Vinnie Paul, the Legendary Musician, Songwriter and Producer

At times, we spend a lot of time on a career that we think suits us the most. However, after starting a new career, you will realize that you have wasted a lot of time on the wrong path. This is how Vinnie Paul started his life. Vinnie spent about a half of his career keeping 4/4 time behind glam rock incarnation by Pantera original. However, when he started drumming, he did it aggressively to recover the lost time.

He has impressive skills, especially with the precise double bass drum footwork. What made him realize his dream? Vincent Paul Abbot, well known as Vinnie Paul, was born in Abilene, Texas, USA, on 11 March 1964, and he died on 22 June 2018. However, he had an exciting career in the drumming industry for the few years that he lived.

Carolina Rebellion, Charlotte, North Carolina, America 06 May 2016
Carolina Rebellion, Charlotte, North Carolina, America 06 May 2016

Vinnie was a musician, a songwriter, and a producer. He performed all these three roles with great dedication and founded the heavy metal band known as Pantera. He was primarily involved in several music genres such as groove metal, heavy metal, southern rock, alternative metal, thrash metal, nu-metal, and glam metal. His instruments of interest were drums and percussion instruments.

He developed a love for music from his father, who was a country music songwriter and producer. Vincent liked playing the tuba when he was young, but his father directed him to the drums. He was awarded his first drum kit by his father when he was still a young boy. His significant influence came from the well-renowned musicians and drummers Tommy Aldridge, Peter Criss, and Alex Van Halen.

In 1981, Vinnie Paul started the heavy metal band and named it Pantera. He had his brother Darrell Abbott and Terry Glaze on the guitars while the bassist was Tommy D. Bradford. The vocalist was Donnie Hart, whose place was taken by Terry Glaze after Donnie departed. However, in the summer of 1982, another member left, that is, Tommy Bradford and Rex Brown replaced him.

The band then started recording with these remaining crew, and they produced three albums. In 1987, the band made recruitment of Phil Anselmo, who came in as the vocalist. By 1990, the band was involved with Atco records, and they produced another album, ‘Cowboys from Hell,’ that made the band famous. The vocalist and the band were nominated for several best metal performances in the famous Grammy’s Award.

Vinnie Paul Performing
Vinnie Paul Performing

In 2001, Pantera was on hold after Anselmo went out for some side projects and had back pain. However, the band was disbanded in 2013 after a dispute between Anselmo and the Abbott brothers. The two Abbott brothers went ahead and formed the heavy metal band known as Damageplan. The band had former tattoo artist Bob Zilla as a bassist and former Halford guitarist Pat Lachman as the lead vocalist.

They recorded their debut album that was released in 2004. In the same year, Darrell and three others were killed while on tour supporting the new album by Damageplan. The band disbanded after that because of personal reasons. In 2006 after his brother’s death, Vinnie thought he would never be involved in music again. However, he later joined Hellyeah, and they recorded about six studio albums. Until his demise, Vinnie Paul was still a member of Hellyeah.

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