One Hole Kick Drum Spurs Yamaha

Spurs are among the most important parts of a kick drum. It would be best if you had them set the drum in a good position and play without the drum slipping off.

Most of the older Yamaha drums came with spurs. More improvements are happening in the industry, with better mounting approaches being invented.

Nevertheless, the spurs are still necessary for those who have their old drums.

Yamaha is known for making high-quality drums and hardware accessories. As such, you can trust to get excellent service from their spurs.

Vintage Yamaha bass spurs

Vintage Yamaha stage custom bass drum came with spurs legs for holding the drums in place. Those who have used these drums understand what it means to have these parts and what they would lose if they did not.

Their functionality and quality define Yamaha’s vintage kick drum spurs. Every detail has been considered to ensure durable spurs.

One of the biggest problems with kick drum spurs is that they start slipping off if you play too much. Most manufacturers focused only on making them last for a while.

But the Vintage Yamaha kick drum spurs seem to have been taken a notch higher. They are durable and very strong.

They are not in supply anymore, which means you will need to list them and ask individuals who may still be having some.

One-hole drum spurs from Yamaha are still popular today. If you have any Yamaha bass drums from a few years ago, you probably know what these spurs represent.

One-hole kick drum spurs Yamaha

Unlike the normal multi-holed spurs, these ones only have one hole, which can be used to hold the kick drum tightly in place.

The idea was to reduce the holes made on the kick drum, keeping them durable and in shape. They also allow for a full-sound definition from the drums.

As with any other Yamaha spurs, they are constructed from highly durable materials, making them very useful. They can be used longer than what other brands offer.

The spurs feature steel, inspired by Yamaha’s experience and top-quality manufacturing.

However, they are not ideal for holding larger bass drums unless they are used in a larger number. With only one hole, they seem to be a bit easy on holding the drums.

Nevertheless, they are still very useful.

Kick drum pedal spurs Yamaha

Yamaha has been at the forefront of making innovative drums and hardware. The amount of detail placed on every product they make is quite interesting.

In this case, the bass pedal spurs Yamaha are excellent pieces of hardware to keep your drums in place.

The ki drum pedal is another component that every drummer should put their focus on. It’s hard to play the drums without them.

Yamaha stage custom standard kick drum spurs

A recent listing on presented a nice Yamaha Stage Custom bass drum spurs legs in great condition. It may not make a lot of sense for those who use modern mounts, but these spurs are quite solid.

They come with shell bolts in a triangular pattern, on one and ¼-inch centers. They measure about 14-inches when in full size.

The spurs also come with shell bolts and backing plates for easy setup.


• High-quality spurs

• Durable and sturdy

• Affordable


• There are other kick drum spurs with similar features as Yamaha, yet less expensive


One drummer recently posted on about Yamaha kick drum spurs that had started slipping. “.. of course, since I play it every week, it’s lousy expensive trying to keep the drum from sliding forward.”

Such issues are normal for many drummers. But Yamaha’s bass spurs are pretty solid, even though they are expensive. The spurs on the Stage Custom bass drum offer even higher quality.

I hope you can find one that suits your needs.