Yamaha Logo Kick Drum Head

Yamaha is one company that does not disappoint when it comes to offering the best quality in its products. For this reason, you can be sure to get the best services from any kick drum head you buy from them.

A kick drum is one of the essential parts of a drum kit’s accessories. It would help if you had a good-sounding head for them to get the best performance.

If you just bought a drum kit and are looking for suitable kits to change your bass’s tonal aspect, Yamaha has got you covered. Or perhaps you just want to have several heads with you in case you need to make some changes; Yamaha is also the company to go for.

Let’s see what makes these kick drum heads so special.

Yamaha Logo Kick Drum Head

I have been playing drums for many years now to know that there is nothing better than putting together everything from the ground. Creativity has become one of the main aspects of creating heads, giving the drummer the option of making customized heads.

One such product is the Yamaha Logo Kick drum head.

A logo drum kick drum head is simply a shell head that features the logo of the manufacturer or the user. They are customized to meet the specific needs of different users, which makes them highly effective.

One good example is the Yamaha/REMO 20-inch Ambassador Ebony kick drum head. This black item is made with a single-ply 10-mil Mylar Film.

Sound-wise, this head promises a bright, open sound, which is perfect for any music style.

Apart from this, you get a fast attack, which is necessary for more aggressive music. You can play anything on these drums, and it will not let you down.

In terms of weight, it’s medium-heavy, which makes it highly reactive.

And the best part is that it has a large white Yamaha logo. This logo creates a great reflection for the black background, standing out with beautiful effects.

Seeing a Yamaha logo on any product creates an impression of high-end quality, and this is what you get from this kit.

Yamaha Bass Head 22

Bass drums come in different sizes and configurations to offer different performances. And Yamaha is not left behind in terms of variety, offering everything for modern drummers.

Yamaha bass head 22 is a 22-inch full sound drum head for the largest kick drum. These drum heads are mostly built with one-ply thin material with a damper ring and dot.

Their tonal character is a perfect combination of quality and functionality. As a full-sized kick drum head, there is nothing you won’t build from them.

Coming from Yamaha, you should be assured of good quality. And that is all that matters in such items.

Besides, it comes with a beautiful Yamaha logo, which lets everyone know your quality choice. It’s Yamaha’s technology on the heads.

Yamaha Resonant Bass Drum Head

A resonant head, or the bottom head, offers exactly what its name implies. It’s a drum head that resonates off the vibrations from the batter head.

Think of the resonant head as a key factor in controlling the sustain of your drums.

However, there are different qualities in the drum heads, based on the manufacturer. Yamaha is among the few that make the best reso heads.

A single-play smooth finish Yamaha resonant drum head like the 20-inch P3 bass reso head black can make an excellent addition to your kit.

It’s designed with Yamaha quality and even has its logo, assuring industry-standard features and quality.

Yamaha Logo Front Bass Drum Head

The front kick drum head is the one you hit to produce the sound. They are stronger than the resonant head because they take on more punishment.

If you are looking for a good front bass head, go for the one with the Yamaha logo. This logo is an assurance of top-quality functionality.

Whether you need a 22-inch head or a 22-inch smaller head, you can trust Yamaha to deliver. A white logo sits on a black front head, creating a beautiful reflection with its quality sound. And the ambassador’s heads offer beautiful tonal ranges.

Yamaha Marching Bass Drum Head With Fork Logo White 26 Inches

A marching kick drum head could be an ideal product to make your marching drum sound better. With a good kick drum, you need a marching head. And Yamaha promises that.

I have been using Yamaha heads for quite a while now, and I think I won’t be changing for a while.

They come in different sizes and sound qualities.

The Yamaha Marching kick drum head with fork logo, 26-inches, is one piece I have always relied on. A 26-inch marching kick drum head delivers a full sound and tonal range.

The fork logo gives it the appearance of a high-quality product, which it is. And the ambassador weight completes its functionality aspect.

Using such a marching drum head could mean a lot of things to many drummers. But it’s the logo that tells most of the story.

These very useful drum tops let you create different tonal ranges for different music styles in terms of sound.

These are very popular heads that you will find with a large number of drummers. They are built to last long, withstanding all forms of punishment better than any other kick drum head of this size.


• 26-inch full-sound marching head for the drum

• Yamaha logo

• Ambassador weight


• It could be a bit expensive for some buyers.