They are finished in black nickel, which creates a unique, industrial look. It’s, therefore, a perfect match for the sound of steel.


• Top-notch sound

• Excellent construction

• A compact size


• Prone to overtone ringing

Tama Metalworks 12×4 Snare

Every product that Tama brings on the market is designed to offer the best performance. And this Metalworks snare drum is no different.

It comes from Tama’s Metalworks Effect series Mini-Tymps. These drums are ideal for those who wish to add a new sonic color to their kit. They deliver a clear, sharp, and percussive crack that you cannot find on any other piece.

Metalworks Effect series Mini-Tymps come in three different models, all of which are designed for high-end performance. They come with an L-rod and multi-clamp, assuring a fast and easy setup.

Top features

The first thing you will notice about this drum is its compact design. Measuring 12 x 4-inch, this piece can sit anywhere without making your setup look too bulky.

It features a 1.0mm steel shell, which is a great size for those who need a higher pitch. The matte finish and the black matte finish make this snare drum lack competition.

Once you set it up, everyone will know what you are playing. It has this unique way of attracting the listener to recognize its presence.

Also, the snare is made with 1.6mm triple-flange hoops, also in Black Matte finish. If I didn’t know better, I would say Tama may have stretched a bit to justify the snare’s price.

The tom brackets are equipped with MC66 single tom attachment and L-rod. This makes it easy to set your pieces in place.


• Great sound

• Top-notch construction

• Great effects


• A little too many overtones

Tama Metalworks Snare Drum – 4 x 13 inch

Smaller snare drums are becoming very common with many drummers across the globe. But many are not great because the manufacturers do not put the best features into consideration.

And that is where Tamae emerges as the winner.

The Tama Metalworks snare drum 4 x 13-inch series presents a crisp, cutting tone that will make your backbeats sound great. It’s an ideal choice for side snare, which is more than what you could get with any other snare drum.

It features a 1.0mm steel outfitted with a set of 6-hole flanged hoops. With these features, you are sure to have the most comfortable tuning experience of any snare drum.

Also, it assures a versatile performance that would work with a wide variety of music. Hence, you can use it in any setup, from funk to rock and fiberglass to metal.

Top features

In terms of construction, Tama has tried to make sure you get something that makes you feel great. A black matte finish and matching snare hardware give it great looks. This is echoed by the round TAMA Metalworks, which assures a great look from any side of your kit.

If you are looking to expand your concert kit, this could be the best effects snare drum to go for. Besides, it’s large enough to serve as a standalone piece.

Top features include:

• Great for backbeats and side snare use

• 1.0mm black steel shell for a cutting tone

• 6-lug triple-flanged hoops

• Matching matte hoops


• A useful strainer

• A great butt plate

• Excellent tone


• Like any other metalworks snare, it produces more than good overtones.

TAMA Metalworks Nickel-Plated Black Steel Snare Drum Black 6.5×14

A snare drum is very crucial to the tone of your kit. And this is why one must be very careful when choosing this component.

Metalworks snare drums from Tama are incredibly great in terms of quality and tonal value. Drummers who understand their snare will not hesitate to for these drums.

The Metalworks Nickel-Plated Black Steel snare drum 6.5 x 14-inch is a full-size drum designed for outstanding performance. It has received a lot of positive reviews from many users across the globe.

Apart from great physical features, this snare offers a great sound. Its combination of a sharp crack and an outstanding projection will leave you satisfied.

Other features

The crack on this snare drum has the edge and tone to make a strong dynamic statement. It can be a great option if you are looking for a quality snare drum.

It features a 1.2mm shell, which is thicker than common snares. And with it comes a robust sound, along with durability.

The brushed nickel finish on steel delivers and industrial. One is sure to enjoy the metal sound that accompanies these features.

Also, the heads on these drums are something else worth commending. Evans Power Center Reverse heads on the batter side are of great quality. That means you don’t have to change them as soon as you buy the drums.

The 14-inch diameter is a perfect size that allows the snare to serve as standalone too. You should feel a great power right away.


• Excellent sound

• Durable

• Great design


• Too many overtones

Tama Metalworks Effect Series Snare Drum – 3 x 8 inch – Black

Are you looking for something extra for your drum kit but not sure where to start from? Well, I would recommend that you try out the Tama Metalworks Effect series.

I would write everything about these drums’ features and why you should pick them, but I won’t. Instead, I will share my personal experience, focusing on the performance of this piece.

Tama is known for making a great product, and this one is no different. You can tell this right from the design and finish of this snare drum.

It’s an ultra-thin snare with a 1.0mm steel shell that assures a sharp, cutting tone. The half-snare wire configuration delivers a lively snap right through the mix. It will get out of the way quickly, too, allowing you to get creative.

For many drummers, lugging another snare stand to the venue is quite stressful. It only makes the kit wider and hard to play.

You don’t have to worry about this when using the Metalworks effects series snares. They include an MC69 single tom attachment, eliminating the need for a stand.

Besides, the drums feature a set of triple-flanged hoops, which makes it easy to set up your kit.

8 x 3-inch is a compact size that any gigging drummer will appreciate. It also means these effects snare will sit right in the middle of your set without making it seem too bulky.


• Mod-tone System for easy snare wire adjustment

• Triple-flange hoops for extra power

• Quality sound


• Some users have complained of the overtones

• It cannot work as a standalone

Tama Metalworks Steel Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in. Black Nickel Hardware

Snare drums have really come a long way. And Tama is among the few top brands that have focused on bringing you the best technologies around. This Tama Metalworks Steel snare drum 14 x 6.5-inch is a good example.

Everything about this snare drum is excellent. Tama has left nothing to chance from the thicker metal shell to the black nickel color scheme. The snare projects muscle with every detail.

The shell is made from pure steel, with 1.2mm thickness and 6.5-inch depth. Hence, it makes the best of the material, allowing your drum to cut through any setup.

You will love the crisp, piercing backbeat that comes from this snare drum. This is what drummers look for in a metal snare.


Apart from the shell, this package includes hardware and a badge. It comes with 2.3mm triple-flange Mighty hoops and a single row of badge lugs. These components hug a steep ridge with great intensity, delivering a captivating appearance.

Every piece of the hardware comes with the best quality configuration. They are darkened strong, in a black nickel finish that matches the excellent sound produced.

In a nutshell, Tama understands what every drummer needs, and they will go the extra mile to deliver. They have done so in this go-to steel snare. It makes such a strong impression.


• A solid snare

• Black nickel hardware

• Excellent sound


• Nothing to complain about at this price range

Tama Metalworks 14×5.5 Steel snare drum w/ Matte Black Shell Hardware

Tama’s Metalworks snared drums are known to offer a bright tone with tight crispness. Tune them right, and they promise smooth resonance in low tuning.

Tama has been making high-quality drums and accessories for many years, making this piece an excellent choice for any drummer.

The 14 x 5.5 steel snare drum features a 1.2mm black matte steel shell designed with a ridge on the center of the shell. This feature ensures structural reinforcement and an excellent tonal nuance.

You will first notice a great built quality when you take the snare from the box. The shell and hardware color is matched, delivering a cutting-edge modern look. There are very few snare drums that can stand up to the quality of this construction.

Top feature

Configured with a 14 x 5.5 steel shell, this Metalworks snare drum from Tama is something else. The size is right to act as a standalone as well as a second snare.

Triple flanged hoops and MLS60S lugs ensure setting up your kit is quick and efficient. If you already have a snare stand, it should only take a few minutes to get this piece in place, and you are good to go.

Also, the snare comes with hardware. Its strainer and butt plate come from the higher lines of Tama products.


• Excellent sound

• Durable

• Triple-flange hoops


• Too many overtones

• A bit pricy

Final thought

Metalworks snare drums have become very popular with many drummers. And Tama is making sure you get the best of the market. These pieces will not disappoint you.