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Yoyoka Soma – A Star to Watch

Yoyoka Soma is an incredible drummer from Ishikari, Japan.  At 8, the drummer’s skills had seen her rise through the ranks and carve a name in the global scope.  In 2018, she garnered international recognition for an online video featuring Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times.”  

Yoyoka Soma began her drumming prowess at the age of 2 and made headlines in concerts at 4. In 2015, she ventured forth to join her family’s band, Kaneoiyoyoka playing with her parents Rie Soma and Akifumi.  She believes in the power of hard work and acknowledges Benny Greb, Chris Coleman, John Bonham as her preferred drummers. Over the years, Yoyoka Soma has performed in multiple stages and built an incredible reputation.  

Yoyoka Soma
yoyoka soma

She has featured a couple of times in sports apparel advertisements Nike, on the American television show Ellen, Uniqlo, Japanese casual wear designer, and Italian luxury fashion brand Moncler. The drummer’s online videos have hit millions of likes in the industry. The boss of a drummer from Japan released her first CD at six years old while still in Kindergarten. She whoops as a multi-talented individual with the potential of playing the piano, singing vocals, and writing songs.

In 2018 she augmented her footprints to become the youngest weekly champion within the under-18 category of the Hit Like A Girl Contest.  Yoyoka’s video, a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times, made headlines in Rolling Stone Magazine, on NPR, NBC, and Billboard. Her drumming prowess has been acclaimed by heavyweight names such as Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Sheryl Crow, Erick Singer, and Gene Simmons (KISS), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Hayley Williams (Paramore) to mention a few. 

Yoyoka has featured as the youngest performer in Japan’s prominent rock festival, “Rising Sun Rock Festival in EZO.” The modern drummer is a notable sponsor of this year’s Hit Like A Girl Contest.  Moreover, Yoyoka Soma has featured on the platform of Fall Out Boy in Summer Sonic Tokyo. The drummer is endorsed by Moncler, Cympad, UNIQLO, Pearl, Nike, Zildjian, DW, and Vic Firth. 

Her unrivaled drumming skills have been the pillar of her professional career.  Within the crowning days of her japan tour, Yoyoka showed her prowess as a guest drummer for Cyndi Lauper’s performance in Tokyo Orchard Hall. In 2019, the drummer was chosen as one of the leading Japanese individuals respected by the world. 

Yoyoka Soma Performing
Yoyoka Soma Performing

Sure, individuals can’t get enough of Yoyoka Soma. Born in 2009, the extraordinary drummer has performed at various prominent Japanese music festivals.  She is determined to become the best drummer worldwide. Yoyoka became more successful in her career journey within a limited period. She has influenced individuals on the basis of her career and garnered significant fame.  

Over the years, the drummer’s career has completed an entire circle and gained more importance.  She has spotlighted the global phenomena for her performance in Japan and various countries. Yoyoka Soma’s drumming brilliance has seen her garner a lot of respect throughout her professional career. 

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