Tama S.l.p. G Maple Snare Drum 7 X 13

Buying snare drums is more than just finding the pieces. You need to consider all the details, especially sound and performance. The number of drum manufacturers on the market is overwhelming. And this makes choosing even harder.

However, there are certain brands you can always count on. Tama is one such name. Tama has been making high-quality drum sets for many years. Every drummer around may know the company.

One thing that amuses me with Tama drums is their attention to detail. Every piece they make comes with top features and innovations on the market.

The Tama SLP Snare Drums are among the best snare on the market. And in this guide, I will be reviewing some of the top products from the line.

As you may already know, the snare drum is the most important piece in a drum set. It’s crucial in bringing out the best performance, and these SLP snare drums are just the right tools.

Tama S.L.P. G-Maple Snare Drum 7 x 13

Each wood SLP snare drum from Tama is uniquely impressive. Although they are priced high, it will be a worthy investment.

The G-Maple 13 x 7-inch snare drum is a unique drum that promises outstanding visual features and incredible tonal performance. Tama makes sure you get real value from your drums, no matter the music your play.

You are exposed to a wide a varied selection of snares in the entire SLP line. This is why choosing the right one could prove a bit difficult.

Nevertheless, if you understand the material and how Tama uses them to offer solutions for a wide range of user situations, it should be hard to find the perfect snare drum.

This G-maple snare drum is a versatile piece constructed from a long time of research and experimentation. It promises and clean, crisp sound and durability, features that make a good snare drum.


The natural maple finish and subtle grain deserve more attention than it currently gets. It features triple-flanged 2.3mm steel sound Arc hoops. They feature a slight inward-facing top flange which prevents nasty stick shredding.

The G-Maple features a smaller diameter, compensated by the 7-inch depth. It also features retro-styled tube lugs but is fitted with star cast diecast hoops.

With a tamo ash outer ply, this snare promises a performance like no other. The plating and snare throw-off is something to admire too.

Concerning sound, the G-maple 13-inch snare drum sounds incredible. It’s almost similar to G-Birch. The sweetest spot is slightly off-center, delivering the slightest overtones with a snappy natural sound.


• Superb quality

• Top-notch sounds

• Durable


• Expensive

Tama S.L.P. Black Brass Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in

Do you enjoy fast, powerful beats? And are you looking for a strong attack to ensure your skills are heard? Well, the S.L.P Black brass snare drum could be all you need.

The entire SLP line from Tama is designed to assure professional performance with top-of-the-market features. You can always count on the sweet sounds that come from the snares.

This SLP Black brass snare features a 1.5 mm shell from robust brass. It promised plenty of attacks and warm responses.

I played this piece in a marching band, and it did not disappoint. It has such a huge sound that makes every listener feel warm inside.


No matter how attractive a snare drum is, it’s the sound output that makes all the difference. And in this case, Tama’s SLP black brass snare drum has it all.

It’s equipped with excellent hardware that stands up to the challenge. The Steel Might Hoops assure durability and sturdiness.

With its triple-flanged and 2mm thick hoops, you are sure of getting a ‘wetter’ sound. It’s better than diecast zinc by far.

Think of the most articulate rimshots, and this piece will deliver. And if it’s the accent you are concerned about, don’t worry; the snare drum is made just for that.

It comes with a huge 42-strand Starclassic Carbon steel snappy snares that assure maximum response and an emphasized attack.

Add this snare to your collection, and you will never need another.


• Excellent sounds

• High-quality hardware for durability

• Versatile


• Expensive

Tama SLP Classic Dry Aluminum Snare Drum 14 x 5.5 in. Aluminium

Tama has been known for making the best drums on the market. Its focus on details and assurance of quality keeps the brand among the top players on the market.

Their SLP Classic Dry Aluminum Snare drum is a standard-sized piece designed for the modern drummer. If you are looking for a snare accessories drum that delivers the true value of your investment, you will never go wrong with this piece.


The first thing you will notice on this drum from the box is its outstanding visual representation. The stunning finish and color stand out from the setup, giving you a performance you will never forget. It looks great in any environment.

It is a 14-inch x 5.5-inch snare drum with chrome hardware. The package includes a carrying case.


Unfortunately, this is a single piece that does not come with a stand. Hence, you will have to look for a goods stand to make your work much easier.

The aluminium shell construction is designed with a 1.2mm bearing edge. With this, one is sure to get the best sound from their kit.

It would have been much better if it came with a reinforcement ring and hardware. However, the propriety type steel hoops make it easy to use with any hardware. And the throw-off is perfect for delivering top-notch performance.

From the 8-lug Steel Mighty Hoops comes a crisp sound with short sustain. And the vintage look brings out the vintage sound of early aluminium snare drums.


• Top-notch sound

• Excellent construction

• Durable


• A bit pricy

Tama SLP Bold Spotted Gum Snare Drum – 6.5 x 14 inch – Natural

When it comes to delivering the best sound and performance, Tama’s SLP series snare drums are no joke. Coming from a reputable brand, you can always count on these pieces to deliver.

The SLP Bold Spotted Gum snare drum is a versatile piece designed to perform under any circumstance. It has received a lot of praise from many drummers due to its deep and crisp sounds.


Tama is a reputable brand that uses top-notch materials in its products. This Bold Spotted Gum Snare drum is a perfect example of what the company can do.

Right from the box, you get a beautifully crafted and finished snare drum. You can tell right away that this is a high-quality product with all the features of a useful product.

It features 20-stand Super Sensitive Hi-carbon steel snappy snares that will warm your heart. The sound that comes from this piece is unlike anything you may have ever heard.

The 14-inch x 6.5-inch snare drum featuring a 9-ply configuration is sure to make you proud. It promises top-notch sound and durability.

Its 6mm spotted gum shell does not only look great but offers excellent quality. It’s complimented with Natural chrome hardware, completing a beautiful setup.


• Excellent construction

• A durable piece

• Professional performance e


• It could be a bit too expensive

Tama SLP Sonic Stainless Steel Snare Drum – 6.5 x 14 inch

Last on this list is the SLP Sonic Stainless Steel snare drum. There are very few snare drums that can match the quality of this piece.

Once again, Tama has proved its attention to detail in offering high-quality products. Every aspect of this product shouts excellent performance.


Its beautiful appearance defines this snare drum. One can already tell it’s a high-quality piece by looking at its construction and finish.

But that is not very important. My main interest is in the performance of this snare drum. It comes as a standard 14 x 6.5-inch snare drum. The extra depth promises a deeper and crisper tone.

The drum features a whooping 30-strand snare wire that rings loud through any drum kit setup.

The Stainless-Steel head with steel hoop is perfect for playing in a marching band. It’s a durable piece that will serve you for a long time before you think of changing.

Tama has been one of my favorite brands for many years. And after playing this snare drum, I am even more convinced of its reputation.


• From reputable brands

• 3-strand snare for more articulation and details.

• Excellent build quality


• High price


Tama’s SLP snare drums are a true representation of quality. They combine their fundamental power with precise-positioned rimshots across the drum, firing sweet melody for everyone.

Let me know your experience with these pieces or if you need more information.