Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 14 X 6.5 Snare Drum, Candy Apple Satin

Yamaha offers a perfect combination of excellent construction and features in its snare kit. This is a product that delivers the ultimate answer to your snare needs.

For a student looking to play in big bands one day, this kit is a good way to get you to start. Everything has been reduced to a give and easy day.

Yamaha Snare and Bell Kit

This percussion kit accessories from Yamaha is a complete setup of a high-quality snare drum kit and a bell kit. It comes as a good solution to help young drummers with their moves.

The package includes a quality-sounding snare consistent with larger instruments. You can play them and still feel like you have everything under control. The snare is also easy to play with.

You also get a high-quality bell with a stand. The bell produces excellent sounds, simulating the feeling of a real drum set.

In addition, you also get a Yamaha backpack for carrying your tools. This makes traveling even easier.

The Yamaha snare kit SK-275 is one of the most popular student snare kits. It comes with a 13-inch x 13-inch snare, a strong backpack design case, stand, sticks, and a rubber practice pad.

As a beginning student, you deserve the best, and this Yamaha’s snare kit SK275 is one of them. It offers an easy approach to learning drums with everything you need in one place.

Yamaha’s drum bell kit is a full package of student snare kits with high-quality components. It features an excellent 13-inch, 13-inch drum, a bell, a stand, and sticks.

It comes with a soft backpack design carrying case for easy transportation.

It gives beginning students instruments that are easy to use, with quality sound.

The package is configured with an aluminum bell set in the range, maple shell snare with internal mutes, a soft carrying case, 8-inch tunable pads, a combination stand, rack, and mallets and drumsticks.

Yamaha 285 Series Mini Snare Kit with Backpack and Rolling Cart

Yamaha 285 series mini snare drum kit features a newly designed Yamaha 13-inch wood snare. It also comes with a modular, a component system, and a nice backpack.

The carrying weight has been reduced, allowing music teachers to build ideal kits and only invest in necessary components.

Another configuration could come with a 13 x 3-inch snare.

The added soft backpack style carrying case with reflective stripes makes transporting this kit very easy. You can carry it anywhere you want with ease without feeling tired.

The modular case design allows one to pair the case on a rolling cart and bell kit. The cart is useful for transportation purposes

It is generally a simple yet durable and good-sounding snare kit. With Yamaha quality, you can be sure of reliability on this kit.

The 13 x 3-inch option offers the same sound quality.


• Good sounding snare

• Modular case

• Reduced weight


• The snare does not seem to sound as good as one would expect from a high-quality drum

  • So users have said the cart does not last long

Yamaha SPD30 (13″ x 4″) Steel Concert Snare Drum

Yamaha, understand how much quality means to many drummers. Hence, they design products that are fit for the modern market.

This SPD30 steel concert snare is one good example. It is a compact 13 by 4-inch steel-shell snare with a chrome finish.

It has eight lugs, a wire snare, a quick lever throw-off, and internal control. It’s ideal for student drummers to get hands-on experience.

The top and bottom have triple flange rims with a top-coated head. The drum will mount on any snare stand, allowing you to play with ease and perfect convenience.

You also get a drum tuning key with the package, ideal for getting the sounds you need.


• High-quality and durable drum

• Quality sound

• Ideal for students


• It may luck the Yamaha quality, but this depends on the person experience

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 14×5.5 Snare Drum, Natural Wood

The all-birch shell on the Yamaha Stage custom birch snare delivers quality features from one of the most admired brands. Yamaha does not joke when it comes to giving the perfect combination of functionality and quality.

This is a full-sound 14-inch by 5.5-inch drum with ten lugs for more precise tuning.

You will not fail to notice the Hi-Gloss lacquer finish, giving you an impression of an expensive snare. It is this same quality the makes the drum very popular.

45-degree bearing edges deliver smooth operation, as a continuation of the highly popular Yamaha Custom series. It’s redesigned to be among the best snare from the brand.


• all-birch shells

• Die-cast claws with other significant upgrades

• Top-quality from Yamaha


• A bit expensive

Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 14″ x 6.5″ Snare Drum, Candy Apple Satin

Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 14-inch by the 6.5-inch drum is built with all U.S maple shells that give them a warm and bright tone. The shells have 6-ply, 5.6mm 45-degree bearing edge features that deliver a great response and sustain.

It comes with a newly designed 2.3mm inverse Dyna hoop, which takes care of controlling natural overtones. It ensures the inherent all-maple drums only produce the desired sounds from the shells.

The beautiful Satin in lacquer finish is not only good for looks, but it maximizes the sonic potential from the maple shells as well.


• A high-quality snare from the top manufacturer

• The design continued from the original absolute series

• Excellent tonal features


• It could be a bit expensive

Final thought

Yamaha is renowned for making high-end drums and hardware. These snares are some of the best examples of what the company can do, and they never disappoint. It would be best if you were prepared to invest more to get the best, though.