Every time I review a Tama drum set or hardware, it makes me feel as though I am discovering something new. Well, I do.

Tama is always improving its products through research and development. Hence, every new version appears different from the previous one.

Among the products, many, including me, have come to love very much is the octoban set. This simple drum set adds unique percussions to your set, allowing you to create incredible music.

In this review, we will be discovering what these pieces can achieve.

Octobans Tama Drum Kit

This is one of Tama’s first percussion instruments. Octobans have been played by progressive drummers from Simon Phillips to Stewart Copeland to Mike Portnoy.

Tama 2-Piece High-Pitch Octoban Set Black

Percussion music creates a sense of fulfillment in the performer and those listening to it. But it only makes sense if you have the right gear.

Here is one product that can help you achieve this and much more. The Octoban one of Tama’s first original instruments, a unique drum set that is sure to offer progressive elements to your drumming.


The first thing you will notice on this set is the unique design it comes with. It’s a two-piece kit configured with 6-inch diameter shells. The drums are 11-inches deep.

One can tune these shells melodically to get high pitch tones. You can also find low-pitch drums if that is what you need.

Unlike large drums, octobans use the shell length to change their pitch instead of the diameter. This means longer shells offer deep sounds, while shorter ones deliver sharp and focused sounds.

This set is one of Tama’s first original percussion products. They have been played by a wide range of progressive players in the world.

They have a vintage design and appearance, which makes them stand out in your setup.

In this 2-piece octoban, you also get a sturdy stand.

When it comes to creating good sounds for percussion music, there are many products that stand out. Among them is this octoban drum set from Tama.

In terms of performance, this kit is very useful. It allows you to add progressive elements to your drumming.

Tama introduced this piece of the market several years ago, and it has become a prevalent component in many drum sets. Hence, you will find it very useful.


• From a reputable brand

• A sturdy construction

• High-pitch sounds


• Expensive

TAMA Octobans 4 Pieces Low Pitch

I have been a huge Tama fan for many years. Their products always seem to have something extra to offer, compared to other brands.

I’ve played or owned products from a wide range of brands, and Tama is way up in terms of overall quality. Even with their lower-end products, you still get quality that is beyond anything else.

These octobans are among the original percussion instruments Tama ever made. They have been played by progressive drummers, from Simon Phillips to Stewart Copeland, and from Stewart Copeland to Mike Portnoy.

The pitch range is determined by the shell length—these low-pitch octobans 6-inches in shell diameter. The shortest is 4-inches wide.

Also, the kit comes with a double-braced HW 119 stand. This is a sturdy piece of hardware that will serve you for a long time.


I will be honest here. Yes, Tama is a great brand, but that does not mean everything they make is automatically good.

These octobans are not quite what is expected from Tama. The sound ok, and the hardware is useful. But they are extremely limited in terms of design and adjustment.

For asking price, I feel they are not worth it. You can find other products out there with better features at a lower price.

I recently tried playing them side by side with Peace drums accessories. Honestly, I found the piece to sound better than the Tama.

Perhaps it’s just that Tama is a reputable brand. Aside from this, there seems to be nothing special about their octobans.

Nevertheless, the sound is a very subjective matter. What I like may not be the same thing someone else will like.

It would be better, therefore, to try out this kit for yourself. You might just find them useful.


• Great sound

• Huge tone

• Sensitive and responsive

• Versatile


• Expensive

Tama High Pitch 4-Piece Octoban Set W/ Stand

As one of Tama’s original percussion instruments, octobans have been played by a wide range of progressive drummers. I would own it all to Tama’s quality.

Octobans are not very new in the world of percussion music. They are one of the most versatile music options for your percussion setup.

You get a different pitch based on the length of the shells. This means thinner shells characterize the higher-pitched octobans, while low-pitched ones have wider shells.


The first thing you will notice on this four-piece octoban drum set is its quality construction. You can always feel that they are strong and instrumental.

I could never expect anything less from Tama.

The drums are 4 to 6-inches in shell diameter. The variation in shells is crucial for delivering different sounds.

You also get a double-braced HW 119 stand, which is sturdy. It has a wonderful design and rubber feet to hold sturdily on to the ground.

These drums can be tuned melodically to offers varying tonal reaches. They are specifically high-pitched.


There is no denying that Tama is a great brand. It’s one of my favorite manufactures, compared to others.

But I can be biased in my review.

The octobans were not what I would have expected from the manufacture. Their sound is ok, but there are other brands that deliver better performance.

The hardware is also sturdy, which is crucial when using the kit.

However, the set is extremely limited on adjustment. It’s also plain in appearance.

The four-in-one stand is bulky. Besides, the drums are also bulky, which means they take up a lot more space.

Nevertheless, they are still excellent drums. Their mounting system is better than most.

For this price, I would say these pieces are quite a bargain.


• Excellent construction

• Good tone

• Sensitive and versatile


• Less adjustable

• pricy

Verdict – Progressive Percussion for Your Kit

Adding progressive elements to your drumming delivers and incredible performance. Tama’s octobans are a right for this kind of job.

The only problem I have here is their price. You can tell the pieces are pretty basic in their design and construction, making it hard to justify the price.

However, Tama is a reputable brand. You can rely on these kits for durability.

Also, if you cannot reach the price of new products, you can buy Tama octobans used. There are many listings online that offer this option. For beginners, buying used drum sets is the most convenient way to own one.