Finding the right snare drum is essential for every drum kit. A snare is probably the most hit piece. And this explains why there are so many variations.

In a world where many different products from various manufacturers, you need a brand you trust. Tama is one of them.

A drummer who knows their snare drums will not hesitate to pick a Tama.

The Starclassic series offers every good thing you can expect from a snare drum. From its looks to its performance, it’s easy to say this could be the best snare ever made.

Tama understands that every drummer needs professional sound from the snare drums accessories. A good snare determines how good your kit sounds. Hence, it makes every product with great focus on details.

In this guide, I will be introducing you to the Starclassic snare drum. By the end, you should be able to make more informed decisions and understand your options.

Tama Starclassic snare black

I have been playing Tama drums for many years. My first kit was from this brand, and every upgrade ever since has come with their pieces.

Every time a new product comes to the market, I want to be the first to try it out. The Starclassic snare is no different.

Most drummers who have used anything from this line say their Wow Factor is pretty high. Every drum you get boasts of the best components in the market.

The drums are designed of the highest quality. They are hence, rated high for all the right reasons.

Tama uses rich multi-ply woods, which creates rich, strong, and tight sound. Simply put, you get a professional and good look in every model.

Their attack is nothing but crystal. Several models come in Bubinga. Other is found Maple, Performer, and Artwood, which are custom models.

Every piece is richly inlaid and adorned to perfection. They are then put together following industry-standard hardware and methods.

The snares come in a different size, with 14 x 5.5-inch as the most basic one. The snares are works of art, which makes them greatly impressive.

In terms of versatility, the Starclassic also comes in Copper, Brass, and Metalworks. Each piece is sensitive, crisp, and with a great attack.


• Excellent construction in a black matte finish

• Great sound

• A tight tune that endures


• Nothing to complain

Tama Starclassic Mahogany snare

STAR drums from Tama take the drummer another step into the future. The company is focused on designing innovative drums that are useful to the modern drummer.

The Starclassic Mahogany snare drum is the best example of what Tama can do. It is a specifically engineered and meticulously hand-crafted mahogany wood shell.

Mahogany is a popular wood used in making a wide range of musical instruments. The wood is preferred for its rich tonal reach. It is deeply rooted in the history of making a drum.

Tama’s innovative STAR line creates a whole new path for the use of this wood. This snare drum features a thin 6mm/7ply all-Mahogany shell that assures a classic rich and warm sound.


The build quality of this snare drum is pretty impressive. It comes with some of the best features that define high-end snare drums.

But that would not be important if the sound quality is poor.

The shell comes fitted with hand-crafted sound focus rings. This ensures you get a richly enhanced full clarity and projection.

On the outer shell is a single-ply quilted Natural Waterfall Sapele, reflecting the beauty of its sound. Furthermore, the drum’s resonance has been enhanced by Star drums’ Super Resonant Mounting System. This allows the snare to ring clearly through the mix.


• Excellent built quality

• High performance

• Easy to set


• Relatively expensive

Tama star classic snare throw replacement

I have come across many concerns about the snare throw off on the Starclassic series. And I noticed the same too.

The snare is great, and you will be sure to love it. But the snare throw-off does not seem to work very smoothly. It behaves as if something was misaligned, forcing the user to try fiddling when trying to open or close it.

At first, I assumed that the issue would go away since it was still new. But it persisted.

But since I have played many snare drums in the past and such issues are common, I know how to go about it. My first step to loosening the wire through the black knob since it was too tightly locked. Loosening up the knob and resetting the straps seemed to work well.

However, if the throw-off on your Starclassic snare is too is broken, you may want to replace it as soon as possible. When the drums become old, the components lose their strength and might be hard to use.

I have a MUS30A strainer, which is in very good condition. There is a cross-threaded issue on the right side, though, and the tension may not be what any drummer would call perfect.

Try a strainer with a 68mm vertical center and 60mm horizontal butt. The new strainers MUS60A use the same hole spacing as older versions.

The trick is to measure the spacing of the hole pattern. If it fits, you can use any Tama throw, and it will fit.


• Highly recommended throws

• Durable

• Good performance


• Nothing to complain

Tama Starclassic B/B: 14×5.5″ snare

The Tama Birch – Bubinga 14 x 5.5-inch snare drum is a leader in the world of snare drums. The product was made for the first time in Japan in 2008, featuring a 7-ply, 6mm shell.

It features three inner plies of Bubinga and four outer ones made from Birch. Then it’s wrapped in a beautiful Garnet Red Sparkle. There are ten lugs on either side with Tama’s original Starcast die-cast rims.

Over the years, this drum has been helping many drummers achieve their dreams. It has gone throw a series of improvements to give it a better tone.


The first thing you will notice about this drum is the professional design it presents. Tama has taken into consideration every step and component to ensure ultimate performance. It looks great right from the box.

Well-leveled bearing edges, great snare beds, quality 20-strand snare wires, and Remo’s heads make this piece a wonderful addition to your kit.

It comes with Birch/Bubinga shells in Garnet Red Sparkle heads, enhancing its looks and general performance.

Tama is known for making high-end products with excellent quality. As such, you can be sure this piece will not disappoint you.

Get some Remo Ambassador heads, and you have a clean, crisp sound. Just make sure that it’s in good condition if you are buying it used.


• Excellent built quality

• Great features with a wide tonal rich

• Birch Bubinga shells.


• The bearing edges seems slightly uneven

• May not have enough warmth for certain needs.

Tama Starclassic Maple Snare Drum – 8 Inches X 14 Inches Molten Brown Burst

Maple is one of the best woods used in making drums. Tama has found a way to improve this drum’s features and function, making it an excellent piece every drummer would want to have.

The hallmark of this drum is its versatility. Talk about heft, crack, bite, sensitivity, projection, punch, or any other tuning, and the Starclassic maple snare drum will fit right in.

All-maple shell is an assurance of a pure tone. It mixes well with the rest of your set without annoying excessive rings.

Tama’s Linear-Drive strainer is added with new Super Hi-Carbon Snappy snare wires near the bottom head. They provide great sensitivity at any dynamic range.

Another great aspect of this snare is the Hold-Tight steel washers. They feature soft rubber rings that keep the rimshots and vibrations from loosening your tune.


The most crucial part of a snare drum is the sound. And even though this matter is subjective, we can all agree that Tama has done a great job here.

A detachable butt plate on this piece allows one to remove the snare wires and swap bottom wires without touching your setting.

Top features

• All-maple shell for great sound and tuning

• Molten Brown Burst finish -excellent looks

• Deluxe black nickel hardware

• A lot of crack and bike on a higher tune

• Die-cast hoops


• Excellent tonal range

• Detachable butt plate for easy snare swapping

• Sturdy and durable


• A bit expensive

• It does not have a very wide tonal range


If you are looking for a good snare drum, many drummers recommend Starclassics. This series has everything you would need in a snare drum. Besides, they are among the top-range snares on the market.