Adoro Silent Sticks

Many types of drumsticks are created. There are barrel tips, oval tips, and many more. However, now there is a new drumsticks invention that is quite surprising. The name is Adoro Silent Sticks. From the name alone, you may already know what it does.

However, for more details, see the following review for this accessories.

Adoro Silent Sticks Best Review

Do you need to reduce the volume of your drums without breaking the bank? Hello and welcome to your solution: Adoro Silent Sticks allow you to play drums, cymbals, and e-drum pads at 80% less volume while still sounding great!

Silent Sticks reduce drum and cymbal volume by up to 80% thanks to air-filled polycarbonate shafts, anti-slip rubber X-grips, and Dual-Twist Reflex TipsTM. Worship, jazz and acoustic band settings, electronic drum kits, pad practice, band rehearsals, home practice, and recording. Play Silent Sticks wherever volume is an issue.

Key features

  • For Acoustic Band Settings: Most drum sets are intended for use in large, amplified bands. However, if you’re playing in a church or with an unamplified jazz band, the drummer must play at a low volume to not drown out the other instruments. There will be no more drum cages for you.
  • Sound Like Normal Sticks: Another issue with other volume-reducing sticks, such as wood rods, is that they sound different than a standard stick. Adoro Silent Sticks produce a clear sound on the drums and cymbals. Excellent addition to your drum accessory arsenal.
  • Low Volume: Are your neighbors irritated when you play the practice drum pad, electric drum, or regular drum set? When compared to a regular drumsticks, Silent Sticks reduce the volume of the drums by -4 to -9 dB, which is an 80% reduction. You will produce less “thwack” if you practice on an electric drum kit or pad.
  • Feel like Normal Sticks: Yes, the sticks (14.5 cm long, grip width like 5a wooden sticks) are much lighter than regular wooden sticks, but the shock-resistant polycarbonate shaft and the Dual Loop Reflex Tip provide a good rebound effect from the drumsticks. 16th notes are no problem. Silent sticks allow for precise drumming technique and low volume, which will impress your band members.


  • It sounds like a sticks
  • Sounds great on cymbals
  • Stick-like rebound


  • Quieter but questionable durability

What difference between Silent Sticks and Regular Drum Sticks

Many have asked what the differences are between silent sticks and regular sticks. Therefore, we will discuss them one by one.

  • When using regular sticks, players must wear ear protection. Meanwhile, if you use silent sticks, drummers can go without wearing ear protection for quite a long time.
  • The cross-section of silent sticks is more comprehensive than regular sticks. However, the comfort of drummers in using silent sticks is not reduced, even though they feel heavier.
  • The sound produced by silent sticks is thinner than regular sticks.

How Do They Sound?

The tone produced by the silent sticks is somewhat less consistent. This is because the sound is slightly thinner than regular sticks. Things like this indeed will not be found when using regular sticks. However, this cannot be considered a drawback because the purpose of silent sticks was created to reduce the sound when playing drums.

Who Are They Suited For?

Silent sticks work best in small spaces like wine bars or clubs. Apart from that, you can also use this one drumstick in a church environment that requires a calm atmosphere.

You can also use these silent sticks when practicing bands with friends in the studio. The reason is that you don’t need ear protection like drummer earplugs or headphones. In addition, you can also talk fluently with friends without having to be constrained by earplugs.

Then silent sticks are also suitable for those who practice alone at home. You don’t have to worry about disturbing neighbors or relatives because of the noise from the sound of drums. If unsure, add some rubber pads to the drum set to muffle the sound.


Adoro silent sticks are one of the best ways for those who prefer to avoid wearing ear protection when playing the drums. This is also one way out to avoid disturbing other people while playing drums. How are you interested in buying it?