Teenage Engineering Po 12

Who wishes fancy frills like an outer case while you’ve got the intense drum sounds, killer results, and intuitive sequencing Teenage Engineering PO 12 rhythm gadget has to provide?

Onboard this streamlined computer board, you will locate access to 16 tweakable drum sounds, a 16-step sequencer with 16 chainable styles, and sixteen effects you could use to sweeten matters up. The Pocket Operator PO-12 runs so successfully on just a pair of AAA batteries that its standby time is measured in years.

Moreover, the PO-12 and the rest of the Pocket Operator line can sync to each other (and many other modular synths) over 1/8″ cables so that you can integrate them into a giant tabletop rig.

Teenage Engineering PO 12 Review

The PO-12 gives you 16 drum sounds that you could tweak, a 16-step sequencer with sixteen chainable sample ideas, and 16 specific effects.

This manifestly isn’t the most profound drum device in town, but it’s excellent for beginners. At the same time, even more experienced artists can find a few exciting opportunities with this tabletop synth rig companion.

It would help if you remembered that each of your sixteen pattern/synthesized drum sounds includes two actual-time parameters each. Bit crushes, stutters, and delays are a few of what you may do together with your outcomes.

Additionally, an included folding stand featuring an onboard Knowles speaker so that you can use this drum device on its own conveniently. At the same time, placing it up with the relaxation of your setup goes to prove to be a breeze.


  • Exceedingly intuitive: Many users have mentioned that this drum system is a blast to use genuinely for being intuitive. You don’t want several enjoy to get cracking.
  • Performs nicely with others: easy integration with different modules, such as merchandise from the Volca line, offers the PO-12 the capability to satisfy various needs.
  • Remarkable sound: thanks to the Cirrus common sense DAC and Silicon Labs EFM-32 Gecko-MCU, the pleasant sound here is excellent.


  • The animated show is fine, but it can be a touch perplexing for some.
  • There could be more documentation for those studying to use drum machines.

What are Pocket Operators?

Pocket Operators are minimalistic drum computers and synthesizers designed by the Swedish company Teenage Engineering. The concept behind them is to be as affordable as possible without compromising quality or features.

The first three Pocket Operators were released in 2015:

  • The PO-12 Rhythm (a drum machine)
  • The PO-14 Sub (a bass synthesizer)
  • The PO-15 Lead (a lead synthesizer)

A fourth model, the PO-16 Factory (a 16-step sequencer), was added in 2016.

In 2017, Teenage Engineering released the PO-20 Arcade, a noise synth with retro 8-bit sounds, and the PO-33 KO! (a sampler).

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does Teenage Engineering make?

Teenage Engineering is a Swedish company that makes electronic musical instruments, software, and apps. Its best-known products are the Pocket Operator line of handheld synthesizers and drum machines.

How can teens use pocket engineering operator?

There are a few ways that teens can use pocket engineering operators. One is to learn about electronic music production and use the device to create their music. Another is to use the device as a tool for live performance, either by playing pre-recorded music or by using it to control other instruments. Finally, some teens may enjoy experimenting with the various sounds and effects the pocket operator can create.

How do I turn off teen Engineering pocket operator?

The pocket operator’s car strength is off after five mins of state of being inactive. All styles and settings could be saved on this kingdom, leaving the most effective LCD lit.

This nation attracts very little energy, so there’s no want to take away batteries. If there may be a cable related inside the line-in, the unit will provide vehicle strength after 60 minutes of inactivity. Remove the line-in-line to have it power off in 5 minutes.

Press any key to wake the unit after sleep.

Which pocket operator should I buy first?

The best pocket operator to buy first depends on what you want to use it for. If you are interested in making electronic music, then the PO-12 Rhythm or PO-14 Sub would be a good choice. If you want a pocket operator that is more versatile and can be used for live performance, then the PO-16 Factory would be a better option. Finally, if you want to experiment with different sounds, then the PO-20 Arcade might be your best choice.

Teenage Engineering Po 12 review


The Teenage Engineering PO-12 is an excellent choice for an intuitive, easy-to-use drum machine. It’s also a good option for those who want a versatile device that can be used for live performances or studio production. While it doesn’t have the most profound feature set, it still offers much value for the price.