Yamaha Concert Snare Stand Ss665

Yamaha is a reputable company with great experience in the world of drums and hardware. If you are looking for a good snare drum stand, you can count on Yamaha to offer a perfect solution.

I have been using Yamaha product solutions for a very long time, and they have never disappointed me. Their stands are made with industry-standard features and approaches.

A snare is one of the most components parts of any drum kit. Therefore, you need to get a good quality snare stand for your expensive snare drum.

There are some cheap stands that will not give you good performance. The last thing you want is your snare falling off while in the middle of a performance.

Yamaha’s snare hardware accessories is generally sturdy and reliable, as you will see in this review.

Yamaha Snare Drum Stand

Are you looking for a snare stand that will hold your drum in place strongly? Then go for Yamaha. As a brand’s product is expensive, that is what you should be willing to pay for a high-quality product.

With a snare stand from Yamaha, you can be sure of getting a good performance. They are built for high performance and the ability to withstand any pressure.

Here are some of the stands you can find out there.


The SS3 advance lightweight snare stand is a perfect solution for every modern drummer. Its simplicity and rock-solid stability are beyond anything you may have ever used.

It comes with an advanced basket designed for holding any snare drum size. It also has a channel-track leg design allowing you to put your snare where you can stroke with ease.

No-slip rubber feet, great height adjustment range, and the new micro wind nut design ensure stability on the ground. The product also promises an increased natural and open sound from the snare.


The Yamaha SS-850 is known for its famous basket tilter, the same one found on the very famous SS-740A.

It reduces weight while giving you maximum adjustability and durability. This basket has been redesigned to sit an inch lower than the previous version.

These are the basic parts of a professional snare drum stand.


If you are looking for something leaning more on the professional side, then the Yamaha SS-950 snare drum stand is the ideal solution.

It comes with a new and advanced centered ball and socket tilter that allows the user to adjust any angle. The tilter is located in an area that allows full power with each stroke. This is because the force is driven right into the vertical tube.

You can easily detach the basket by loosening one wing nut. This lets you easily store the snare stand or change the drums.

It comes with a new three-arm basket design that allows it to sit about 2-inch below the previous version.


Yamaha’s SS-740 snare stand is one of the most popular snares stands on the market. It comes with a high-quality tilter and basket for stability. Setting it in place is an easy process that you can do within the shortest time possible.


If you don’t have the money to invest in other higher-end stands from Yamaha, the SS-662 could be a perfect solution.

It may be cheaper than most, but this does not mean it’s any less in quality. It has a sturdy three-arm basket with an in-wing nut tilter.

The stands are strong and durable and yet affordable, which has made it popular among many buyers.

Yamaha Marching Snare Stand

Yamaha’s Stadium Series Marching snare stand represents the best of Yamaha’s snare stands with great height adjustment. It comes with all the best looks of top-performing snare stands, with everything you need.


This is a Stadium series marching snare stand with AIRLift, designed to promote correct playing position even when using uneven grounds. It also makes a functional tool a band room, with ease of use.

The AIRLift adjustment system and the patented Advanced Tripod System (ATS) are the top technologies that make this series very popular.

The AIRLift technology promises a gas strut, ensuring smooth adjustment of the height. You will find it extremely easy to set your snare in any position at your convenience.

With the ATS technology, you can adjust the height of one leg depending on the ground and your needs.


• Durable product

• AIRLift and ATS adjustment technologies

• Marching snare stand

  • Lightweight aluminum tubes


• Some buyers have complained about the price, compared to other products with similar aspects.

Yamaha Concert Snare Stand

The SS-665 is the perfect example of a Yamaha concert snare stand. It is well constructed with some of the finest characters on the market.

It comes with improved stability, strength, and performance in all playing situations. A locking snare basket is included to hold the drum securely and strongly in place.

It is made with a lightweight single-braced design that allows adjustment from 22-degrees to 32-degree for setting certain concern adjustments.

The hardware has been improved with more stability, sturdiness, and performance, allowing you to play it in any environment. Also, it comes with a wider leg base for a more stable performance.

You can use it for any snare with a locking snare basket that can hold the drum securely. The lightweight design makes it ideal for a gigging drummer.


• High-quality construction

• Concert adjustability for a wide range of application

• Stable and durable


• It does not have the best performance of a high-end snare from Yamaha

  • single-braced legs

Yamaha SS850 Snare Stand

Yamaha’s SS850 Snare stand is a heavy-weight snare stand make to withstand all pressure.

It is double-braced to ensure high-end stability. It is the ideal solution for anyone in need of a high-performance snare stand.

It has an offset tilter for convenient adjustability. This lets you set your snare in place with ease.

As a professional double-braced snare drums stand, this Yamaha’s innovative hardware is legendary for reliability, durability, and versatility. It follows the high quality of Yamaha as the top manufacturer.


• Offset tilter

• Strong and durable with double-braced legs

• Professional stand


• Expensive

Yamaha SS-950 Snare Stand – Heavy Weight – Double-Braced

Yamaha’s SS-950 is a professional double-braced stand for snare drums with high-end settings. It bears Yamaha’s innovative construction, known for reliability, durability, and versatility.

It is a heavy-weight stand made for professional performance. It has double bracing, ensuring stability and durability.

It comes with a ball and socket design for easy adjustability.

If you are looking for stability, flexibility, and convenience, then this is the snare stand for you. It is designed for serious a drummer who demands high performance.

The centered ball-and-socket tilter puts the force of every stroke coming from the most stable aspect of the stand. You can also adjust the angle of your snare drum easily anyhow you want.

Double-braced legs with a big rubber foot keep it in place during the performance.


• Ultra-stable adjustability

• Ball and socket tilter on the legs

• Detaching basket

• Stable and durable


• Expensive

Yamaha SS-3 Advanced Lightweight Aluminum Snare Stand

Yamaha’s SS-3 is an advanced lightweight aluminum stand that has a lot of positive customer reviews. It is built with stability in place, which creates a perfect environment for building a high-end performance.

It comes with a channel-track aluminum bracing, which ensures stability and performance.

Non-slip rubber feet hold tight in place during the performance. You can play for long without worrying about them slipping.

The product is only 3.3lbs, which makes it ideal for gigging drummers. It’s light and yet strong enough to handle any pressure.

The snare stand comes as the product of research and development done by artists and designers who wanted lightweight hardware that is still durable.


• Yamaha quality

• Advanced features, light and yet durable

• Sturdy performance


• It no recommended for aggressive drummers

Yamaha SS-665 Concert-Height Snare Drum Stand

Locking the snare basket on holds the snare securely in place, allowing you to create a perfect performance for your audience. That is what gives Yamaha the superiority it has in building high-end products.

The Yamaha SS-665 concert-height stand is a concert snare hardware designed to perform for concert settings.

It’s lightweight, making it ideal for gigging drummers. It is a single-braced stand, yet strong enough to deliver performance.

Adjust it with a 22-inch to the 32-inch stable platform in a concert setting. This height adjustment range allows you to set the snare in the perfect position for your performance.

It comes with a widened leg bass, which provides a more stable ground for any snare.

The SS-665 has been engineered for better stability, strength, and performance for all situations. With Yamaha’s quality, you can rely on this component.


• Improved stability, strength, and performance

• Locking snare basket holding the drum securely

• Lightweight

  • Rubber feet


• Single braced, which means it may not be good for aggressive performance

• Some users have complained of durability


Yamaha is renowned for making high-quality hardware. The snare drum stands in these reviews are all designed for performance. They are all sturdy and durable, which makes them perfect for every drummer.