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Becoming one of the best drummers doesn’t happen overnight. A lot of practice and learning needs to take place. Learning new drummer tricks can take a prolonged period. But with ambition, this can happen in a short period. Drumming requires the use of drum sticks in different styles.

Audiences always need to be entertained. They do not care about the suffering you go through to become a good drummer. Your band always depends on you to give the best performance.

Mastering drumstick tricks and twirls

Drum Stick
Drum Stick

Drum stick tricks make your performance enjoyable. It also reflects that you are well equipped with the necessary skills. Being able to master these tricks requires eye coordination and muscle memory. Also, your mind must be in a good state. It is essential to check your sticks for splinters and smoothen any rough spots. Mastering drumstick tricks require dedication, patience, and perseverance.

There are several drumstick techniques and twirls you need to know. These tricks are;

1) The Fake Twirl

The fake twirl stick trick drumming is as follows; 

•   Place your stick tricks drums between your thumb and your index finger. Curl the rest of your right fingers to the drumstick.

•   Move your index finger over the drum stick trick towards the thumb. Your stick should now be between your index and middle finger. 

•   Open your hand and ensure that your palm is facing your face. Swing the stick in a clockwise direction with your hand on time.

•   The motion should be smooth, rocking back and forth between your index and middle finger of your hand.

2) The Basic Roll

•   Place the drumstick between your middle finger and the ring finger of your right hand.

•   Move your fingers slightly in a figure-eight pattern 

•   The stick should now start to spin one time

•   The motion is more comfortable when you place the stick between the index and middle finger 

•   The basic roll is good in warming your fingers

3) The Index Finger Twirl

•   Begin with the drum stick between your thumb and your index finger. Curl the rest of your fingers to the drumstick.

•   The middle, pinky, and ring fingers should be placed under the stick.

•   Push the trick drum stick forward using your middle finger. The drumstick should move towards you.

•   With your middle finger also, push and wrap the stick around your index finger.

•   Repeat from the starting position

4) The Full Finger Twirl

•   Begin by having the drumstick between your index finger and your thumb. The rest of your fingers must be curled around the stick.

•   Move your middle, ring, and pinky fingers below the stick.

•   Move forward your middle finger so that the stick is under the middle finger and on top of the index, pinky, and one ring fingers. 

•   Allow the stick to get under the middle and pinky fingers by dropping your index finger.

•   Move your middle finger above the drumstick and catch the stick as it comes

•   Move your index finger so that the drumstick is between your index and middle fingers.

•   Flip the stick back to the starting point using the index and middle fingers.

5) Combination with stick turn

Drummer Holding Sticks
Drummer Holding Sticks

The alternate stick turns with hits on the hi-hat. Flip the right stick first. RLL (turn) RLL (turn) RLL (turn) RLRR.

6) Stick tap doubles (3:38)

It is just much more uncomplicated and consists of a double stroke combination play: (s)RLL (s)RLL.

7) Twirling triplets (4:12)

This trick is played by turning the stick back and forth using the following triplets:



8) The Fake Spin 

The fake spin is a much old and comfortable trick. The way to do the trick is as follows: 

•   Place your drum stick between your middle and index fingers. The fingers should leave half portions on both sides of the stick.

•   Move your finger up and down so that the stick moves in circles.

•   Repeat the process until you can do it correctly.

9) The Toss

•   Take your stick and hold it properly towards the end of the stick. Learn how to hold your drum sticks.

•   Push the stick’s bottom with your middle finger over your index finger making them stick to make a full circle in the air.

•   Grab it after it has completed the circle

•   Do not toss the stick too far or too high. The stick should do the forward flip.

How do I become a good drummer?


There are several tips you are supposed to know to be the best in your band or club. Drumming is not just about the beauty of rhythm but also growth and self-building. It is good to do your drum stick tricks every time and everywhere possible. Just like in football, practice is one essential thing for drummers. The significant ways to become the best drummer are; 

•   Begin by being transparent and fluent in fundamentals. Do not rush into other tricks before mastering the basic instrument beats. Come up with original beats and memorize them. Drumming is not just about being among the list of drummers. It is about being able to stand apart and have unique styles.

•   Maintain quality in practice. The number of hours you spend on practice doesn’t matter. It is the quality of work you are doing in the practice sessions. Always try to execute new techniques and correct errors. It will help you get into complex segments of music. 

•   Expand your ideas. It is good to mingle with other drummers, for you will get something from them. Practicing in your house won’t get you new techniques. Expose yourself to opportunities.

•   Drumming louder and faster is not always better. The experienced drummer does not always play louder music. Also, they do not move their hands faster from start to end. Playing faster and louder depletes your stamina and makes your music monotonous. Having better control of tones and tempo always indicates that you own some skills. 

•   Mind your state of mind. Always relax your shoulders and lighten the grip on your stick. Grabbing drumsticks tightly will strain your wrists. Performing in a broad audience is sometimes emotional; thus, it is crucial to start performing in gigs and other forums.

Is it hard to learn the drums?


Drumming is easy to learn if you are passionate about drumming. Drums are not hard to learn but require regular practice. It also requires patience, time, perseverance, and an excellent state of the mind. Let us first start by knowing how to become a good drummer.


You can now take your drummer stick tricks to the next level with the above tricks. Always try the tricks to enhance better performance in the right way. Memorize one or two drum stick tricks before you get to another. Take your time to know all the sticks tricks whether you learn two or more.

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