Yamaha Gigmaker 5 Piece Drum Set

A 5-piece drum set is the ultimate essential set for every drummer. Without these five pieces of drums, then your drumming will be incomplete. Therefore, Yamaha has an amazing 5-piece drum kit for you and your band or church.

I have been using a Yamaha 5-piece drum set for a decade now, and I enjoy the quality. Yamaha is the world’s most prominent manufacturer of drums and percussion instruments. When someone sees you with a Yamaha kit, he/she will definitely know that this is a serious drummer.

Therefore, I will take this opportunity to take you through the features of this awesome 5-piece kit. I want you to get the best; thus, these features shed some light on the features that you are looking for. Follow through and get the best quality drums.

Yamaha gigmaker 5 piece drum set

This five-piece drum kit has wood bass drum hoops and comes in five attractive finishes. It features hex ball joint tom mounts that are used to attach the tom drums. They have high quality matching wood snare drum that produces exceptional sounds.

This new Yamaha GigMaker takes to account all Yamaha hardware. The drums are known to have great playability and superior tone all the time. They are available in two configurations of 20 inches and 22 inches.

The two popular five-piece configurations:

  • The 20-inch bass drum, 10 inches and 12-inch toms, 14-inch floor tom, and 14-inch snare.
  • 22-inch bass drum, 12 inches and 13-inch toms, 16-inch floor tom, and 14-inch snare.

The available attractive lacquered finishes include Black Glitter, Blue Ice Glitter, Burgundy Glitter, Silver Glitter, and White Grape Glitter.


  • It comes with a double tom holder for the 12 inches and 13 inches toms.
  • It has a wide range of finishes.
  • Great for beginner and mid-range players.


  • It is a bit heavy.

Yamaha dtx522k 5-piece electronic drum set

Yamaha dtx522k electronic drum set is an amazing kit that offers a lot of bang for your buck. It is an affordable kit equipped with the DTX502 drum module that delivers an unrivaled sound and response.

It comes with free IOS apps that allow easy customization, song importing, and training programs. The snare pad has a realistic feel, dynamics, and rim shots.

Yamaha designed all the DTX drums to make practice more fun because the DTX pads give a feel that would let drummers enjoy playing. The cymbals have a good stick feel and low acoustic noise, vital for electronic drums used for private practice.


  • It is affordable and durable.
  • It is perfect for all drummers.
  • It produces high-quality sounds.


  • It doesn’t come with a kick pedal.

Yamaha Rydeen 5-piece shell kit drum set

Yamaha Rydeen is an exceptional kit that features basswood and poplar shells. It also has distinctive tom mounts for a great sound, durable finish, and value perfect for nay amateur. The new Yamaha Gigmaker utilizes all hardware that features hex tom ball joints. Rydeen drum sets have different amazing colors and amazing bass drum head.

This drum set has five attractive and eye-catching glitter wrap finishes. Thus, you have a wide range of finishes to choose your preferred finish—the raydeen 5-piece drum set features matching wood bass drum hoops for excellent tone and playability. All rights are reserved on the Amazon website, and you can get all product information on the site while stock lasts.

Contact Steve Weiss music through email address; info@steveweissmusic.com. Add to cart this Rydeen drum kit and enjoy amazing hardware features.


  • 22×16 Bass Drum
  • 16×15 Floor Tom
  • 12×8 Tom
  • 10×7 Tom
  • 14×5.5 Snare
  • Drum Liberty I Cymbal Set Includes – 20″ Ride, 16″ Crash, 14″ Hi-Hat pair
  • 2 – CL940LB Tom Mounts
  • 2 – CS-665A Cymbal stands
  • HS-650WA Hi-Hat Stand
  • SS-650WA Snare Drum Stand
  • FP7210A Bass Drum Pedal


  • It works well for all drummers.
  • It is affordable and durable.
  • It provides high-quality sounds and projection.


  • Cymbals are not included in the pack.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack – 22″ Kick, Cranberry Red

Yamaha Stage Custom kit is a great beginner or working professional that offers ultimate tone and value for over 30 years. The shell is vital in the drum’s ability to rumble or resonate. These drum kits employ 100 percent birch – which is classic in the realm of first-class drum kits.

This drum kit from Yamaha has a beautiful high-gloss lacquer finish and six-ply structure that conveys the vibrations produced accurately at the impact surface; thus, achieving performance that overwhelms anything in its class.

The 100 percent birch shells provide a warm and punchy tone with a lot of rumbles. The YESS mounting system also offers increased resonance and sustain, while the die-cast rubber insertion plates reduce noise.

The kit also features upgraded bass drum legs with stoppers to simplify setup and prevent slipping. It has 22 inches bass drum that is cranberry Red. The staggered diagonal seam made Yamaha manufacture a thin drum shell that will start round and stay round.

The low-mass lugs allow the shell to vibrate for superb tone and sustain. The air-seal system used for drum shell construction ensures that each drum shell has a uniform thickness and is perfectly round to give superior tone quality and durability.


  • It offers superior quality tone and durability.
  • It works perfectly for both amateurs and professionals.
  • It is made of high-quality shell construction for great sound.


  • It is a bit expensive.